User rights
  • This page can be used by bureaucrats, administrators and Image reviewers to add and/or remove users from User groups, see Special:ListGroupRights​.
  • To see recent rights changes, visit Special:Log/rights.
  • Give the user advice about the new rights (see "Some user rights message templates").
  • Users need to file a request to receive the image reviewer flag.
Some user rights message templates
Autopatrollers: {{subst:Autopatrolgiven}} ~~~~
Patrollers: {{subst:PatrollerWelcome}}~~~~
File movers: {{subst:FilemoverWelcome}}~~~~
Rollbackers: {{subst:Rollbackgiven}} ~~~~
Image reviewers: {{subst:Image-reviewerWelcome}} ~~~~
Template editors: {{subst:templateeditorgiven}} ~~~~
IP block exemptions: {{subst:Ipexemptgranted}} ~~~~
Translation administrators: {{subst:TAgiven}} ~~~~
Administrators: {{subst:AdminWelcome}} ~~~~
See also: Category:User rights message templates.
Some tips on making a user an administrator
Type the name of the user in the box (without the User: namespace prefix) and click "edit user groups". This displays a list of the groups that you can add or remove. Select the groups, and then press "save user groups".
See also the user rights log.
It is suggested that you include a link to the user's request in the comment field. (like this: [[Commons:Administrators/Requests/newlyMintedAdmin]])
After you make someone a sysop or bureaucrat, please update the following lists:
as well as:
Commons:List of administrators by adminship status in other Wikimedia projects (this update you may have to ask the candidate to do for you... unless you know for sure what projects they have adminship in)
You can notify the newly created sysop on their talk page, and give them some good advice too, by doing this:
"personal remarks" ~~~~
(this is probably not necessary for bureaucrats)
You should then mark the candidacy ([[Commons:Administrators/Requests/NewlyMintedAdmin]]) as successful by adding a div to gray it out and giving the totals. To do this, add to the top of the RfA:
<div style="border:1px #A0A0A0 solid;background-color:#F0F0F0"> : '' {{support}} = x; {{oppose}} = y; {{neutral}} = z'' - xyz% '''Result'''. <remarks go here> ~~~~ [[Category:Successful requests for adminship]]
Save the change, untransclude it from Commons:Administrators/Requests and add it to Commons:Administrators/Archive by linking to it at the bottom.
Some tips on making a user a bot
A local bureaucrat can use this page to grant or revoke bot status to another user account.
Bot status hides a user's edits from recent changes and similar lists, and is useful for flagging users who make automated edits. This should be done in accordance with applicable policies which can be seen at Commons:Bots. Please remind the bot operator to update the lists there after you grant the flag...
Bots requests are found at Commons:Bots/Requests​. Once you grant the request, after a short time, the request should be archived at Commons:Bots/Archive in chronological order (newest last). Give a link to the subpage.
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