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{ "batchcomplete"​: "", "pages"​: { "576289"​: { "title": "Template:Information"​, "description"​: { "en": "This template is used to provide formatting to the basic information for files (description, source, author, etc.). For a full usage description of the template, see Commons:First steps/Quality and description."​, "fr": "Ce mod\u00e8le permet de fournir les informations de base sp\u00e9cifique aux fichiers (description, auteur, source etc.). Pour une aide d\u00e9taill\u00e9e, se rendre sur la page Commons:First_steps/Quality_and_description/fr" }, "format"​: "{{_\n| ______________ = _\n}}\n", "params"​: { "description"​: { "aliases"​: [ "Description" ], "label": { "en": "Description"​, "fr": "Description" }, "description"​: { "en": "Description of the image or media file, including subject and location"​, "fr": "Description du fichier, notamment le/les sujet(s) expos\u00e9(s) et l'emplacement." }, "example"​: { "en": "Photo of a penguin in Antarctica" }, "type": "string", "default"​: { "en": "{{description missing}}" }, "required"​: true, "suggested"​: false, "deprecated"​: false, "autovalue"​: null, "suggestedvalues"​: [] }, "date": { "aliases"​: [ "Date" ], "label": { "en": "Date of creation"​, "fr": "Date de cr\u00e9ation" }, "description"​: { "en": "When the original source was created"​, "fr": "Date o\u00f9 le fichier fut cr\u00e9\u00e9, par exemple quand la photo a \u00e9t\u00e9 prise." }, "example"​: { "en": "2001-12-31" }, "suggested"​: true, "type": "date", "required"​: false, "deprecated"​: false, "autovalue"​: null, "default"​: null, "suggestedvalues"​: [] }, "source"​: { "aliases"​: [ "Source" ], "label": { "en": "Source"​, "fr": "Source" }, "description"​: { "en": "Where the file is from. Your own files should be tagged with {{own}}."​, "fr": "Endroit d'o\u00f9 provient le fichier. Si vous l'avez vous-m\u00eame cr\u00e9\u00e9 (travail personnel), utilisez {{own}}." }, "default"​: { "en": "{{source missing}}" }, "required"​: true, "type": "string", "suggested"​: false, "example"​: null, "deprecated"​: false, "autovalue"​: null, "suggestedvalues"​: [] }, "author"​: { "aliases"​: [ "Author" ], "label": { "en": "Author"​, "fr": "Auteur" }, "description"​: { "en": "Original author of the file; where appropriate, use {{Creator:Name Surname}}."​, "fr": "Personne ou institution \u00e0 l'origine du fichier." }, "default"​: { "en": "{{author missing}}" }, "required"​: true, "type": "line", "suggested"​: false, "example"​: null, "deprecated"​: false, "autovalue"​: null, "suggestedvalues"​: [] }, "permission"​: { "aliases"​: [ "Permission" ], "label": { "en": "Permission"​, "fr": "Permission" }, "description"​: { "en": "License and other usage limitations and warnings"​, "fr": "Licence et autres restrictions d'utilisation. Utilisez les mod\u00e8les appropri\u00e9s." }, "type": "content"​, "required"​: false, "suggested"​: false, "example"​: null, "deprecated"​: false, "autovalue"​: null, "default"​: null, "suggestedvalues"​: [] }, "other versions"​: { "aliases"​: [ "other_versions" ], "label": { "en": "Other versions"​, "fr": "Autre version du fichier" }, "description"​: { "en": "Links to files with very similar content or derived files" }, "type": "wiki-file-name"​, "required"​: false, "suggested"​: false, "example"​: null, "deprecated"​: false, "autovalue"​: null, "default"​: null, "suggestedvalues"​: [] }, "other fields": { "aliases"​: [ "other_fields"​, "Other_fields"​, "Other fields" ], "label": { "en": "Other fields", "fr": "Autre commentaire" }, "description"​: { "en": "Additional table fields added on the bottom of the template" }, "type": "wiki-file-name"​, "required"​: false, "suggested"​: false, "example"​: null, "deprecated"​: false, "autovalue"​: null, "default"​: null, "suggestedvalues"​: [] }, "other fields 1": { "aliases"​: [ "other_fields_1"​, "Other_fields_1"​, "Other fields 1" ], "label": { "en": "Other fields 1" }, "description"​: { "en": "Additional table fields added between Description and Date rows" }, "type": "wiki-file-name"​, "required"​: false, "suggested"​: false, "example"​: null, "deprecated"​: false, "autovalue"​: null, "default"​: null, "suggestedvalues"​: [] } }, "paramOrder"​: [ "description"​, "date", "source"​, "author"​, "permission"​, "other versions"​, "other fields", "other fields 1" ], "sets": [], "maps": {} } }}