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Building Blocks of Brand: Miroverse Event
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Building Blocks of Brand: Miroverse Event
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Recent discussions Recent discussions GGabriel Bonini de FariaPosted in Ask the CommunityMiro Student (Education) PlanHi, Im a college student in Brazil and I would like to get Miro Studen plan but unfortunately my college doesn’t provide us a .edu email… But I can prove that Im a college student, sou Im elegiable? Thank You3Robert Johnson33 minutes agoAlexis LuscutoffCommunity ManagerAlexis LuscutoffPosted in Miroversity ForumLet’s learn together!Were you able to check out Miroversity Live last week? The spirit of learning makes me think of the different ways that our community helps people learn about Miro every day. What are the best ways for beginners to learn about Miro and for advanced Miro users to up-level their skills? Do you recommend any YouTube video or workshops from Miro Experts? Do you have a favorite help center article that everyone should bookmark? Let us know!0Alexis LuscutoffCommunity Manager1 hour agoHelena BrandistCommunity ManagerHelena BrandistPosted in EventsWhat are the challenges of building a brand story?What is most challenging when creating a brand story? Join us for the Building Blocks of Brand Masterclass taking place Jan 19th at 5:15pm CET where Joe Caplin from Outfly will help you Identify your customer base, unpicking the value you give them, assessing your position against your competitors, and ultimately, what that means for your tone of voice, colour scheme and overall brand feel. Here’s a sneaky peek at the nitty-gritty of it all:  We’ll define the Who, that's your audience and their needs.🦚 We’ll define the What, as in your niche product features and benefits. We’ll define Where you stand, after analysing your market position and positioning strategy. And finally, we’ll be hashing out the story of your mission, to discover your Why. In the meantime please share your brand building tips and tricks in the comments1Kevin Kinisky1 hour agoKkevinAsked in Ask the CommunityWhy are font sizes inconsistent in sticky notesI have set my font size to 24pt on a number of card, but it is being displayed at different sizes (as if it’s set to auto). This is inconsistent, meaning I have to manually faff with the font size to get things legible, and my board looking ok. Thanks9J2 hours agoAAmina from RussiaPosted in Ask the Community'Double tap to add the last object used' feature is not working anymoreHelp me out someone, please!I’ve been using Miro for half a year now, everything worked smoothly, but 2 days ago I accidentally did something, and NOW the ‘Double tap to add the last object used’ feature is not working.Now, if I double tap on the board, nothing appears, neither the T for the text, nor squares or stickers. How can I have that function back? Please, I hope someone knows.Thank you <344K2 hours agoEEdBAsked in Ask the CommunityCan I collapse and expand Mind Map nodes like other mind mapping toolsHi All, HNY…I am just evaluating Miro. I like to keep my mind maps simple either by: Collapsing nodes Hiding all nodes other than node with focus ie F6 in XMind Creating a submap with a backlink How this be achieved in Miro? Thanks in advanced, Ed8P2 hours agoDDavid O1KEEFFEPosted in Ask the CommunityMiroversity recordingsHello all, @Anna Savina and others brought to our attention, the recent “Miroversity” where I’m sure everyone learnt something new. Although I assisted (mostly to the first of the three days), I knew that recordings of the event would be precious. Please, who may be able to tell us more about accessibility to these recordings ? Gotta love Miro! Thanks :-)3Anna SavinaMironeer3 hours agoAnna SavinaMironeerAnna SavinaPosted in Miroversity ForumJoin us for the first ever Miroversity Live event!Hi Miro Community!  Anna Savina, Community Experience Manager here! I’m excited to announce that on January 11th - 13th, we're hosting the first ever Miroversity Live event  This is a free, multi-day live educational experience with our expert facilitation team who will host interactive webinars and sessions. We’re focused on helping you start the year off strong and sharpen your skills with Miro.  We'll have something for beginners, experts, a freestyle AMA, and you'll hear from inspiring Miro creators. Register today for free! Have any questions about the event or want us to cover a specific feature? Let us know in the comments below! ​​See you there,AnnaP.S. Can’t wait until January to get a jumpstart on your learning goals? Check out our new courses in our Miro Academy and join us for live sessions about Agile workflows and mapping and diagramming. We also have a top ten tips for experts available on demand, too!5Anna SavinaMironeer3 hours agoBlake CottingtonBlake CottingtonAsked in Developer Platform and APIsUser and Team Management via APIHi Miro Developer Community. Question - it seems like there is no way to do these things using the API:List all users in the company, and their license level List all teams in the company Create a new teamIs that right? I saw another post saying that you can use Get Team User Connection to list team members and their role. But that’s just for one team. Is there another method for doing this? Or is there a plan to offer this in the API? Doing these things manually is real pain if your company has hundreds of users or hundreds of teams.  Thank you in advance!14S5 hours agoMMyles SmithPosted in Ask the CommunityCards disappearing after copy-pastingNo other way to explain it, it just disappears immediately after pasting. Trying to create additional cards with the same size and dimensions7A5 hours ago