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Miroverse Challenge: Team Connection ​​​​🤝
11 days ago
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Miroverse Challenge: Team Connection ​​​​🤝
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1 year ago
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Recent discussions Recent discussions JJohn LivingstonPosted in Peer SupportConsultant Plan - Diagramming packs are not availableHi - I have just noticed that that there are a lot more diagramming shapes available in MiroHowever these seem to only be available to the Business or Enterprise plansIs this by design?  As a freelance consultant I cannot pay for a 5 seat business license but would like to take advantage of the wider range of diagramming shapes60J1 minute agoRRobOKPosted in Peer SupportOrg Chart best practicesI am finding the Org Chart template lacking. I want to have a few layers at the top (not just one oval that the mind map limits you to). I think I am just going to use regular rectangles and lines. Does anyone have a better approach to making complex multi layer org charts?3mlanders10 hours agoJJeff HarrisShared in Wish ListPop-up on hoverNot sure if the feature exists. I’ve looked and can’t find it. I’d like to request a pop-up on hover feature similar to what Mural offers. When working on an expansive board, this little feature is amazingly helpful. It works by holding down the ‘x’ key, which changes the cursor to a magnifying glass, then hovering over an element on the board, that element is them magnified in a pop-up window. This allows you to be zoom out, looking at the entire canvas, while at the same time view the details of specific element. So handy! Here is a video of how it works  Mural shortcut for Pop-up an Element4M11 hours agoSSentinelPosted in Peer SupportNeed a Pop-Out tool that when you click a point or icon it will Pop-Out where you can add long descriptions and/or photos.Hi guys, so I’m using Miro to create a fictional fantasy map and for the last couple days I’ve been saying how much a Pop-Out tool would be so helpful. Like, you can set up a point of interest, click it and there you can fill out titles, descriptions and photos. Just whatever you want to put into this Pop-Out box. The comment feature is almost like that, except it’s use is more limited and doesn’t allow things like photos. Also it feels more temporary as you can ‘resolve’ it and it will disappear. I feel like a feature like this could be incredibly helpful in many different types of projects and I’d love to see something like this in Miro. It would be game-changing.2M11 hours agoRobert JohnsonRobert JohnsonShared in Wish ListOption to make an entire object a clickable hyperlinkI use the Link to very often. While the current functionality of having little blue arrow at the top-right corner of an object function as the clickable hyperlink is absolutely sufficient, there are times when I could like to make the entire object clickable.Example of the current solution using a button from the wireframe library (my use case): What I would like to have happen isthe cursor turns into a pointer; and be able click activate the link by clicking anywhere on the object.Example: I would like to see this new option be available for any object to a Link can be applied.17Michael Collins16 hours agoCCynthia LauPosted in Peer SupportZooming in to 1%I have been using Miro for about a week and so far eveything has been great.But today the boards keep zooming in to 1% no matter what I do. I noticed that if I choose a frame and if I try to work on it, the movement of the mouse on the Miro trigger an automatic zooming into 1%. It goes to even below 1%.It is happening on all the boards that I own.I am unable to do anything now on my project. Can you help? The zooming issue2C1 day agoJJohanGPosted in Peer SupportLost boardHiI was using miro to do some work for my thesis. When I tried to access it yesterday it said that the board had been deleted and to contact the board owner and ask to restore it. I belived that i was the board owner and is now very confused and stressed. There seems to be no way of knowing who the boardowner was once the board is gone so I do not have anyone to contact. I have sent a request to Miro Support i hopes for help. Is waiting for their response the only thing I can do?/Johan1Kiron Bondale1 day agoMMira SacherPosted in Peer Supporthow do I use dates ?I’m new to Miro and I don’t understand what’s the function of setting a ‘date’ is, when there’s no possibility to get a reminder or an overview with all the dates. or does one of these functions exist already?Thank you!1Robert Johnson1 day agoDominique RolinkMironeerDominique RolinkPosted in Product NewsIntroducing Member Trials - Available for all Team plan users 🙌Collaborating on Miro should be easy and stress-free for new teammates and admins. That's why we're introducing Member Trials for all Team Plan members.  Seven days.  Full access.  Completely free. Your new teammates get instant collaboration while admins decide who gets added to the paid membership.Here's some need-to-knows :Trials begin when new members open a board and are only valid once for new users Team members or admins can invite new members based on your preference in settings When a trial expires, members automatically become full members unless downgraded before the end of the seven days Admins will get weekly email updates to see remaining trial times and how members are using their trial Check out the Help Center article to learn more and let us know what you think in the comments.4Dominique RolinkMironeer1 day agoDominique RolinkMironeerDominique RolinkPosted in Product NewsIntroducing: a new guest role (beta) & renaming rolesWhether it’s freelancers, contractors, agencies, or anyone outside your team, it takes a village to move projects from kickoff to completion. We’re making it easier and more secure to support external collaboration with a new role in beta: guests. It’s totally free and exclusively for our Business and Consultant Plan users.  We’ve also simplified our existing roles to empower collaboration at every level: Anonymous guest editors are now visitors. Non-team members are now guests.Check out the image below to see when we recommend using which role and the differences between them:  If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll help you out.  Happy collaborating, Dominique19Dominique RolinkMironeer1 day ago