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“You will likely never have access to this many resources again. Use them! Read and watch everything! Take advantage of the many people whose job it is to help you!”
—Advice from a senior to incoming students
Your time at Cornell will be a grand academic journey.  Start off on the right foot by learning more about our incredible services and offerings.  From skill-building workshops to 24/7 research assistance, here’s our list of essential resources every student should know:
1. Start your searches at
The Library’s home page can steer you to scholarly resources search engines can’t access.
2. Get help when you need it.
Ask a librarian: We can help you craft efficient searches, refine research topics, prepare bibliographies, and much more, in person or remotely via 24/7 chat, phone, email, or video conferencing.
Meet with a librarian: Need a more in-depth consultation? Meet with a librarian/subject specialist on finding resources for a research paper, a long-term project, or anything in between. Consultations usually last 30–60 minutes and are held in person or via Zoom  (or preferred technology).
Rare and Distinctive Collections: Connect with a curator and explore the Library’s RAD (rare and distinctive) collections.
Library guides: Check out our numerous research guides from Comics & Graphic Novels to Unexpected Images, from Black Lives Matter to Voting and Civic Engagement, and from Genomics & Genetics to Psychology.
3. Log in anywhere, anytime.
Off campus access: With Passkey, you can access the Library’s licensed resources from any computer with an internet connection, simply by using your NetID. 
4. Build your skills.
Workshops: Library workshops teach research skills, digital privacy strategies, data visualization, GIS, and much more.
5. Get stuff.
Convenient access: Don’t have time to search the shelves? Start from the search box on and find the items you need. Request physical items and we’ll have them ready for you to pick up at a convenient location. 
Document delivery: Request scans of library articles, manuscripts, musical scores, book chapters, and more.
Interlibrary borrowing: Request materials from libraries and universities all over the world through Interlibrary Loan and BorrowDirect.
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