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Mergers & Acquisitions
AT&T nears deal to create $150bn streaming giant with Discovery  
Structure of agreement is unclear but AT&T expected to control most of combined entity
News in-depthArab-Israel conflict
Israeli bombs strike fear in Gaza
Arab-Israel conflict
Netanyahu warns Israel’s offensive against Hamas ‘will take time’
Diplomatic efforts to secure ceasefire intensify after seventh day of bombings and protests
Special purpose acquisition companies
Spacs lose their deal ‘pop’ as fever fades
Instead of popping, share prices now typically slide on takeover announcements
Coronavirus pandemic
Coronavirus latest: More than half of adult New Yorkers vaccinated as Cuomo cautions over masks
Arab-Israel conflict
Biden faces rift with progressives over response to conflict in Gaza
President maintains strong pro-Israel stance while his party’s grassroots have become more critical
The Big Read
The property developers still betting on London offices
Rana Foroohar
A midlife crisis takes shape in the US
A country obsessed with youth must grapple with its declining birth rates
Pilita Clark
Empty offices on Mondays and Fridays spell trouble
Most of us enjoy working at home at the start and end of the week — but that may not last
US banks
US banks could cut 200,000 jobs over next decade, top analyst says
Wells Fargo’s Mike Mayo predicts biggest reduction in industry’s headcount in its history
News in-depthUS economy
Biden faces tough path to US economic recovery
Republicans seize on discouraging data to warn president is endangering economy with excessive stimulus
Credit Suisse Group AG
Credit Suisse under growing pressure to compensate clients over Greensill
The collapse of the supply chain finance firm has hurt more than 1,000 of the bank’s customers
Axa’s Asian operations hit in ransomware attack
French insurer’s units in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Philippines affected
Coronavirus pandemic
Europe looks hopefully past infection rates to reopen economies
Some experts worry easing of restrictions comes too soon despite vaccination success
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Current affairs: a swimming safari at the Carbis Bay Hotel
The G7 leaders gathering in Cornwall next month should make time for a calming ‘seafari’
Heidi Seaborn
From business to poetry — a road less travelled
In her teens, Heidi Seaborn was sure she would become a poet — but life got in the way. Forty years on, could she make her youthful dream a reality?
FT MagazineSimon Kuper
Why the English are complacent and the French apocalyptic
‘England’s postwar descent down the global hierarchy generated not apocalyptic thinking but declinism’
Can a building be sexist? Meet the feminist architects who challenged gender stereotypes
FT Magazine
How mRNA became a vaccine game-changer
Robert Armstrong
With my father at the end
US News
Newspaper industry
Control of Tribune media group looks set to go to hedge fund
Long-shot efforts to block Alden’s takeover of the US company have fallen apart
News in-depthClimate Capital
Private oil companies fall short on cutting flaring
Unwanted gas burnt at six times level of intensity than publicly listed groups
US economy
Inflation fears cloud US consumer sentiment
Survey shows Americans are increasingly nervous about rising prices as economy recovers from the pandemic
US politics & policy
House Republicans choose Trump loyalist to replace Liz Cheney
Elise Stefanik wins vote after receiving backing of former president for leadership role
Most Read
Israel’s conflict with Palestinians widens
Empty offices on Mondays and Fridays spell trouble
US banks could cut 200,000 jobs over next decade, top analyst says
AT&T nears deal to create $150bn streaming giant with Discovery  
UK withholds backing for Biden’s global business tax plan
Lilia Shevtsova
Bullying Russia yearns to be treated as a great power
Vladimir Putin generates suspense in world affairs like some geopolitical Alfred Hitchcock
Elisabeth Braw
Geopolitics spells the demise of the global chief executive
Global InsightDavid Gardner
Israel faces existential questions with uprising by Arab citizens
Leo Lewis
How satellite monitoring became a surprise ESG opportunity
Misha Glenny
The Colonial Pipeline cyber attack is a warning of worse to come
LexRenewable energy
Carbon counter: greener heating is warming up Premium
Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola: football’s restless innovator
The FT ViewThe editorial board
Computers are not the best judge of our emotions
Martin Indyk
Can Joe Biden’s ‘pivot’ survive the Israeli-Palestinian crisis?
Climate Capital

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Climate change
California extends drought warning as summer heat conditions start early
Water shortages in May have intensified over past 3 years, US Drought Monitor reports
Climate change
UN climate summit organisers consider vaccine drive for delegates
UK determined to hold face-to-face meetings at Glasgow conference in November
Polymetal International PLC
Polymetal bets on Russia carbon tax
FTSE 100 gold miner seeks to pre-empt Moscow levy with emissions-cutting plan
News in-depthOil & Gas industry
Private oil companies fall short on cutting flaring
Carbon counter: bitcoin is the ultimate hot investment Premium
Electric vehicles
Renault and Nissan step up race with Tesla over powering electric cars
Life & Arts
How To Spend It
Looking for some action? Peter Fonda’s Easy Rider Harley goes to auction 
Fani Papageorgiou
The right to divorce — literary lessons on break-ups
How To Spend It
Cult Shop: Japanese and Nordic design converges under one London roof
Art of Fashion: jewellery
The best books of the week
Payne's Politics podcast

Labour goes to war (again)
32 min listen
Rachman Review podcast

A crisis in the Middle East
21 min listen
Play video on original page
22 min
Greensill: a tale of hubris, hype and greed
World7 min
Is Scotland on the road to independence?
FT Markets video3 min
Why sustainable ETFs are on the rise
Space industry8 min
China, Russia and the new space race
Pandemic lays bare constitutional power struggle in Brazil
The Supreme Court has become a thorn in the side of President Jair Bolsonaro
InterviewHow to Lead
Dublin Airport’s Dalton Philips: ‘You really can’t communicate too much in a crisis’
Despite having to make difficult cuts, the aviation boss protected jobs by slashing costs and changing work practices
Supply chains
Airlines race to find sniffer dogs to meet cargo inspection rules
Operators warn of shipment delays as groups struggle to train animals for July deadline
News in-depthRansomware
‘It’s a battle, it’s warfare’: experts seek to defeat ransomware attackers
Artificial intelligence
Can companies tell what you are feeling? This FT tool will try to read your mind
FT Moral Money Forum
Measuring what matters: the scramble to set standards for sustainable business
Markets News
ExplainerMarket Questions
How will the Federal Reserve respond to surging US inflation?
Market Questions is the FT’s guide to the week ahead
News in-depthUS equities
US day trading frenzy eases as investors ‘move on to other things’
Retail trading activity in stock and options markets ebbs after surging during pandemic
Global stocks endure worst week since February
Wall Street shares recover some losses on Thursday and Friday following US inflation scare
The Big Read
The summer of inflation: will central banks and investors hold their nerve?
Eurozone economy
ECB signals inflation and growth expectations are ‘tilted to upside’
UK companies
Commodities broker Marex looks to list on London Stock Exchange
UK manufacturing
Rochdale hopes machine centre will manufacture revival in fortunes
England’s 20th most deprived town looks to build on its heritage, hailing plan for institute as unique opportunity
Axa’s Asian operations hit in ransomware attack
French insurer’s units in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Philippines affected
The FT ViewThe editorial board
UK online harms bill misses fraud’s gateway
The government fudges a pioneering law by excluding digital advertising
Huawei Technologies
Developing countries sign Huawei deals despite US espionage warnings
On Wall StreetIzabella Kaminska
How traders might exploit quantum computing
Hacking group tied to cyber attack on US pipeline said to have shut down
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