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Petr Knoth
Founder & Head of CORE
Responsible for leading the team, development & research effort, funding and product strategy. Believes in free unrestricted access to research for all. Developed the first CORE prototype in 2010. Excited by improving machine access to scientific literature to support text and data analysis.
Lucas Anastasiou
Senior Developer
Works on improving and and maintaining CORE services. Elasticsearch guru. While not on his computer coding, he enjoys playing chess, scratching his guitar and dreams of climbing Alpe d'Huez or Col de la Madone with his bike.
Valeriy Budko
Full Stack Developer
PHP and JavaScript developer. Performs code optimization and implementation of continuous integration. In his spare time, he upgrades a long-range quadrocopter to monitor environmental conditions.
Matteo Cancellieri
Lead Developer (Backend)
Works on improving and and maintaining CORE services. He is a detail knowledge base of all CORE services. Has been developing for CORE for several years and Continuous Integration secret lover. Once he was a Super Mario plumber.
Drahomira Herrmannova
Data Analyst & Researcher
Works with the rest of the team on both front- and back-end development. Enjoys maintaining and improving CORE as it provides her with useful data for her PhD. Dreams of turning CORE into a hub for Semantometric research. Book lover and sports enthusiast in her spare time.
Catherine Kuliavets
Personal & Team Administrative Assistant
Responsible for acting as the first point of contact for a range of tasks and common queries. Manages diaries and meetings, helps with organising events and conferences; collects information from external sources; liaises with staff, suppliers and clients.
Suchetha N.Kunnath
PhD Student
Suchetha’s research focusses on the classification of citations based on their purpose and influence. The main areas of research interest include Text Mining, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Outside of work, she likes to travel and experiment with photography.
Viktoriia Pavlenko
UX designer
Responsible for the creation of a beautiful user interface design and seamless user experience. I do everything to make design work.
Samuel Pearce
Developer and Infrastructure Specialist
Main responsible for CORE's impressive high availability infrastructure. Backend operations technical lead, ensuring the technical aspects of daily operations of CORE, data aggregation and dealing with technical issues.
Nancy Pontika
Open Access Specialist & Communications
A communications guru in the 'dominated by developers' CORE team. Her job is to liaise with the data providers and the technical group. As an open access advocate she hopes that one day there will be no access barriers to scientific literature. In her spare time she likes to swim, read and travel.
David Pride
Research Associate
After completing the PhD, working on observing the Matthew Effect in open science and the ramifications for responsible research metrics.
Maria Tarasiuk
Software Developer
Software services and infrastructure developer. Maintaining and continuously improving our backend systems.
Andrew Vasiliev
System Administrator
Responsible for supporting and maintaining servers. Testing, deploying, and setting up tools to improve CORE performance. Lover of automatizing routine.
Kostiantyn Voskoboinik
Front-End developer
I am an experienced front-end developer interested in building usable, useful, well-constructed websites and applications. Also interested in continuation of learning and cooperation with excellent people.
Anton Zhuk
Back-end developer
Works on improving and supporting backend systems. Besides the work, he enjoys listening to EDM music, playing TBS games and reading books. Dreams of travelling across North America.
Past team members
Aristotelis Charalampous​
Alexander Huba
Bethany Walker
Anna Zelinska
Giorgio Basile
Bikash Gyawali
Tomas Korec
Dominika Koroncziova​
Magdalena Krygielova
Jakub Novotny
Gabriela Pavel
Ian Tindle
Jozef Harag
Sergei Misak
Svetlana Rumyanceva​
Vladislav Shymanovich
Viktor Yakubiv
Vojtech RobotkaZdenek Zdrahal

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