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Joining CORE
General information
REF2021 Audit
Joining CORE as data provider
Is my repository or journal harvested by CORE?
How do I register my repository or journal with CORE?
Where are the repositories harvested by CORE located?
I am an author of scientific papers and I would like to include them in CORE.
CORE harvests from DOAJ but I cannot find my journal which is already registered in DOAJ.
How often does CORE harvest the repositories?
When will the harvesting process of my repository be completed?
What types of scientific outputs does CORE provide?
My repository has plenty of metadata records, but not all of them have an open access full text. Can my repository be harvested by CORE?
My repository contains a much higher number of records than CORE. What can I do?
There is a mistake in my article, can I upload a new version?
There are many new records in my repository. Do I need to notify CORE?
How is CORE different from Google Scholar?
I do not see the “Download” button in the CORE display page. How can I access the full text?
The metadata in the CORE display page are wrong. How can I have them corrected?
Can CORE offer any statistics about the content it harvests?
Are the research papers offered by CORE peer-reviewed?
How is the record count in OpenDOAR estimated by CORE?
Who owns the rights of the content in the CORE collection?
What are the technical requirements for being aggregated?
What is my journal’s/repository’s OAI base URL?
How difficult is it to satisfy the CORE harvesting recommendations?
Which metadata formats does CORE support?
Can CORE just index our content, but not store it on its servers?
How can my repository opt out from being harvested by CORE?
Removing full text or metadata
How does CORE ensure that the harvested content is Open Access?
CORE harvests copyrighted material from my repository
How can I retrieve the license information (CC-BY, CC-BY-NC, etc.) from the harvested outputs?
A full text record is deleted from my repository, but is still available in CORE
How do I notify CORE to take down full text content?
The full text has been removed, but the metadata is still visible in CORE
I have removed an item from my repository, but the metadata are still visible in CORE
CORE services
How do I register for an API key?
Can I use the CORE API in a project?
Does CORE offer a higher download quota of the CORE API?
Can I use the CORE API for commercial purposes?
Can I use the CORE dataset for commercial purposes?
How often is the CORE dataset updated?
How can I download the CORE Recommender?
When I look at the papers I have authored, I am not pleased with the similar papers suggested by the CORE Recommender. How can I change that?
Does CORE provide a list of PDFs in a specific language?
What does non-commercial use mean?
Does CORE provide a list of PDFs in a specific language?
General information about CORE
I need a high resolution logo of CORE. Where can I find it?
Where can I find CORE’s brochure?
Where can I find CORE’s flyer?
How can I embed the “harvested by CORE” snippet on my website?
How can I embed the “powered by CORE” snippet on my website?
Do you need to cite CORE?
CORE guidance on REF2021 Audit
Why should deposit dates be provided by aggregators and not by single institutions?
How do I ensure that my repository's deposit date matches CORE’s deposit date?
A metadata record with a full text PDF does not appear in CORE from my own repository but it has been harvested from another repository. What if the record was not deposited on time at the other repository. Will this have an impact with regards to the REF2021 compliance?
CORE harvests full text PDFs only. Does this mean that outputs with full text in other formats, e.g. word documents or text files, will not be considered as REF2021 compliant outputs?
When I log into the CORE Repository Dashboard in the “Content” tab I see a date. Is this date the deposit date that CORE has for the output?
How can I see the deposit date from my repository's REF-able outputs in CORE?
Can I have my repository's deposit dates from CORE in a CSV file?
The date that a metadata record was created may not be the same with the date that the full text record was attached to a metadata record. How does CORE know the date that the full text was attached?
How does CORE know that the version of the deposited full text is the correct and compliant version?
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