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Items from Loyola Marymount University are temporarily unavailable.
Not all LINK+ libraries have resumed service. Click here for a list of participating libraries.

LINK+ Requesting

You may borrow LINK+ items by placing a request in the LINK+ Catalog or by using the LINK+ Visiting Patron program at participating LINK+ libraries.

Placing a Request in the LINK+ Catalog:
When you locate an item in LINK+ that you want to request, check the holdings by selecting the link that reads, for example, "6 LINK+ libraries have this item". To request the item:
Cancelling a LINK+ Request
Inquire at the Circulation Department of your local library. Your local system may allow you to "View Your Library Account" (or similar wording). You may cancel a LINK+ request if the item still has a "Requested" status. If the item is 'In Transit' or 'Recv'd' the request may not be cancelled.

See Borrowing and Pick-Up for more information about borrowing LINK+ items.
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