IS shows alleged footage of downed Russian plane in Sinai
Video by IS-affiliates in Iraq urges Sinai tribes to join Jihadists
Taha Sakr May 7, 2016 Be the first to comment

he “Islamic State” (IS) media office released new video footage on Friday showing a burning plane heading towards the ground, allegedly the Russian Metrojet A321 passenger jet which crashed in Sinai on 31 October.
The video titled “Sinai, the glory, the defiant” was released by a media office in “Al-Jazeera Province”, which comprises a number of Iraqi governorates that have been overrun by IS.
Daily News Egypt cannot confirm the authenticity of this footage.
The Russian plane was en route to St. Petersburg, but it was downed just 30 minutes after takeoff from Sharm El-Sheikh Airport, killing all 224 passengers and crew onboard, the majority of whom were Russians.
Earlier, the IS-affiliated group “Sinai Province” had claimed responsibility for the downing of the Russian plane through a statement on its official Twitter account.
In the new video release, IS-affiliated member Abu Omar Al-Ansari said: “Lions of the Caliphate in Sinai targeted the Russian apostates in response to their air raids against Muslims in the Levant.”
In the video, militants referred to King Salman Bridge, which is planned to be built to link Saudi Arabia and Egypt, saying that it is “a conspiracy” to fight “Jihadists” and that when completed it will be a way for “Jihadists” from Sinai to travel to Saudi Arabia.
Militants in the video criticised what they called “meaningless peaceful resistance” against tyrants in reference to the current regime. They called on Al-Sawarka and Al-Azazma tribes to fight against state security forces in North Sinai governorate.
The video showed old footage that has been circulated on social media, claiming abuse by soldiers against Bedouins in North Sinai. Older footage of attacks executed against security forces was also shown.
“The current regime is cooperating with the Zionists to kill our relatives in Sinai and also with the Saudi government by selling our land to them,” Abu Ahmed El-Townsy said in the video.
Sinai has become the scene of frequent clashes between militants and state security forces.
As a result, an extensive counter-insurgency operation was launched to curb militancy. The Egyptian government has imposed a state of emergency in the peninsula’s northern regions.
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