Friday sermon discusses patriotism as arrests ahead of ‘11/11 protests’ continue
A Muslim Brotherhood former parliamentarian was arrested on Tuesday
Leena ElDeeb October 29, 2016 Be the first to comment

he Ministry of Religious Endowments released last Monday the topic for the unified Friday sermon: the Islamic duty to protect your country.
“Protecting your country is not confined to holding weapons to face the enemies and foreign dangers; there are other methods, such as not allowing anyone to meddle with your country’s business, spread corruption, plot against its people, or terrorise them.”
State-owned media reported that three citizens from El-Salam were arrested on Thursday, facing charges of calling for the “11/11 protests”.
The Ministry of Interior has been tightening its grip on members of the Muslim Brotherhood, keeping an eye out for anyone calling for protests, as they arrested 24 people from Al-Azhar University for establishing a movement entitled “Wakastoona” (literally: you have deteriorated us), calling for protests on 11 November, and for being members of a banned group.
Moreover, the banned Freedom and Justice Party, the political arm of the Brotherhood, reported that police forces have also arrested a former parliamentarian and Brotherhood member Hamdy Taha on his way back from a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. Taha’s son, Anas, reported in a public Facebook status that the authorities have not given his family any details about his father’s whereabouts—he considers this incident to be a forced disappearance.
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Leena ElDeeb
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