Different sectors cooperate to contain crisis caused by heavy rainfall
The parliament, the armed forces, the ministries of housing and water resources are working in parallel to overcome the aftermath of the flooding
Leena ElDeeb November 2, 2016 Be the first to comment

he Ministry of Housing dedicated on Wednesday 600 units for citizens in the Red Sea governorate who have lost their homes to the floods that engulfed Upper Egypt on Friday, state media reported.
The Minister of Housing announced that the social housing project units are ready for immediate delivery in Ras Gharib. Each 90 sqm unit has three rooms and a reception area.
Also on Wednesday morning, in a statement sent to Daily News Egypt, the military media office stated that in response to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s orders, army troops stepped in to help overcome the aftermath of the floods in the Red Sea and Sohag areas.
“The technical army troops which are deployed in the surroundings of Ras Gharib city have continued to work day and night over the past 24 hours. They are using water pumps to remove the floodwater and sand which accumulated in homes, schools, and governmental services and facilities. Narrow streets and the most affected neighbourhoods within the city are being visited by water removal vehicles,” the statement read.
The armed forces also distributed 50,000 packets of food and other living necessities for those affected, as well as medical convoys to provide medical examinations and medicines to citizens in these areas. Another convoy was also provided for veterinary support of sheep and cattle, according to the statement.
The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation clarified on Tuesday evening that the Nile river has turned brown and murky due to the floodwaters coming from Upper Egypt since Friday, state media reported.
Ministry spokesperson Waleed Haqiqi further explained that water pumping stations are working continuously to treat the water. The first stage is removing the stuck solids and the sand and silt. This has not affected the drinking water, but operations at some small stations have been halted due to the high level of turbidity. Haqiqi added that the turbidity will wash away within a couple of days, as it will move to the delta.
A committee, led by member of parliament Mostafa Bakry, was formed yesterday to follow up on the aftermath of the flood, state media reported. The committee is confined to representatives from the affected governments: Red Sea, Sohag, and Qena.
Heavy rainfall hit Upper Egypt during the weekend, causing deaths, injuries, and urban damages. Latest reports from the Ministry of Health said that 26 people died and 72 were injured following heavy floods in different governorates across Egypt since Friday.
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