Egypt condemns Turkish intervention in Arab affairs
Foreign Ministry denounces Turkish statements doubting Libyan demands for Egyptian support
Daily News Egypt July 18, 2020 Comments Off

gypt condemned, on Saturday, Turkish intervention in Arab affairs, which will deepen and complicate these issues, according to Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Ahmed Hafez.
Hafez added that Turkish support of a certain side in conflicts, based on its ideological approach, was wasting the Turkish people’s resources in never-ending wars.
He asserted Egypt’s rejection of Turkish political and military intervention in Arab affairs, including the Iraqi, Syrian, and Libyan crises. He noted that this intervention lacks any legal basis, and even violates United Nations Security Council resolutions.
Hafez also rejected Turkish statements which cast doubt on the legitimacy of Libyan demands for Egyptian support against terrorism and extremist groups which have been brought into Libya from Syria.
He said that Arabs refuse any foreign intervention that aim to achieve goals at the cost of the interests of the region’s people.
Last Thursday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi received in Cairo representatives from the Libyan tribes. During the meeting, he asserted that Egypt’s efforts in Libya aim to mobilise the Libyan people’s free will to improve their country’s future.
Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan denounced Egypt and the UAE, on Friday, for supporting the eastern-based Libyan Arab Armed Forces (LAAF). Erdogan’s comments come after Al-Sisi’s meeting with Libyan tribesmen who called for Cairo to intervene in the Libyan crisis.
Last week, Libya’s House of Representatives said that Egypt has the right to intervene in Libya to protect the national security of both countries. The Libyan parliament’s statement added that it is the only elected and legitimate representative of the Libyan people.
It asserted that it welcomes President Al-Sisi’s statement, in which he explained the Egyptian willingness to intervene in Libya if the Libyan people asked it to.
In remarks made in June during an inspection visit to Egypt’s Western Military Zone, Al-Sisi said that Egypt is ready to support Libyan tribes in defending their country’s security and stability. This would come in addition to train and prepare some members of Libya’s tribes.
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