Egypt to see car prices variation in March as overpricing returns
Car sales in Egypt increases by 26.5% during 2020 to record 231,200 units
Ahmed Dawoud March 10, 2021 Comments Off

gypt saw increases in car prices on the part of some dealers, during February, as the issue of overpricing makes its return.
Daily News Egypt reviewed the official price changes announced during February until the beginning of March, and the difference in price between dealers and agents. The prices of some brands witnessed stability, such as Opel, Proton, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Brilliance, Volvo, Kia, Citroen, and Renault.
Meanwhile, Mercedes, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Chery, Nissan, Volkswagen, Suzuki, Hyundai, and BMW dealerships saw prices rise.
The start of 2021 saw price increases for many models of most brands in the local auto market, in light of new estimates by companies on the impact of sales growth during 2020. This came despite the significant repercussions of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which negatively affected the worldwide automotive industry.
Car sales in Egypt increased during the past year to record 231,200 vehicles, an increase of 26.5% compared to 2019, which witnessed the sale of 182,700.
Kia models price stability
Kia maintained the prices for its cars that it announced during February, to continue with the prices of deliveries in March.
The official price for the highest category of Pegas stood at EGP 240,000, the Rio was EGP 285,000 to EGP 340,000, while Sportage prices ranged from EGP 400,000 to EGP 530,000.
Hyundai swings to increase
Hyundai added EGP 3,000 to the price of its Accent model, to start from EGP 214,000 through EGP 250,000 for the highline model to EGP 295,000 for the top category.
The company also increased the price of the Elantra HD by EGP 2,000, to start at EGP 241,000, with prices ranging up to EGP 269,000. Meanwhile, the Elantra CN7 model stabilised without an increase at EGP 492,000, along with the Creta, which starts from EGP 360,000 and ranges up to EGP 425,000 for the higher category.
BMW prices up by EGP 50,000-200,000
The German brand BMW raised the prices during February, so that the March delivery prices would see increases on some models of between EGP 50,000-200,000.
The price of the 118i SPORT LINE models increased to EGP 650,000, the X1 model to EGP 700,000, the SPORT LINE X1 to about EGP 800,000, and the X3 to EGP 1.2m for the 2000 CC model.
It also raised the price of the 218I by EGP 100,000 to EGP 750,000, with the same increase placed on 520I to become EGP 1.2m. Meanwhile, the X4 full option model saw a jump to EGP 1.5m, while the X6 model rose to EGP 2.5m.
Ford keeps prices stable
Whilst several other renowned car brands saw prices rise, US vehicle brand Ford kept the prices of its models at a stable level, as they were in February.
The price of the Fusion model stood at EGP 455,000, whilst the highest category was EGP 590,000. The Eco Sport was EGP 325,000, whilst the highest category was EGP 370,000.
Chevrolet without official increase
Fellow US auto company, Chevrolet, maintained the prices of its models, with the Optra categories starting from EGP 197,500 up to EGP 221,000. The Malibu starts at EGP 380,000 to EGP 435,000, whilst the Captiva ranges in price from EGP 330,000 to EGP 395,000.
Mitsubishi Eclipse sees EGP 10,000 increase
The Japanese brand Mitsubishi raised the prices of its Eclipse model cars by EGP 5,000 for the first category to reach EGP 380,000 and the higher category increased by EGP 10,000 to become EGP 500,000.
The price of the Xpander models settled at EGP 305,000, whilst the higher category came in at EGP 335,000.
Chery sees EGP 1,000 increase
Chery added EGP 1,000 to the prices of deliveries in March for all Arrizo 5 models, to start from EGP 174,000, with the company putting the highest category at EGP 207,000. The Tiggo 3 model was offered by the agent at a price of EGP 243,000.
It also raised the Tigo 7 price to the range from EGP 281,000 to EGP 305,000 for the higher category, and kept the price of the Tigo 4 unchanged to start from EGP 305,000 to EGP 335,000. The Tigo 8 now starts at EGP 425,000.
Opel keeps prices stable
The German brand Opel has fixed the prices of its cars as they were in February. The price of the Astra high-line remained about EGP 320,000, whilst the Insignia remained EGP 470,000. Meanwhile, the Grand Land starts from EGP 455,000 to EGP 530,000, with the price of the Cross Land model stabilising  from EGP 335,000 up to EGP 365,000 for the higher category.
Mercedes changes prices for most classes
The Mercedes brand raised the prices of most of its releases, so that the A200 model started from EGP 800,000, an increase of EGP 40,000, compared to the beginning of February. The highest category saw an increase of EGP 39,000 to EGP 839,000.
The A180 model increased from EGP 625,000 to EGP 700,000, whilst the B180 prices now start from EGP 625,000, an increase of EGP 10,000.
The brand also raised the price of the higher category of A35 to EGP 1.25m, an increase of EGP 65,000. The CLA180 starts at EGP 795,000, an increase of EGP 40,000. The highest category is EGP 815,000, an increase of EGP 39,500.
The price of the CLA200 model reached EGP 880,000 for the first category, an increase of EGP 45,000, the same increase that was placed on the highest category, which reached EGP 920,000.
The E53 top category jumped by EGP 190,000 to reach EGP 2.75m, whilst the top category of G500 increased by about EGP 110,000 to EGP 3.71m.
Renault keeps pricing stable
The French brand Renault kept the prices of its cars during March deliveries, at last month’s levels.
The Duster remains at EGP 288,000 for the first category. The Logan in its highest category stands at EGP 229,500, whilst the Kadjar stands at EGP 434,000.
Toyota adds EGP 25,000 to Fortuner
Japan’s Toyota raised the price of the Fortuner by EGP 25,000 to EGP 775,000, while the higher category was raised by EGP 10,000 to EGP 925,000.
The Japanese company kept the rest of the prices of its cars during March deliveries unchanged, so that the Corolla manual remains at EGP 295,000. Meanwhile, the automatic version starts from EGP 320,000, whilst the highest category stands at EGP 616,000.
Volkswagen raises Passat, Tiguan prices
German automotive company Volkswagen has decided to increase the price on the Passat model by EGP 5,000, to start from EGP 500,000. A similar rise was placed on the higher category, to reach EGP 600,000, with the company adding EGP 10,000 to the Tiguan model for the first category, with prices ranging from EGP 570,000 to EGP 646,000.
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