Egypt reviews water resource management mechanisms to meet local demands 
Water Resources Ministry holds meeting to address ways to achieve optimal management of Egypt’s water supply
Daily News Egypt July 25, 2021 Comments Off

gypt’s Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdel Atty has reviewed the country’s water resource management mechanisms to meet demands nationwide.
The review took place during a regular meeting of the Permanent Committee for Regulating the River Nile’s Revenue, presided over by Abdel Atty, which took place on Sunday.
Executive leaders from the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and the National Center for Water Research participated in the meeting. 
Abdel Atty addressed the means for Egypt to achieve the optimum use from its water resources during the period of maximum consumption, to provide farmers with the needed water during the agriculture season. 
He ordered for the continued increase in readiness across all the ministry’s agencies during the period of maximum needs, to meet all water needs. 
The minister also ordered for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation’s agencies to continue activating emergency rooms nationwide. This aims to achieve a continuous monitoring of water levels and the state of canals and drains, along with the readiness of Egypt’s waterways, bridges, and stations. 
Abdel Atty said that his ministry has succeeded in managing Egypt’s water systems in a highly efficient manner during the current period of maximum needs. This has taken place through the huge efforts made by all the ministry’s agencies, which have been put in place to ensure all the water needs necessary for all water-using sectors are met.
The minister highlighted the immediate need to monitor all forms of encroachments on the River Nile, as well as canals and drains. This would see decisive responses to any encroachments, and removing them in coordination with the concerned state agencies.
Abdel Atty also directed for his ministry’s bodies to consider the highest level of caution in managing the water stocks in Lake Nasser, to achieve the optimum use of Egypt’s water resources. 
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