Irrigation Minister reviews efforts to adapt to climate change, water treatment projects
Several projects for reuse of agricultural wastewater have been implemented
Daily News Egypt October 17, 2021 Comments Off

gypt’s Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Mohamed Abdel Aty, has held a meeting with a number of the ministry’s leaders to review the position of national projects to adapt to climate changes, in addition to the South Valley development project, the North Sinai development project, the Hammam and agricultural wastewater projects in the western delta.
The meeting was attended by Ragab Abdel-Azim, the Undersecretary of the Ministry and Supervisor of the Minister’s Office, and Sayed Shalaby, the Head of the Irrigation Department.
During the meeting, Abdel Aty stated that several projects for the reuse of agricultural wastewater have been implemented and are being implemented, with the aim of treating the salinity of agricultural wastewater.
This includes the project to benefit from the water of the Bahr el-Baqar drain after treating it in the east of the delta, the Al-Mahsamah project, and the project to benefit from the water of drains located in the west of the delta. The total amount of treated water is about 15 million cm/day.
Abdel Aty added that these projects contribute to preventing sea water from overlapping with groundwater and improving the environment in the east and west of the delta, noting that the two water-carrying tracks in the Bahr al-Baqar and al-Hamam projects form a water curtain to reduce seawater overlap with groundwater east and west of the delta with lengths of about 120 km.
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