Cairo Film Festival cooperates with Netflix to launch filmmaking sessions
Total of 11 feature films, 22 short films will premiere at 43rd edition of CIFF
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he streaming giant Netflix will participate in the fourth edition of the Cairo Industry Days, which will be held on 1-5 December, as part of the 43rd edition of Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), scheduled to take place from 26 November to 5 December.
Netflix will participate in two lectures, a panel discussion, and a dialogue with experts of the international film industry. The discussion will be open for festival’s guests, public audience, and professionals.
Netflix will also organize the second edition of the “Because She Created” initiative, in order to shed light on Arab female directors and the development of the role of women in the entertainment industry in the Arab world.
The events are expected to include a dialogue with Tunisian star Hend Sabry, who will talk during the session about her artistic career and work as an executive producer in the upcoming Netflix series “Search for Ola”.
Sabry will talk about the opportunities and difficulties she faced as an actress, producer, and mother, and what she learned during her journey in the film and television industry.
The events also include a panel discussion about the Jordanian series “Al Rawabi School for Girls”, which became one of the 10 most streamed works on the Netflix platform in several countries around the world. The series has been dubbed into English as a model that represents one of social issues. The panel discussion will be attended by Tima Shomali, the series creator, director and executive producer, as she is scheduled to review her vision of the series and everything that contributed to producing this fictional dramatic world about the “Al Rawabi School” teenage girls.
Jordanian actress Rakeen Saad, who played the role of “Nouf”, as well as Joanna Arida, who played the role of “Rania” will participate in the discussion as well. The discussion is expected to focus on the efforts made to develop the story of the series.
Moreover, under the title “Deepening Character Drawing”, Christopher Mack, the Talent Development Director at Netflix, will deliver a lecture that will take the audience on an in-depth exploration to some of the most famous movie characters of all time, giving them reasons why those characters are so memorable.
Netflix will share with the audience its experience on best post-production practices, and the most important lessons learned in the industry to ensure that the film or series reaches the audience in the best possible way, through a lecture presented by Karim Boutros Ghaly, Post Production Manager for original Arabic works on Netflix, and Frank Piazza, Post Production Director for Netflix in the Middle East and Turkey.
Ghaly and Piazza will present ways to adopt the appropriate budget for series and films, and choose the right programs in addition to the common mistakes of post-production in the region. The workshop will be based on real-life examples and an analysis of the processes that Netflix follows in its latest work.
Cairo Industry Days is a platform held in partnership with the Arab Cinema Center, and provides an important space for discussions, communication, meetings, workshops and lectures. The platform also opens the way for the cooperation of Arab, local talents and the most important international figures in the filmmaking industry with the aim of supporting Arab cinema.
Total of 11 feature films and 22 short films will premiere at the 43rd edition of CIFF.
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