Rameda begins production of coronavirus antiviral drug ‘Molnupiravir Rameda’
The drug was developed by the American company Merck and is an oral antiviral drug approved for the treatment of adults infected with COVID-19.
Alyaa Stohy January 17, 2022 Comments Off

he Tenth of Ramadan for Pharmaceutical Industries and Diagnostic Reagents (Rameda) announced that it has started the production of the coronavirus antiviral drug, ‘Molnupiravir Rameda’ after obtaining the necessary licenses from the Egyptian Drugs Authority (EDA).
The drug was developed by the American company Merck and is an oral antiviral drug approved for the treatment of adults infected with COVID-19. 
The version of the drug produced by the American company Merck obtained the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use. It also received the license of the Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency in Britain, to treat mild and moderate infections of the coronavirus for adults at high risk of developing severe infection.
Rameda is coordinating its production plans with the EDA and the Ministry of Health and Population to ensure that the market needs of this drug are fully met promptly.
Rameda intends to release the first batch of Molnupiravir Rameda before the end of the first quarter of this year for EGP 625 for a package that contains 40 capsules at a concentration of 200 mg, which is the concentration approved by the FDA and the Regulatory Agency for Medicines and Health Care Products in Britain.
The company is fully prepared to produce the drug in higher concentrations at the right time.
In this context, Managing Director of Rameda Amr Morsy explained that the company’s production of Molnupiravir Rameda is a strategic step in its continuous path to support our country in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. 
He noted that this product is an additional important medicinal weapon to fight the virus along with the company’s other antiviral drugs.
Morsy added that the addition of Molnupiravir Rameda to the company’s portfolio would expand its share in the fast-growing antiviral market.
H explained that the growth in the revenues of the domestic sales sector of antiviral drugs to approximately EGP 230m during the eleven months ending on 30 November 2021, in addition to the expected high revenues that the tender and export sectors will reap from these drugs.
He expressed his optimism that Molnupiravir Rameda would contribute to supporting the company’s future performance, stressing that the company would move forward as quickly as possible to make it available to patients all over the country.
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Alyaa Stohy
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