Al-Sisi follows up on epidemiological situation of COVID-19 in Egypt
President instructs that chest hospitals nationwide be supported with more equipment to deal with coronavirus
Sami Hegazi January 19, 2022 Comments Off

gypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met on Wednesday with Mohamed Awad Tageddin, the Presidential Adviser for Health and Prevention, to follow up on the epidemiological situation of the coronavirus in Egypt.
Bassam Rady, the Spokesperson of the Presidency, said that the meeting also discussed the executive position of the health aspect of the National Project for the Development of the Egyptian Family.
Tageddin reviewed the current measures taken by the government to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including the vaccination campaigns for citizens as well as the equipping of all medical facilities to receive and deal with cases.
Al-Sisi then directed to strengthen awareness programmes for all citizens on precautionary measures taken to prevent infection, reaffirming the state’s full commitment to implement these measures, especially in areas where there is a heavy presence of citizens, such as government departments, universities, and schools, as well as public service venues.
He also stressed the need to take the necessary measures to reduce human density in these places and to apply all the rules of prevention, hygiene, and disinfection in order to maintain the balanced path adopted by the state throughout the pandemic.
Furthermore, the President directed to continue the vaccination campaigns as well as to facilitate access to vaccine doses for people who are partially vaccinated or seeking to get a booster shot.
Moreover, he instructed that chest hospitals throughout the country be supported with more equipment to deal with the coronavirus, in addition to strengthening their capacity.
On the other hand, the president also followed up on the national project for the development of the Egyptian family, with Tageddin disclosing that there has been an increase in the number of medical vehicles equipped under the project, where it was recently contracted with the German side to supply 500 new fully equipped medical convoys.
Al-Sisi then directed the preparation of an integrated plan to provide all the necessary capabilities for the optimal operation and utilisation of these vehicles, including the provision of qualified medical and administrative personnel at the highest level, precise schedules for their movement, and the equipment required for their operation and maintenance.
The President was also briefed on the executive position of the National Project for the Manufacture and Assembly of Plasma Products and the plasma collection centres being established to complete it.
He called for the intensification of media campaigns to spread public awareness about the usefulness of this important national project and its health benefits for citizens.
Al-Sisi was also briefed on the state’s efforts to reduce the number of road accidents, with the aim of strengthening the security measures on all public roads and highways through the use of both human and electronic components to achieve traffic discipline and ensure the safety of citizens and vehicles.
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