GLC Paints targets to turn Egypt into capital of colours in Middle East
GLC has been working in Egypt for 25 years in construction paint industry, with EGP 1.5bn investment
Daily News Egypt January 19, 2022 Comments Off

gypt has provided a practical guide in overcoming difficulties and transforming crises and challenges into economic opportunities and development projects in various fields, CEO of GLC Paints Mohamed Amin Al-Hout said during the company’s latest event “Colour Piazza”.
He added that the GLC Colour Piazza 2022 – colour trends of the year – came as an affirmation of the company’s support for the advanced ideas of architects and support for youths’ projects in innovation and creativity to jointly bring the Egyptian industry and economy to global leadership, adding that Egypt is a country of opportunities, leadership, and history. 
“From here, our dream and ambition began, and our role and responsibility towards everything that is offered in Egypt as an original part of giving back to this great country. The Colour Piazza is one of the most important projects and strategic goals of GLC Paints that we launched last year in Egypt and developed this year in a new and innovative way by displaying colours through cooperation with the most famous architects,”he said.
Al-Hout explained that the Colour Trends project is an important step in Egypt becoming the capital of colour fashion in the Middle East. GLC supports this project by cooperating with architects to showcase the role of colours in developing the urban scene. 
Furthermore, he pointed out that GLC has been working in Egypt for 25 years in the construction paint industry and its current investments in Egypt are estimated at EGP 1.5bn, as it owns five factories for the production of construction paints and packaging. 
It also aims to expand production as well as investing in innovation and creativity in the world of fashion and colourtrends for structural paints as part of its plan to transform Egypt into a capital of colours in the Middle East.
Al-Hout confirmed that GLC is seeking to pump investments for new expansions in Obour City, doubling the production capacity of the Qena factory from 50% last year to 100% in the coming period, in addition to increasing the number of sales centres by 15%.
He also referred to the partnership between GLC Paints and fiveof the largest and most famous designers and architects in Egypt , namely, the international architect Karim Mokhtajian, Ibtisam Farid, Raef Fahmy, Iman Hussein, and Amr Helmy.
The architects participating in the project explained that their designs were inspired by the different architectural styles inCairo and re-interpreted them in their own style by working on the main axis, which is the basis of how Cairo was built and still persists. 
They explained that Downtown Cairo contains a mixture of several architectural styles that embody the continuity of generations of different traditional and modern architectural styles.
At the conclusion of the GLC Colour Piazza 2022, Executive Chairperson Anwar Al-Hout honoured the elite engineers and architects who participated in the event and displayed the three-dimensional models of the designers’ and architects’ projects.
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