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1Opinion| Can the United States ban Facebook?
2Opinion| Dublin Theatre Festival raises issues of environment and climate change
3Opinion| Pope Francis’ Courage and the Unforgivable Sins of Clergymen
Opinion| Pope Francis’ Courage and the Unforgivable Sins of Clergymen
In this regard, Pope Francis showed rare courage in the face of crises and expressed his “sadness and shame” at the Catholic Church’s inability to deal with child sexual abuse in France, stressing that the Church must make itself a “safe home for all.”
Marwa El- Shinawy
October 24, 2021
Opinion| Can the United States ban Facebook?
A few days ago, the US Senate Consumer Protection and Data Security Committee announced that there are bipartisan concerns about Facebook and its involvement in political divisions and strikes. The committee also confirmed that the site is also not safe for children and that the company insisted on publishing ads that harm this age group. …
Marwa El- Shinawy
October 10, 2021
Opinion| Dublin Theatre Festival raises issues of environment and climate change
In fact, the festival did not stop, as it was one of the few theatre events in the world that was keen to present a virtual edition, but the theatrical experience, live performances, and personal communication is what gives theatre its special status and makes it a unique art.
Marwa El- Shinawy
October 5, 2021
Opinion| Who is the true beneficiary of US aid?
Controversy raged again in Cairo over the file of American aid to Egypt. This is after a US State Department spokesman said the Biden administration would suspend $130m in military aid. A State Department official also confirmed that the most prominent condition set by the Biden administration to release the rest of the aid is …
Marwa El- Shinawy
September 25, 2021
Opinion| Socialism defeats capitalism in the time of coronavirus
A few months ago, the question of the prospects for the return of socialism seemed ludicrous and irrational. Nevertheless, especially in the aftermath of the fierce battle of coronavirus, socialism has reappeared, even if it is in different forms than it was in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic made people hope once again …
Marwa El- Shinawy
September 15, 2021
Opinion| Emergence of China, withdrawal of America, and empowerment of Taliban
On the eve of the withdrawal of the last American soldier from Afghanistan; for the first time, the Emir of the Taliban movement, Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada, appeared in Kandahar with the leaders of the movement, to discuss and approve the announcement of the new government. The new cabinet is expected to include all members of …
Marwa El- Shinawy
September 10, 2021
Opinion| Refugee crisis between humanity and the evasion of responsibility
The recent events in Afghanistan have triggered the refugee crisis once again, more ferocious than ever. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than 3.5 million people are currently displaced from Afghanistan due to the deteriorating security situation in the country.  This staggering number raises the fear of countries neighbouring Afghanistan, especially …
Marwa El- Shinawy
August 30, 2021
Opinion| Biden’s Democracy Summit and securing US interests
US President Joe Biden will host a “Democracy Summit” in December, the White House announced a few days ago. It added that the December summit “will move commitments and initiatives on three key issues: defending against authoritarianism, fighting corruption, and promoting respect for human rights.” Once again, the United States uses democracy as a flimsy …
Marwa El- Shinawy
August 19, 2021
Opinion| US-Turkish relations and the Afghan migrant crisis
Once again, tensions in US-Turkish relations are resurfacing, announcing the continued deterioration of relations in the coming years. This is despite the common interests between the two countries, especially in the Middle East, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s attempts to improve relations with US President Joe Biden. This apparent contradiction is mainly due to …
Marwa El- Shinawy
August 10, 2021
Opinion| US-China relations between Trump’s arrogance and Biden’s maneuvers
Indeed, the Chinese news agency reported that the dialogue is most welcome and is expected to lead to tangible progress. But at the same time, the agency stressed that to make the talks between the two sides fruitful, the US side must stop demonizing China and work with China to put in place a set of protective barriers for the long-term development between the two countries.
Marwa El- Shinawy
August 4, 2021
Opinion| Broadway returns with political theatrical show on racism
During a long period of absence, the lights of all theatres across the US were completely dimmed for more than 18 months due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, threatening the theatre industry in general. It has now finally been decided to resume theatrical performances from September. However, as expected, the Broadway theatre decided that …
Marwa El- Shinawy
July 28, 2021
Opinion| Egypt’s role in promoting intercultural dialogue and supporting world peace
The issue of world peace and the promotion of a culture of dialogue, not violence, has become in our contemporary world one of the most important issues of concern to all mankind. This comes especially since the idea of ​​dialogue between different cultures, and the acceptance of the other, has declined in recent decades due …
Marwa El- Shinawy
July 13, 2021
Opinion| Trump and Biden’s war to assassinate democracy
American democracy has become more threatened than ever before, after it was, for two entire centuries, an example and a living model to be emulated. In fact, democracy, in general, is suffering from a crisis, especially after the protests by the yellow jackets in France and the implementation of Brexit in the UK. Nevertheless, the …
Marwa El- Shinawy
July 7, 2021
Opinion| Extreme right in West and ISIS are two sides of same coin
  The recent murder of a Muslim family in Canada by a terrorist belonging to the far-right renewed protests demanding practical measures to curb hate crimes against Muslims. The demonstrations engulfed 11 cities, including Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, as well as Calgary, Edmonton, and Kitchener, in addition to London, Ontario, which witnessed the crime. …
Marwa El- Shinawy
June 29, 2021
Opinion| Shaw Festival raises issue of silent racism in Canada
It includes works written during or around Shaw’s lifetime (1856-1950). The festival also focuses on classic American plays that achieved great success at the time of their presentation, and still resonate today.
Marwa El- Shinawy
June 16, 2021
Opinion| Historic decisions to empower women in Egypt
This will achieve full equality between men and women in assuming positions at all judicial bodies, so that there would be no need to file lawsuits to reach this equality.
Marwa El- Shinawy
June 10, 2021
Opinion| New era for Egyptian-US relations
This is because the Egyptian-US relations were, and will continue to be, governed by the fact that the US is a global power with broad interests in various regions of the world, and that Egypt is a regional power that has its commitments and its vision of regional issues.
Marwa El- Shinawy
June 2, 2021
Opinion| Significant transformations in US Congress against apartheid state in Palestine
However, this crisis has achieved great political gains for the Palestinian cause, putting it back at the top of international priorities. Most importantly, it clearly demonstrated the radical shift in the US Congress towards the Palestinian cause.
Marwa El- Shinawy
May 26, 2021
Opinion| Israel’s plan to undermine two-state solution
As usual, the Israeli side is striving to hide the fact that the recent events were ignited because the Israeli authorities decided to prevent Palestinians from gathering at the Damascus Gate during the month of Ramadan.
Marwa El- Shinawy
May 18, 2021
Opinion| Biden and hate crimes against Asians
It has been formally named as the Asian American and Pacific Island Heritage Month, to appreciate the contributions and influence of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in the history, culture, and achievements of the US.
Marwa El- Shinawy
May 12, 2021
Opinion|American recognition of Armenian Genocide and Turkish-Russian relations
On the one hand, this recognition declares the existence of tension in the Turkish-American relations, as this decision came as a result of the dissatisfaction of US members of Congress with the Turkish government.
Marwa El- Shinawy
May 4, 2021
Opinion| Lebanese-British initiative to revive Beirut’s theatres
The proceeds of the theatrical work are intended to support theatres affected by the terrible explosion at the Beirut Port on 4 August last year. The work brings together a number of the most prominent Lebanese actors and British writers, and addresses the Lebanese reality in a dramatic and comedic manner.
Marwa El- Shinawy
April 28, 2021
Opinion|Chichester Festival Theatre supports Meghan and Harry
Meghan’s statements about British Royal Family cause wave of theatrical works dealing with racism
Marwa El- Shinawy
April 21, 2021
Opinion| CEDAW and the challenges of globalisation
This comes especially after the Hamdouk Transitional Government in Sudan announced its intention to sign this agreement after many years of Sudan’s rejection of this document.
Marwa El- Shinawy
April 14, 2021
Opinion| Can Joe Biden return to Iran’s nuclear agreement?
The most dangerous of these scenarios is the one that sees the need for the US to launch a military strike against Iran to destroy the latter’s nuclear infrastructure. Another scenario sees the possibility of directing the crisis towards a breakthrough through negotiations to resolve it or freeze it at the current stage until a final settlement is reached.
Marwa El- Shinawy
April 6, 2021
Opinion| Royal exodus is procession of power and peace
In a majestic procession, 22 kings and queens of the Pharaonic state will be moved from the Egyptian Museum for the first time to the place of their permanent exhibition in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo’s Fustat region. They will move through the streets of Egypt parallel to the Great Nile River …
Marwa El- Shinawy
March 31, 2021
Opinion| Towards Vindicating the Image of Muslims in Western Media
Over the past decades, American cinema has played a major role in consolidating these stereotypes, as Hollywood has resorted to using rigid images and stereotypes, along with excessive propaganda.
Marwa El- Shinawy
March 24, 2021
Opinion| Biden revives American dream
The orders would “cancel [former President Donald] Trump’s erroneous policies”, and erase the “moral and national stigma” inherited from the previous administration, as described by the US president.
Marwa El- Shinawy
March 21, 2021
Opinion| Religious wars in the Middle East
This follows on from the phenomenon of exploiting religion in the service of political goals, which has begun to spread again, but this time in the Middle East.
Marwa El- Shinawy
March 3, 2021
Opinion| WOW festival calls for rewriting history from feminist perspective
The festival is considered a global women’s movement launched by British director and producer Jude Kelly in 2010, Artistic Director of the South Bank Centre, one of the largest cultural centres in Europe, on the centenary of International Women’s Day.
Marwa El- Shinawy
February 24, 2021

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