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German government has nothing to do with GERD construction: Ambassador Hartmann
German Ambassador praises Al-Sisi’s invitation to Israeli Prime Minister for bilateral meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh, describing it as ‘courageous’
Taha Sakr
September 21, 2021
Opinion | Why is Egypt postponing the war against Ethiopia?
I hope that Egypt will not be forced to engage in military action against brothers in Ethiopia, “not because Egypt is helpless, but because it is sane.”
Taha Sakr
September 17, 2021
Ezz Elarab Group unveils Volvo Gallery as first-of-its-kind concept in Egypt, North Africa
Volvo Gallery will host variety of events designed to introduce Swedish culture and Volvo brand philosophy to wider audience
Taha Sakr
July 28, 2021
Egypt’s Senate commences fulfilling its obligations under clear jurisdictions: Ahmed Diab
Zed Sports University to be launched soon, Zed FC investment strategy centred on youth teams, says CEO
Taha Sakr
June 23, 2021
European democracy can’t be achieved in Egypt rapidly: French Ambassador
France making significant efforts to boost Egypt’s development: Ambassador Romatet
Taha Sakr
April 20, 2021
Egypt to provide industry map soon as largest investor guide: MP Mohamed Elsallab
Elsallab’s electoral campaign depends on supporting education reform, considering it as Egypt’s national project for the next 10 years.
Taha Sakr
February 28, 2021
Paris’ security starts in Cairo: French ambassador
On Egyptian-French cooperation in counterterrorism, the French ambassador asserted that France supports Egypt in all security-related fields
Taha Sakr
February 18, 2021
Opinion| Al Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb: Egyptian voice of tolerance and moderation
Al Azhar Grand Imam’s high standing, his abundant knowledge, his great humility, and his morals, which were praised by both people he did not know personally as well as his relatives, have seen him nicknamed “Our good Sheikh”, the “Sheikh of Islam and Imam of the Muslim Preachers” by his fans and followers.
Taha Sakr
August 31, 2020
Opinion| Letter to A Mentor That She Will Never Read
As a mentor, you gave us a passion for knowledge as the one who made sure to put us at the forefront and on the right path
Taha Sakr
July 27, 2020
Opinion| Dear Ethiopians – Egyptians are not advocates of war
The history of Egyptian-Ethiopian relations dates back to the Ancient Egyptian era. These were based not only on politics, but also religion and culture.
Taha Sakr
June 28, 2020
Opinion | Ex-Defence Minister Tantawi: ‘The Ascetic General in Power’ who protected Egypt
There is just one concept at play here: the recognition that has been given to Field Marshal Tantawi is a message of loyalty from Al-Sisi. 
Taha Sakr
June 10, 2020
Egypt to receive 24 “Su-35” fighters by end of 2023-2024
Tests to be conducted on first two fighters this year
Taha Sakr
May 20, 2020
Egypt ready to strike anywhere to neutralise national security threats: High-ranking official
President Al-Sisi stresses that Egypt will not tolerate any terrorist groups or their supporters
Taha Sakr
May 19, 2020
Will Egypt allow Ethiopia to equivocate until GERD becomes a fait accompli?
Despite the intervention of many international actors, Ethiopia insists on prevarication, ignoring that the Nile River is the lifeline of Egypt and that any aggression on it or any attempt to stop its flow is an attack on Egypt’s life, development, and security.
Taha Sakr
March 18, 2020
Is it time for Egypt to develop local English-language media outlets?
The media warfare always comes along with other conflicts, whether military, economic, or political, as it aims primarily to corrupt the minds, and spread chaos and confusion among the people.
Taha Sakr
February 26, 2020
Russian travelers to enjoy separate check-in portals in Egypt’s airports
The Russian agency quoted an Egyptian source on the condition of anonymity that separate portals were presented to Russian experts who examined security measures at Egyptian airports, noting that these portals are suggested to be used specifically for passengers from Russia as well as separate check-in offices.
Taha Sakr
January 28, 2020
Sudan appeals to UN Security Council over Halayeb Triangle border dispute
This measure has been routine since then, but it is the first time since the fall of former Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir last year
Taha Sakr
January 19, 2020
Sultan Qaboos … A wise peacemaker in volatile region
For 50 years, Qaboos was the founder of renaissance in Oman, his rule was characterised by wisdom, and resulted in a balanced policy that was rarely present in the world.
Taha Sakr
January 15, 2020
Egypt to receive two Russian Su-35 fighter jets in 2020 
The deal includes 26 fighter jets and will be fully delivered by mid-2023
Taha Sakr
November 25, 2019
Turkish incursion in Syria facilitated ISIS reconstruction: Pentagon   
“ISIS took advantage of the Turkish incursion and the US withdrawal from northern Syria to rebuild its capabilities and resources both within Syria in the short term and internationally in the longer term,” the congressional intelligence committee said in the report.
Taha Sakr
November 22, 2019
Ethiopia asked France to acquire Rafale, nuclear missiles: French Newspaper
This list included 12 fighter jets (including Rafale and Mirage 2000), 18 helicopters, two military transport planes manufactured by Airbus, 10 Dassault Drones, electronic jamming systems, and about thirty M51 missiles with a range of more than 6,000 kilometres capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
Taha Sakr
November 20, 2019
Egypt’s arms deals are ‘sovereign’ issue, not subject to foreign interference or opinion: senior official 
Egypt would not drop Russian Su-35 deal despite pressures, the high-ranking source told Daily News Egypt
Taha Sakr
November 16, 2019
Russia confirms its readiness to boost Egypt’s national army: Russian Defense Minister
”The Egyptian President and Armed Forces are the guarantors of the independent and stable development of the country, curbing the spread of the terrorist threat in North Africa,” Shoigu said.
Taha Sakr
November 13, 2019
Despite protests, Catalans oppose independence from Spain: Spanish ambassador in Egypt 
“The majority of Catalonia residents support the central government of Spain,” he asserted.
Taha Sakr
November 12, 2019
Can desalination limit GERD’s impacts on Egypt’s water security?
Desalination plants in Egypt will provide clean water for drinking use, not agriculture, says former water resources minister
Taha Sakr
November 7, 2019
Amid joint drill, Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus condemn Turkey’s Mediterranean violations
According to Cyprus News Agency, the Cypriot Defence Minister Savvas Angelides said during the meeting that Turkey’s illegal measures in Cyprus’ EEZ in the Mediterranean Sea, violates the sovereign rights of his country and the international law.
Taha Sakr
November 6, 2019
Al-Sisi orders rapid upgrade to Egypt’s railway
“The meeting dealt with the follow-up agreement between the Ministry of Transportation and PRL for the supply of new railway tractors as well as modernising and upgrading the efficiency of the current available tractors at the ministry,” Egypt’s presidency statement read.
Taha Sakr
November 3, 2019
Egypt’s Defence Minister inspects central military zone
The commander of the central military zone affirmed that the zone’s troops will always remain in the highest degree of vigilance and preparedness to defend the homeland.
Taha Sakr
October 30, 2019
Parliament condemns EU statement on alleged human rights violations
The committee claimed during its inspection visit to the New Minya Prisons area on Sunday that some human rights organisations “fabricate lies” about the human rights situation in Egypt.
Taha Sakr
October 29, 2019
Egypt to export local-made armored vehicles with ejectable escape crew capsules
Local media reports indicated that the Egyptian-made armored vehicle can be split into two parts when explosion ejecting the escape crew capsule, which can be installed in another vehicle. Moreover, the armored vehicle’s seats are equipped with shock absorption technology.
Taha Sakr
October 28, 2019

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