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Arab Parliament calls for Ethiopian response to ongoing efforts on GERD crisis
1Arab Parliament calls on Algeria, Morocco to avoid escalation
Arab Parliament, Inter-Parliamentary Union partner for Arabization of counterterrorism app
Arab Parliament, Inter-Parliamentary Union partner for Arabization of counterterrorism app
President of the Arab Parliament, Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Asoumi, has launched a partnership with the Inter-Parliamentary Union for the Arabization of electronic tools to combat terrorism and extremist ideology, as part of his participation in the first global parliamentary summit to combat terrorism in Vienna. Al-Soumi affirmed in a statement on Sunday   that …
Sami Hegazi
September 13, 2021
Arab Parliament calls on Algeria, Morocco to avoid escalation
Algeria cuts diplomatic relations with Morocco
Sarah El-Sheikh
August 26, 2021
Israel’s flag march will undermine ceasefire in Jerusalem: Arab Parliament
The event is set to take place on Tuesday around the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is already a flashpoint between the Palestinians and Israelis.
Daily News Egypt
June 15, 2021
Egypt, Arab Parliament condemn Houthi massacre in Yemen’s Marib province
Egypt stresses importance of reaching comprehensive political settlement in accordance with agreed international references
Sami Hegazi
June 6, 2021
Arab Parliament denounces European counterpart’s silence on Israel violations
Arab Parliament will hold emergency session on 19 May, to discuss bloody events, especially around Al-Aqsa Mosque
Sami Hegazi
May 16, 2021
Arab Parliament calls for Ethiopian response to ongoing efforts on GERD crisis
Ethiopia has to seize international, regional, and Arab momentum that strongly supports GERD negotiations to reach final settlement of crisis, says Al-Asoumi
Sami Hegazi
May 5, 2021
Arab Parliament condemns new Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia
Organisation calls on international community to take urgent action against crimes against humanity committed by terrorist militia
Sami Hegazi
May 3, 2021
Arab Parliament lends support to Egyptian, Sudanese efforts to solve GERD issues
Any agreement on Ethiopian dam must take into account interests of all parties, preserve water, economic rights of Nile Basin countries, in accordance with international laws
Sami Hegazi
March 31, 2021
Arab Parliament supports Egypt-Sudan efforts to ensure water security
Ethiopia should not implement second phase of GERD filling before reaching binding, equitable legal agreement, says Al-Asoumi
Sami Hegazi
March 6, 2021
Fighting terrorism, extremist ideology are our top priorities: Arab Parliament
COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated challenges that countries face in combating terrorism: Inter-Parliamentary Union
Sami Hegazi
February 21, 2021
Arab Parliament calls for urgent international action against Houthi violations in Yemen
Arab Parliament condemns group’s issuance of death sentences against 11 members of Yemen’s House of Representatives
Sami Hegazi
February 15, 2021
Arab Parliament welcomes Somali national dialogue, urges all parties to engage constructively
Dialogue will focus on reaching consensual solution that enhances security, stability in country
Sami Hegazi
February 15, 2021
Arab Parliament accuses HRW of distorting human rights situation in region
Organisation’s information based on lies and misinformation, says Al-Asoumi
Sami Hegazi
January 18, 2021
Arab Parliament condemns withholding COVID-19 vaccine from Palestinian prisoners in Israeli detention
Al-Asoumi calls on international community to provide legal protection for Palestinian prisoners
Sami Hegazi
January 14, 2021
Arab Parliament demands international rejection of Israel bill to legalise West Bank outposts
Israel’s Knesset approved draft law obliging ministries in Israel to supply all outposts in the occupied West Bank with the infrastructure services
Sami Hegazi
December 23, 2020
Arab Parliament supports Palestinian President’s call for international peace summit in 2021
In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Arab Parliament stressed its solidarity with the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights, on top of which are the right to self-determination, ending the occupation, the right of return principle, resolving the refugee issue, and releasing prisoners from Israeli jails.
Sami Hegazi
December 17, 2020
Arab Parliament, Egypt Senate partner to support parliamentary diplomacy
Speaker of the Egyptian Senate, Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Razek, said the cooperation protocol aims to help parliamentary diplomacy achieve hopes and aspirations of the Arab people.
Daily News Egypt
December 13, 2020
Shoukry, Arab Parliament speaker discuss joint Arab mechanism in combating terrorism
A high-level delegation from the Arab Parliament also attended the meeting, including first deputy to Arab Parliament speaker, Alaa Abed, and second deputy to Arab Parliament speaker, Mohammed Al-Yamahi.
Daily News Egypt
November 17, 2020
Arab Parliament demands to reclaim Palestinian funds from Israel
Al-Salami’s letter emphasised the Arab Parliament’s rejection of deducting part of the Palestinian tax and customs revenues by Israel, under any pretext.
Bassant Mohammed
July 3, 2019
Arab Parliament demands UN replace US in peace process mediation as tensions escalate
Palestinian leaders hold urgent talks in Cairo over Jerusalem
Amira El-Fekki
December 11, 2017
Al-Sisi discussing with the Arab parliament mutual efforts in confronting challenges 
Officials reviewed a document that was prepared during the second annual conference of the Arab parliament and held discussions over different political, economical, and social issues
Sarah El-Sheikh
February 15, 2017
Arab Parliament designates Hezbollah as ‘terror group’
Arab Parliament speaker Ahmed Al-Garwan told local television that the parliament decided to support an end to “Iran’s activities” in some Arab countries
Ahmed Abbas
April 17, 2016
SEC approves international election observers
European Union launches monitoring mission
Daily News Egypt
May 6, 2014
Al Azhar Grand Imam meets Arab Parliament delegation
Al Azhar Grand Imam Al-Tayeb and Arab Parliament President Al Jarwan discuss promoting stability and unity in the region
Manar Mohsen
September 4, 2013
Shura Council seeks national consensus on sukuk
New draft law for sukuk aims to help the Egyptian economy recover and generate more investment
Daily News Egypt
February 11, 2013
Egyptian protestor detained in New York City
Salma Abu El-Magd arrested after interrupting speech by MB leader Essam El-Erian in New York
Liliana Mihaila
December 9, 2012
El-Erian in New York
Senior FJP member visits the United Nations in New York City
Liliana Mihaila
December 8, 2012
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