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Four policemen, three civilians killed in suicide bombing in North Sinai
Minister of Antiquities reveals full account of damage to Museum of Islamic Art
Taliban claims responsibility for suicide bombing in South Afghanistan amid peace talks with US
Both the US and the Taliban outfit were close to signing a peace deal in September, but President Donald Trump suspended negotiations after a Taliban-led car bomb claimed 10 lives, including a U.S. soldier in Kabul on 5 September.
December 10, 2019
IS claims responsibility for suicide bombing killing 63 in Afghan wedding
Taliban denied responsibility for the attack and condemned it
Bassant Mohammed
August 18, 2019
Egypt condemns Baghdad’s market bombing 
At least eight people were killed, 15 others wounded in suicide bombing in eastern Baghdad on Thursday
Daily News Egypt
May 11, 2019
Four policemen, three civilians killed in suicide bombing in North Sinai
Deceased suicide bomber was 15 years old; another soldier was killed while dismantling bomb in Rafah
Adham Youssef
April 9, 2019
Three policemen killed during suicide bombing near Al-Azhar Mosque
Security forces were monitoring movement of terrorist, El-Hassan Abdullah, says interior ministry
Sarah El-Sheikh
February 19, 2019
Friday attack conveys extent of ‘the church bombing cell’
Qena Security Directorate published posters of alleged cell founder, leader, Amr Saad, suspicious former MB member, currently pledged allegiance to IS militant group
Daily News Egypt
November 3, 2018
Conscript injured in North Sinai bombing
The explosion took place in Al-Arish 
Daily News Egypt
July 11, 2017
Church bombing suspects allegedly participants of Rabaa sit-in: state media
Attacks occurred in recent months, leaving dozens killed and more injured 
Daily News Egypt
May 23, 2017
3 suspects detained in relation to Palm Sunday terror attacks
The arrested face charges of using terrorism as means to achieve goal of destroying the state, prosecution said
Daily News Egypt
April 17, 2017
BREAKING: Casualties reported in explosion near church in Tanta
LIVE UPDATES: At least 25 dead and 71 injured
Amira El-Fekki
April 9, 2017
Egypt’s institutions condemn St. Petersburg bombing
Egyptian officials assert terrorism is an international phenomenon, which requires collective efforts to counter it
Daily News Egypt
April 4, 2017
Lower ranking police officer killed in Tanta bombing, 15 injured
Militant group Lewaa Al-Thawra claims responsibility for attack
Adham Youssef
April 2, 2017
Coptic Church commemorates 40 days after attack on St. Peter and St. Paul Church
We deeply thank all Egyptians who expressed condolences; the attack targeted all Egyptians, says Pope Tawadros II
Daily News Egypt
January 23, 2017
Death toll of St. Peter and St. Paul Church attack reaches 27
A 60-year-old woman died from her wounds after spending weeks in the hospital
Daily News Egypt
December 25, 2016
Cathedral bombing may affect Egypt’s credit rating: professor
Acts of terrorism rouse foreign concerns about coming to Egypt; therefore, the dollar flow decreases, says Mashhour
Shaimaa Al-Aees
December 15, 2016
Directorates intensify security outside churches
The heads of the security directorate ensured the role of police officers in securing churches in several governorates
Daily News Egypt
December 13, 2016
Security bans families of Church bombing victims from attending funeral
Daily News Egypt
December 12, 2016
Public figures push for enforcement of military trials in wake of Coptic church bombing
Complaints of slow litigation, suggesting military courts for prompt rulings 
Sarah El-Sheikh
December 12, 2016
Second bombing in Egypt kills 1 civilian, injures 3 security personnel
The attack in Kafr Al-Sheikh was the second to take place on Friday, after the first attack claimed the lives of six people
Toqa Ezzidin
December 10, 2016
In Video : Footage from the Nasr City car bombing
Daily News Egypt
November 4, 2016
Attack near Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, third Saudi bombing in one day
A man has blown himself up near the second holiest site in Islam. The attack in Medina follows similar blasts in Jeddah and Qatif.
July 4, 2016
Many killed in Islamic State bombing in Baghdad
Baghdad was rocked by two explosions ahead of the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. “Islamic State” jihadists have claimed responsibility for one of the attacks.
July 3, 2016
More suspects in Faisal explosion arrested: state media
The explosion, who took place in the area of Faisal, targeted a police Armed Personnel Carrier
Daily News Egypt
March 11, 2016
Police conscript injured in 6th of October City bombing
Another two blasts occurred Saturday morning near Zagazig University
Daily News Egypt
October 10, 2015
Ajnad Misr claims Roxy Square bombing
One officer was injured in the bombing
Adham Youssef
July 16, 2015
Bomb hidden in rubbish kills Matariya worker
A rubbish picker is killed after bomb in rubbish exploded, Health Ministry official says
Daily News Egypt
March 15, 2015
Israeli air strikes hit Gaza in response to rocket attack
First exchange of fire since August truce
Amira El-Fekki
December 20, 2014
Upcoming Israel-Palestine peace talks postponed
Senior Hamas official cites “security measures”, says ceasefire will stand
Daily News Egypt
October 26, 2014
Family of former president condemns Sinai bombing
Morsi’s family places blame on government
Kenneth Changpertitum
October 26, 2014
Criticism of government’s terrorism record follows widespread condemnation of Sinai attacks
US, UK, UAE pledge support for Egypt anti-terror efforts in wake of deadly Sinai attacks
Daily News Egypt
October 25, 2014

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