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Court postpones Khaled Ali trial to 24 July 
Former top auditor Hisham Geneina refuses to pay bail, referred to trial
Egyptian court bans ‘fatwas’ by non-specialists
Move restricts fatwa issuance to qualified religious institutions by virtue of jurisdiction, expertise, specialisation
Daily News Egypt
June 26, 2021
Court upholds life imprisonment for Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide
The case dates back to 2013, when the defendants broke into a police station, seized weapons and killed two policemen in the Upper Egypt governorate of Minya, state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported. They also set fire to police cars and documents, alongside helping 31 Islamists break free from prison.
Daily News Egypt
July 14, 2020
Non-payment court cases declines by 27% in 2018: CAPMAS
According to CAPMAS, the unsettled protesto cases decreased by 37.3% to 12,500 cases in 2018, down from 19,935 cases in 2017.
Daily News Egypt
September 5, 2019
Al-Sisi orders withdrawal of government’s appeal against court decision to increase pensions
President directed government to refer issue to state council’s general assembly to give its opinion
Daily News Egypt
March 23, 2019
Court sends 40 people to 3-16 years in jail for human trafficking
Several defendants fined between EGP 2,000-500,000
Daily News Egypt
March 20, 2019
Egypt denounces OHCHR remarks over its judiciary, court rules
Foreign Ministry maintained execution came after long impartial, fair trials
Daily News Egypt
February 24, 2019
Court upholds adding 241 defendants to terrorist list
They were accused of forming group in violation to law
Daily News Egypt
February 19, 2019
Court to start ‘Egyptian Council for Change’ case on 3 September
Case includes 28 defendants accused of “spreading false news”
Adham Youssef
August 4, 2018
Court orders death penalty to 8 defendants in storming Helwan Police Station
68 defendants have been charged in the case
Daily News Egypt
October 10, 2017
Trial of 66 defendants accused of establishing IS-affiliated group to start August 1
The defendants are accused of establishing a terrorist group under the name “Upper Egypt Province”
Daily News Egypt
July 17, 2017
Court postpones Khaled Ali trial to 24 July 
The prominent lawyer and rights activist is accused of performing a “blatant act”
Daily News Egypt
July 3, 2017
Administrative Court annuls Urgent Matters Court decision on maritime demarcation agreement
Cairo Court for Urgent Matters nullified a previous court ruling by the Administrative Court annulling the Egyptian-Saudi maritime demarcation agreement
Daily News Egypt
June 20, 2017
Administrative Court rejects parliamentary re-elections in Giza circuit
One year after a court decision to seat Al-Shobaky instead of Mansour, the parliament has not executed the decision
Farah Bahgat
June 7, 2017
Court postpones verdict in Ajnad Misr case to 7 June
44 defendants were accused of forming a terrorist group that targets security forces
Farah Bahgat
May 7, 2017
Court postpones verdict of Ahmed Nagi to 21 May
The author of the controversial novel “The Use of Life” was temporarily released after receiving a two-year prison sentence
Farah Bahgat
May 7, 2017
Court decides to adjourn exam leakage trial to 29 March
The defendants’ list includes high-ranking officials of a state-run printing house
Daily News Egypt
March 26, 2017
Egyptian court orders to dissolve Egyptian Football Association
The court said that elections were not honestly reflecting the will of the general assembly
Maya Nawar
March 13, 2017
Court bans Red Sea islands defenders’ scheduled protest
Interior Ministry filed lawsuit against political groups seeking to demonstrate
Daily News Egypt
January 12, 2017
Defenders of the Red Sea islands sovereignty present constitutional, historical, legal context to disputed case
Controversy at peak ahead of expected court verdict on islands’ ownership
Amira El-Fekki
January 11, 2017
Court to suspend ‘Al-Nahda sit-in dispersal’ trial until ruling in judges’ panel dissolution
One of the judges in the case had already stepped down in December as one of the defendants is accused of attempting to assassinate him in another case
Daily News Egypt
January 9, 2017
Urgent Affairs Court to issue verdict in ‘Red Sea islands’ case on 31 December
The “Red Sea islands” case has been the source of public controversy since April
Daily News Egypt
December 26, 2016
Court adjourns government appeal against doctors infection allowance to 25 December
The government previously filed a request to stop the implementation; however, the court rejected it
Daily News Egypt
November 20, 2016
Court rules against Cambodia opposition in Facebook spat
A criminal court has fined the country’s exiled opposition leader for claiming the prime minister’s Facebook page had been inflated by fake “likes.”
November 8, 2016
Political activist Islam Khalil acquitted
The activist was arrested on charges of vandalising public and private property, a case that dates back to 2014
Leena ElDeeb
November 2, 2016
Court adjourns Morsi’s trial in jailbreak case to 15 November
Former president Mohamed Morsi is being tried in three other cases
Daily News Egypt
October 18, 2016
Court adjourns request against reconciliation with Hussein Salem to 8 November
Salem fled to Spain following the 25 January Revolution, fearing legal action against him
Daily News Egypt
October 11, 2016
Court orders death sentence against defendant in ‘illegal cell’ case
Death sentences over the past three years drew controversy
Daily News Egypt
October 8, 2016
Committee holds 1st meeting on raising infections compensation for doctors
The wheels are turning but no significant progress so far, says the Doctors Syndicate
Daily News Egypt
September 29, 2016
Military court announces life sentence of Omar Ali
Ali is charged with belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood
Daily News Egypt
September 22, 2016
Doctors Syndicate delegation to visit cabinet to push for increasing infections allowance
Syndicate will visit cabinet on 19 September after cabinet’s delay in proceeding with court decision
Menan Khater
September 7, 2016

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