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Ukrainian plane crash in Iran kills 176 on board, no survivors 
In Pictures: EgyptAir MS804 Candles lit at the press syndicate to mourn victims of the crash
Ukrainian plane crash in Iran kills 176 on board, no survivors 
The Ukrainian embassy in Iran said, based on preliminary information, that the plane had suffered a malfunction in the engine, adding that the crash was not “terrorist act.”
Daily News Egypt
January 9, 2020
Prosecution detains truck driver over fatal Port Said crash
The suspected truck driver tested positive to ‘Hashish’, investigations revealed  
Fatma Lotfi
December 31, 2019
Leading Danish ISIS element involved in 2015 Russian plane crash: DR
‘ISIS has not replicated such attack in Egypt, that can be credited to military operations,’ says analyst 
Fatma Lotfi
November 10, 2019
Trial of Ramses train crash postponed to September 1 
Fourteen defendants accused of negligence which resulted in death of 31 people
Daily News Egypt
July 10, 2019
Egypt dismisses ‘cockpit fire’ French narrative as reason for 2016 EgyptAir crash
General prosecution asserts investigations are still ongoing, refuses French findings
Adham Youssef
July 9, 2018
Driver detained pending investigations into disastrous Alexandria collision
Transportation Minister tells Al-Sisi that lack of railway system development is main reason behind such accidents
Daily News Egypt
August 13, 2017
Parliament to hold urgent session on Sunday to discuss Alexandria train accident: Teaima
Al-Kourani demands dismissing the head of the Egyptian National Railways
Mohammed El-Said
August 12, 2017
At least 25 killed in Alexandria train crash
Around 80 people were injured
Daily News Egypt
August 11, 2017
Explosion denied as cause of EgyptAir flight MS804 crash: sources to AFP
Egypt had previously stated that the cause of the crash was an explosion
Daily News Egypt
May 6, 2017
Russian experts draft report on security in Egyptian airports 
The experts visited Egypt last month to inspect the airports to resume direct flights from Moscow to Cairo
Daily News Egypt
January 9, 2017
3 people killed in Al-Ayyat train accident
The train was heading from Cairo to Al-Fayoum governorate when a car unexpectedly crossed its path
Daily News Egypt
December 31, 2016
General prosecutor orders handing over remains of EgyptAir crash victims to families
The Egyptian investigators said on Thursday that traces of explosives were found in the remains of victims
Daily News Egypt
December 18, 2016
Russian plane crash occurred after internal overpressure: IAC
The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), the official Russian aviation authority, said in a  statement Monday that the crash of the Russian Metrojet aircraft in Egypt last year occurred due to an internal factor, according to the analysis and examination of the wreckage. The IAC determined that the outer shell of the aircraft had undergone “high …
Leena ElDeeb
November 1, 2016
Egypt commemorates Russian plane crash after 1 year amid promises of direct flights resuming
Egyptians showed compassion from the very first moments of the crash, says Russian ambassador
Toqa Ezzidin
October 31, 2016
2 army pilots killed in helicopter crash in Al-Sharqeya
The crash may be due to a technical failure, said the army’s media office
Daily News Egypt
September 19, 2016
11 months after crash, investigative committee completes first phase of Russian aeroplane wreckage inspection
Group of international experts from Russia, Germany, Ireland, France, US arrived last August to inspect wreckage
Adham Youssef
September 6, 2016
Another Russian delegation to visit Egypt, evaluate security measures in airports
The resumption of direct flights between Russia and Egypt is simply “a matter of time”, says civil aviation minister
Daily News Egypt
August 20, 2016
Death certificates to be issued for EgyptAir victims Saturday: Ministry of Interior
EgyptAir flight MS 804 crashed into Mediterranean on 19 May, killing 66 people
Amira El-Fekki
June 30, 2016
Egyptair MS804 crash investigators confirm all representatives have agreed  to repair the black boxes’ memory units in  French labs
The committee denounced reports  indicating it refused an offer from the US to repair the CVR and FDR’s memory units
Daily News Egypt
June 26, 2016
EgyptAir flight MS804 investigation committee receives black boxes for analysis
There are currently no guarantees about what may have brought the aircraft down, says expert
Ahmed Abbas
June 18, 2016
UPDATE – Cockpit voice recorder from crashed EgyptAir flight recovered: officials
Search for flight data recorder continues, say Egyptian head of investigative committee
Amira El-Fekki
June 16, 2016
No response from Egypt on airport security proposals: Russian official
The Egyptian side is taking the Russian recommendations seriously, says Neradko
Daily News Egypt
June 4, 2016
Signals received by French vessel likely from MS804 black box
The signal came from within the narrowed area of the search in the Mediterranean Sea
Ahmed Abbas
June 1, 2016
Investigation committee receives report showing electronic message prior to EgyptAir aeroplane crash
Egypt contracted Deep Ocean Search to look for the black box of EgyptAir MS804
Ahmed Abbas
May 28, 2016
2 French companies contracted to extract EgyptAir MS804 black box: PM
The EgyptAir flight crashed into the Mediterranean last Thursday, killing all 66 people onboard
Mahmoud Mostafa
May 26, 2016
In Pictures: EgyptAir MS804 Candles lit at the press syndicate to mourn victims of the crash
  Photos by Asmaa Gamal
Daily News Egypt
May 25, 2016
EgyptAir MS804: Egyptian submarine sent to crash location
The 90 degree turn that was initially made, and the subsequent 360 degree turn while descending from 37,000 ft to 15,000 ft and then loss of radar contact at 10,000 ft could indicate that the pilots were making dramatic efforts to escape an unsafe situation and reach a lower altitude, says analyst
Ahmed Abbas
May 22, 2016
Fire on board more likely than terrorism scenario in EgyptAir crash
Aviation and navigation take priority over ground communication in an in-flight emergency, says safety and accident investigation professor
Mahmoud Mostafa
May 21, 2016
Search for MS804 continues
Images of wreckage show torn life jackets, seats, and parts from the damaged aircraft
Daily News Egypt
May 21, 2016
A320 is the most secure aircraft model: Airbus
Aircraft manufacturer Airbus said in a statement that its A320 is the most secure aircraft model with 12,499 orders and 7,020 deliveries to date. The first A320 entered service in 1988. In April 2016, over 10m passengers travelled on board A320 models, with more than 2.5m passengers per day. To date, the entire fleet has …
Abdel Razek Al-Shuwekhi
May 19, 2016

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