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Defence Minister reviews development of ‘Sinai 2018’ operations
Defence Minister witnesses ‘Majd-16’ artillery training by Second Field Army
The training was also attended by Lieutenant-General Osama Askar, Chief-of-Staff of the Armed Forces, leaders of the main army branches, members of the national security committee of the House of Representatives, and some media figures.
Sami Hegazi
October 31, 2021
Egypt’s Defence Minister witnesses activities of ‘Bright Star 2021’ military exercise
Zaki listened to a detailed explanation on the training activities, in the presence of all the elements participating in the training from various air bases, via video conference technology.
Sami Hegazi
September 15, 2021
Egypt’s President, Iraq’s Defence Minister discuss mutual military cooperation
In June, Al-Sisi made the first visit by an Egyptian president to Iraq in 30 years
Daily News Egypt
August 7, 2021
Defence Minister reviews security efforts against terrorism in Sinai
The ministerial review took place to monitor the command’s security procedures to eliminate terrorism and achieve security in the Sinai Peninsula.
Daily News Egypt
October 27, 2020
Establishing demilitarised zone in Sirte to divide Libya, support Turkish goals: Libyan MP
However, sources told Al Arabiya that the officials will discuss “military situation east of Misrata, and developing a plan for an attack on Sirte and Jufra.” They added that the talks will also focus “on developing the military airbase at Al-Watiya and provide it with advanced military equipment.”
Fatma Lotfi
August 17, 2020
Defence Minister reviews development of ‘Sinai 2018’ operations
Armed forces will continue with all persistence on uprooting terrorism, extremism
Daily News Egypt
September 4, 2018
Zaki visits North Sinai, checks Sinai 2018 military campaign developments 
Egypt’s Defence Minister Mohamed Zaki has checked on security forces units in North Sinai, following up developments of the comprehensive military operation dubbed Sinai 2018. Zaki began on Monday his round by visiting Arish International Airport and permanent army operational units in the governorate, inspecting the military operations against militants affiliated with the Islamic State …
Daily News Egypt
July 30, 2018
Defence minister heads to France to discuss military cooperation
Defence Minister Mohamed Zaki arrived in France for a two-day official visit to meet with high-ranking military officials and discuss cooperation between the two countries. Zaki is expected to discuss a number of issues of common interest between Egypt and France, as well as topics related to regional and international developments in the Middle East. …
Sarah El-Sheikh
July 2, 2018
Sobhi discusses military cooperation with US National Guard commander
The minister attended a ceremony for increasing combat efficiency in the Central Military Region
Daily News Egypt
May 17, 2017
Defence Minister meets with Egyptian military’s national football team delegation ahead of 2017 Military Football World Cup
The world cup will be held in Oman from 13-29 January
Maya Nawar
January 13, 2017
Arab League welcomes ‘Declaration of Cairo’
Egypt and Saudi Arabia signed declaration on Thursday to enhance strategic cooperation
Daily News Egypt
July 31, 2015
French Defence Minister speaks on security, immigration during 2-day Cairo visit
Le Drian spoke with Al-Sisi, Mehleb, Sobhi on security and immigration
Daily News Egypt
July 25, 2015
Hamas official warns of another possible war in Gaza
Israel launched airstrikes across Gaza in response to alleged rocket fired from the strip
Menna Zaki
May 27, 2015
4 army soldiers killed in Rafah
Four army soldiers were killed in a bomb explosion in the area of Taweel Al-Amir in Rafah on the Sinai peninsula. The soldiers had gone to the area after they received information about the presence of seven explosive devices. They were able to find six of them, however the last one exploded killing four of …
Daily News Egypt
May 13, 2015
At least 3 civilians killed in North Sinai road-side explosion
Bombing took place at same time Defence and Interior Ministers visit North Sinai’s security sites
Daily News Egypt
May 13, 2015
Defence, interior ministers visit North Sinai’s security forces
Defence minister urges security forces to maintain vigilance and readiness to face potential threats
Daily News Egypt
May 13, 2015
Sobhi holds talks with Chinese counterpart strengthening military cooperation
Defence Ministers discussed methods of cooperation in fields of defence, transportation as well as enhancing exchange of military expertise and training
Nourhan Fahmy
April 29, 2015
Al-Sisi meets Russian Security Council secretary
Relations between Egypt and Russia have been developing since 2013
Adham Youssef
March 2, 2015
Interior Minister urges using machine guns against protesters in new leaks
Leaks of statements belittling Gulf States and Morsi’s military confinement declared genuine by top British forensic speech laboratory
Aya Nader
February 24, 2015
6 killed, 1 injured in aircraft crash
Crash was due to technical malfunction
Daily News Egypt
September 21, 2014
Sobhi meets French counterpart to exchange views on regional security
Defence ministers and Egyptian chief of staff discussed cooperation in various fields and latest developments
Aya Nader
September 16, 2014
Mansour granted top state honour
Former president ended his interim rule on Sunday, 8 June, handing over power to Al-Sisi
Hend Kortam
June 9, 2014
European Union will not monitor upcoming elections
Restriction on the importation of equipment hampers observer operations
Aaron T. Rose
May 18, 2014
Window closes on presidential candidacy applications; Al-Sisi and Sabahy alone in race
Supreme Electoral Commission approves requests by six international NGOs to monitor upcoming elections and is still processing requests by local ones
Hend Kortam
April 21, 2014
New defence minister vows to stabilise national security
“Let us salute the great, brave hero Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and all members of the armed forces who daily risk their lives for Egypt,” Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi says
AbdelHalim H. AbdAllah
April 1, 2014
Hagel shares concerns with Al-Sisi
The US Defence Secretary discussed developments with the Egyptian Defence Minister Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi on the phone
Hend Kortam
December 20, 2013
Sisi meets with UAE prince
UAE prince and deputy commander Nahyan reiterates his country’s support for Egypt’s interim government and military
Daily News Egypt
September 2, 2013
Morsi regime blew its chances: Al-Sisi
Defence Minister Al-Sisi meets heads of the military and police force to discuss current situation
Sara Abou Bakr
August 18, 2013
Israeli defence minister proposes West Bank withdrawal
Jewish settlers should leave West Bank or accept Palestinian Authority government
Daily News Egypt
September 24, 2012
Mali government ready to host ECOWAS troops
UN approval sought for troop deployment
Basil El-Dabh
September 24, 2012

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