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FDA approves first COVID-19 vaccine
FDA approves first COVID-19 vaccine
Approval signifies key achievement for public health
Daily News Egypt
September 19, 2021
FDA authorizes Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use
The FDA’s authorization for emergency use of the first COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer/BioNTech is a significant milestone in battling the pandemic
December 12, 2020
FDA authorises IQOS marketing as modified risk tobacco product
Decision ensures users can make informed switch to IQOS as better choice to smoking
Shaimaa Al-Aees
July 13, 2020
US Gilead to provide FDA-approved coronavirus treatment on Monday
UAE develops Covid-19 treatment that involves stem cell transplantation
Sarah El-Sheikh
May 2, 2020
Despite FDA’s anti-vaping campaign, popularity of e-cigarette grows 
E-cigarettes are like a gateway to traditional smoking: study
Daily News Egypt
January 24, 2020
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