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Al-Sisi urges doubling of German investments in Egypt 
The chances and opportunities of the chancellor’s visit to Egypt
Brush-making to bread-baking: experience historic German trades hands-on
Egyptian-German band Naheli releases ‘Reign’ ahead of thrilling double album
‘Chemistry and Re-evaluation’ album will be released on 10 October
Shaimaa Raafat
August 11, 2021
Egypt receives 4th German-made S-44 submarine
Egypt has received three submarines of the same type between 2017 and 2021.
Daily News Egypt
August 3, 2021
Opinion|German as a foreign language: An asset in a rapidly changing world
With around 100 million native speakers, the German language is currently the most widely spoken language in Europe. It is also an increasingly popular foreign language, in particular in the Middle East and South America. At present, millions of non-native speakers worldwide learn German. Among those, you will certainly find admirers of German literature and …
Dr. Cyrill Jean Nunn
June 9, 2021
ITIDA launches German language training programme to lure BPO investments
Programme aims to create qualified German-speaking talent pool to attract global outsourcing companies to invest in Upper Egypt
Daily News Egypt
April 27, 2021
Egypt takes measures against German company for discrimination against Muslim Egyptian
Nouran Hassanein applied for job at German company, but was subject to discrimination on account of her wearing hijab
Daily News Egypt
April 11, 2021
German institutions offer €132.8m to finance 11 projects in Egypt
The targeted projects are in different fields, including technical and vocational education, employment promotion, supporting the private sector, credit guarantee system, solid waste management, and effective use of water, according to a Monday statement by the Ministry.
Nehal Samir
November 16, 2020
German Auto Service opens new showroom in Cairo
A number of senior government and auto industry officials took part in the opening ceremony, in addition to a group of prominent businessmen in the field of vehicle manufacturing and assembly.
Daily News Egypt
October 27, 2020
German-EU delegation visits solid waste management unit in Assiut
NSWMP aims to implement effective policy, legislation, and institutional arrangements for solid waste management in Egypt, and related infrastructure
Shaimaa Al-Aees
October 13, 2020
AHK conveys Egypt’s health investment opportunities to German businesses
German citizens are fond of Egyptian heritage, culture, welcoming attitude, and tourism spots, says CEO of AHK
Shaimaa Al-Aees
October 3, 2020
Egyptian-German research team constructs first Egyptian genome reference
Total of 270 billion DNA bases were fed into software tools to construct de novo assembly of a modern Egyptian genome
Daily News Egypt
September 30, 2020
Opinion| What German tourists love about Egypt?
The reasons for this popularity are obvious: Egypt is a varied country, offering everything from unique cultural heritage sites, to vibrant cities, diverse landscapes, and beaches – and not to forget, of course, the cordiality and hospitality of its people.
Dr. Cyrill Jean Nunn
August 4, 2020
Tourism Minister, German counterpart discuss resumption of tourism
The ministers discussed Egyptian-German cooperation and the preparations and precautionary measures required in both countries to resume the flow of tourism.
Daily News Egypt
June 4, 2020
German Minister to visit Egypt Friday to discuss economic cooperation
The trip would focuses on several topics, mainly water and energy.
Shaimaa Al-Aees
February 6, 2020
Al-Sisi urges doubling of German investments in Egypt 
President highlighted Egypt’s economic reforms and recovering investment climate
Daily News Egypt
November 20, 2019
Al-Sisi, Shoukry to meet German FM Heiko Maas to discuss regional updates
Maas’ visit demonstrates strength of Egyptian-German relations, says German embassy
Daily News Egypt
October 27, 2019
Delegation of top German auto manufacturers to visit Cairo in December
FEI continues its meetings with industry representatives in Berlin to discuss new investment opportunities
Nevine Kamel
October 16, 2019
Shoukry holds intensive meetings on bilateral relations 
‘Egypt welcomes German companies that seek to push investments,’ says FM
Daily News Egypt
October 9, 2019
Four Egyptian Ministers, German institutions discuss joint committee meeting preparations
Egypt took major steps to improve education quality, says GIZ Country Director 
Hagar Omran
July 9, 2019
First-time buyers crowded out of booming German housing market
With rising prices, a crowded rental market and low interest rates, it now makes sense to buy rather than rent a property. First-time home ownership is, however, falling because young people can’t afford it.Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper published two headlines side by side: "48% of households in Germany are now property owners," said one, …
April 19, 2019
Freudenberg: A small German town but a big Instagram star
Pictures of Freudenberg’s snow-covered, 17th century houses have drawn fans from around the world, especially visitors from Japan. DW visited the German town to find out what it’s like living in a tourist attraction.After climbing the steep stairs to reach a hilltop overlooking Freudenberg, it's easy to see why tourists from around the world come …
February 5, 2019
German delegation to Egypt praise Egyptian efforts in promoting economy, boosting investments
German Vice-Chancellor, Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy, Peter Altmair, expressed his country’s interest in promoting economic relations with Egypt as it one of the main partners of Germany in the Middle East region and in Africa. He pointed out that the German delegation’s visit to Egypt proves the interest of German companies to …
Shaimaa Al-Aees
February 4, 2019
German arms industry threatens government with compensation claims
As German weapons exports dropped for a third consecutive year, a lobbyist has criticized Germany’s export policy as “unpredictable.” New figures show exports dropped sharply in 2018.Germany's weapons export policy has become "unpredictable," to the point where pan-European projects have become difficult to manage or have even been prevented, the head of the German Security …
December 28, 2018
German business delegation to visit Egypt next week
European coutry’s investments in Egypt currently amount to $641m in 1,107 projects
Shaimaa Al-Aees
November 21, 2018
German unemployment rate dips below 5 percent
The jobless rate in Europe’s biggest economy fell to its lowest October level since German unification nearly three decades ago. But brisk job creation and robust growth threatens to boost inflation in the months ahead.Germany's nominal unemployment rate dropped 0.1 percent to 4.9 percent in October, as 53,000 people fewer were registered as unemployed compared …
October 30, 2018
Al-Sisi discusses illegal immigration, economic reformation with Bundestag delegation
President met with Chinese Vice President to discuss economic cooperation
Daily News Egypt
October 28, 2018
Ex-German football bosses' World Cup tax evasion trial canned
A German court has decided not to pursue a tax evasion case against three former DFB officials, including two former DFB presidents. They have been charged in connection with the awarding of the 2006 World Cup.A regional court in the German city of Frankfurt on Monday decided not to open proceedings against three former high-ranking …
October 15, 2018
German government set to cut growth outlook
According to media reports, the German government will cut its forecasts for growth this year and next due to an increasingly tight labor market and risks associated with Brexit and global trade disputes.In an official growth report, due to be released on Thursday, the German government will revise down its 2018 growth forecast from 2.3 …
October 10, 2018
German executives pin hopes on trade truce with US
Businesses in Germany have grown more optimistic again about their future economic outlook, a fresh monthly barometer by the Munich-based ifo think tank has shown. And that despite the US-China trade conflict.Confidence among German business leaders improved noticeably in August, the ifo economic institute found in its latest regular survey of 9,000 firms across Europe’s …
August 27, 2018
Backlog of investment in German municipalities hits record high
While investment in German municipal infrastructure has been on the rise, it’s not keeping up with growing demand. Schools are hit particularly hard by the resulting backlog, a fresh study has shown.Researchers from Germany’s state-owned KfW development bank said Wednesday that the backlog of investment in the country’s municipalities had reached a new high of …
August 15, 2018
German funds for Assiut’s new bridges worth €311m: ambassador
German Ambassador to Egypt Julius Georg Luy said that his country’s funds for Assiut’s new bridges project are estimated at €311m, representing about two thirds of the project’s total cost, which is worth €474m, according to a press statement from the embassy on Wednesday. The ambassador added that the majority of the German funds are …
Hagar Omran
August 8, 2018

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