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Egypt’s Foreign Ministry hosts debate on strengthening human rights protections
Hearings of civil society organisations completed to launch Egypt’s human rights strategy
Immigration Minister asserts Egypt’s keenness on achieving human rights
Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs Nabila Makram asserted Egypt’s keenness on achieving human rights, explaining that President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi’s launch of the National Human Rights Strategy confirms Egypt’s efforts to building a new Egyptian personality and providing citizens with a decent life. Makram’s remarks came during her meeting with the Sudanese delegation of …
Daily News Egypt
September 14, 2021
Opinion| Egypt and Human Rights
It is noted that the declaration’s articles, which are one of the main guidelines in establishing freedoms in one of the most important documents known to human beings and agreed upon on human rights, has put the right to life at the forefront of the rights that human beings should enjoy.
Dr Ayman Aboul Ella
May 12, 2021
SSCHR holds 2nd hearing of civil society organisations to launch Egypt’s human rights strategy
Egypt’s Supreme Standing Committee for Human Rights (SSCHR) held, on Saturday, the second hearing session with civil society organisations.
Daily News Egypt
May 8, 2021
Egypt studies human rights recommendations from regional, international entities: Foreign Ministry
Egypt is keen to benefit from international experiences, best practices in human rights: Ambassador Alaa Rushdie
Adham Youssef
April 9, 2021
Egypt’s Foreign Ministry hosts debate on strengthening human rights protections
As part of the debate, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairperson of the Permanent Supreme Committee for Human Rights Sameh Shoukry met with Muhammad Faiq, President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR).
Sami Hegazi
March 17, 2021
Parliament rejects UN ‘baseless’ critical comments on Egypt’s human rights record
Egypt’s Foreign Ministry expresses ‘great surprise and disapproval’ of UN statement signed by 31 countries
Daily News Egypt
March 15, 2021
Opinion| Politicising human rights in US
The US claims to be founded on human rights and defines itself as a defender of human rights around the world.
Marwa El- Shinawy
February 9, 2021
Opinion| The whirlwind of human rights
The US Congress has stirred up a new whirlwind in bringing up allegations of Egypt’s violations of human rights again.
Dr. Hatem Sadek
February 9, 2021
US not in position to lecture Egypt on human rights: Parliamentarian
Country has been involved in horrific torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, without batting an eye, says MP
Daily News Egypt
January 27, 2021
Arab Parliament accuses HRW of distorting human rights situation in region
Organisation’s information based on lies and misinformation, says Al-Asoumi
Sami Hegazi
January 18, 2021
UK Government announces business measures over Xianjiang human rights abuses
UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced, on Tuesday, a package of measures to help ensure that British organisations are neither complicit in, nor profiting from, the human rights violations in Xinjiang.
Nehal Samir
January 14, 2021
Hearings of civil society organisations completed to launch Egypt’s human rights strategy
Executive Regulations of new NGOs law to be published in Official Gazette soon, says SSCHR Secretary-General Ambassador Gamal El-Din
Mohamed Samir
January 12, 2021
Egypt holds 3-day hearings in preparation for National Human Rights Strategy
Representatives from civil society organisations, labour unions attend sessions to provide their views
Daily News Egypt
January 12, 2021
Work ongoing to fulfil human rights obligations, “no opinion detainees in Egypt”: Shoukry
New US Administration, under Joe Biden, should assess human rights situation based on groups representing Egyptians, rather than groups targeting Egypt
Sami Hegazi
January 11, 2021
Middle East News Agency symposium tackles human rights in Egypt
Egypt adopts integrated human rights concept, including right to health, security, education, and social care, said former foreign minister Mohamed El-Oraby
Daily News Egypt
December 29, 2020
Opinion| European Parliament
A few days ago, and with flimsy justifications and rumours, lies, and fabricated reports, the European Parliament issued a list that includes, in its entirety, demands from European Union (EU) countries to review their political, economic, and security relations with Egypt.
Dr. Hatem Sadek
December 29, 2020
Shoukry stresses Egypt’s commitment to protect, promote human rights
Assistant minister of foreign affairs for human rights Ahmed Ihab Gamal El-Din said that committee is preparing first draft of national human rights strategy
Daily News Egypt
December 23, 2020
Coordination of Youth denounces EU Parliament resolution on human rights situation in Egypt
Statement described EU move as opportunist, clear violation of human rights
Sarah El-Sheikh
December 20, 2020
EU parliament adopts resolution on human rights in Egypt, Egyptian Parliament denounces decision
Egyptian Parliament called on EU parliament “not to appoint itself as the custodian of Egypt, and to refrain from politicising human rights issues.”
Daily News Egypt
December 18, 2020
Egypt to launch national strategy for human rights: Foreign Ministry
The Ministry said, in a statement on Thursday, that Egypt aspires to a new world that balances between political, civil, economic, social, and cultural rights, without prioritising certain rights over others, or exploiting human rights to achieve narrow political ends.
Sami Hegazi
December 10, 2020
Human rights group stresses Egypt’s Constitution allocates 5% of jobs to persons with disabilities 
Those with special needs represent 10.64% of Egypt’s total population
Daily News Egypt
December 6, 2020
Egypt to launch first integrated, long-term National Human Rights Strategy
No country is able to promote human rights only through state institutions, it needs partnership with civil society, says Professor Niveen Mossad
Mohamed Samir
October 18, 2020
Egypt calls for UN comprehensive human rights approach amid COVID-19 outbreak
UN representative highlights impact on rights to life, work, food, health, medicine amongst other areas
Daily News Egypt
April 11, 2020
Non-governmental human rights delegation inspects Marg prions for the first time
The delegation is also expected to visit four other prisons as part of a long-term inspection programme
Daily News Egypt
December 18, 2019
Human rights activists suggest finding alternatives for death penalty
Abolishing the death penalty from penal law requires not only political will, but a general will, says Vice-President
Daily News Egypt
December 17, 2019
Egypt asserts its commitment to human rights, refutes alleged violations
UK welcomes steps to address violence against women, supporting women’s empowerment
Daily News Egypt
November 13, 2019
Egypt to present report on human rights before UPR in Geneva
NHRC elected three states to discuss Egypt’s human rights report during UPR session 
Sarah El-Sheikh
November 13, 2019
Parliament condemns EU statement on alleged human rights violations
The committee claimed during its inspection visit to the New Minya Prisons area on Sunday that some human rights organisations “fabricate lies” about the human rights situation in Egypt.
Taha Sakr
October 29, 2019
SIS criticises Amnesty International’s allegations on Egypt’s human rights situation
“International human rights’ handling of Egyptian affairs can only be described as contradicted and subjective,” says SIS
Daily News Egypt
September 30, 2019
Egypt continues its efforts to advance human rights situation: Youssef
UN ambassador warned of negative impact of climate change on human rights
Sarah El-Sheikh
September 11, 2019

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