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Al-Sisi appoints 8 heads for courts of appeals
After appointing new female judge, will Egypt see more women in courts?
However, Qandil is not really the first female judge in Egypt’s criminal courts. She was preceded by judge Sally Al-Saidi, who was part of several judicial panels in criminal and misdemeanour courts in 2009. She ruled on 95 criminal cases that year
Nehal Samir
July 18, 2019
Al-Sisi emphasises judiciary independence, expressed appreciating to Egyptian judges
President held meetings with Judicial Authorities Council members, education minister
Daily News Egypt
December 24, 2018
Al-Sisi appoints 8 heads for courts of appeals
Decision comes after the approval of the High Council of Judgment
Daily News Egypt
July 10, 2017
New heads of top judicial bodies sworn in by Al-Sisi
Al-Sisi honours the former heads of the top judicial bodies
Daily News Egypt
July 1, 2017
Latest State Council decision leaves ball in president’s court
The presidency could select one of the seven oldest judges or accept state council selection, says El-Eslamboly
Sarah El-Sheikh
May 14, 2017
First lawsuit filed against recently ratified new Judicial Authority Law
Disputes reportedly occurred among judicial authorities over a general assembly that was to be held in opposition to the law
Daily News Egypt
May 1, 2017
State Council officially rejects judicial law on grounds of separation of powers
The draft law had sparked controversy among judges
Daily News Egypt
April 16, 2017
State Council judges determined to stand up to parliament
Some MPs also voiced rejection of certain amendments to the Judicial Authority Law
Amira El-Fekki
April 4, 2017
Judges assert rejection of draft law, changing selection process for heads of committees
Samir El-Bahy calls upon Al-Sisi to intervene to avoid conflict between judicial and legislative powers
Daily News Egypt
April 3, 2017
New amendments to judicial law a “violation”: Judges’ Club
The law now puts limits on judicial committees to appoint its top officials through seniority
Daily News Egypt
March 28, 2017
Gag order on judicial news aimed at judges, not media: experts
Judges instructed not to share opinions and personal issues on social media networks
Amira El-Fekki
January 10, 2017
Supreme Judicial Council imposes gag order on news related to judges and judiciary
Last week, the prosecution ordered a media gag on a corruption case involving the State Council
Daily News Egypt
January 9, 2017
State Council official held in custody over bribe allegations
Large sums of money and gold accessories were seized from the official’s house during a Tuesday raid
Taha Sakr
December 28, 2016
High-ranking judge referred to trial following arrest for bribery in Alexandria 
The judge received a financial bribe in exchange for the acquittal of a drug dealer, says MENA
Daily News Egypt
November 27, 2016
Judges on the defence after critical comments
The socially prestigious Judges Club called upon media outlets to stop attacking judges
Adham Youssef
August 23, 2016
Parliament discusses imposing taxes to increase judicial, military health insurance
Increasing burdens on the lives of already weary citizens will lead to a “sweeping revolution”, says 6 April Movement figure
Taha Sakr
August 21, 2016
Court postpones verdict on Al-Zind’s dismissal to 3 September
The lawsuit filed against the dismissal decision claims that it is unconstitutional
Daily News Egypt
August 1, 2016
Al-Sisi forces judge into retirement for engaging in political work
The Supreme Judicial Council recommended that Zakaria Abdel Aziz retire for his alleged involvement in storming and looting a state security office
Daily News Egypt
June 6, 2016
12 judges referred to investigation for expressing views on Red Sea islands transfer
An electronic surveillance committee from the Justice Ministry monitored their views on Facebook, say sources
Taha Sakr
May 15, 2016
15 judges forced into retirement for supporting Muslim Brotherhood
Ten of the judges, who were accused of forming and belonging to the “Judges for Egypt” movement that supported former president Mohamed Morsi and the Brotherhood government, were initially forced to retire in March 2016 while the five others were acquitted
Daily News Egypt
March 21, 2016
In Cartoon: More bounces for judges
Amany Hashem
March 19, 2016
We cannot be the accusers and the judges: Ultras Ahlawy
Football fan club urges revealing the details of Port Said stadium riots
Daily News Egypt
February 3, 2016
Military funeral held for fallen judges
Attack left seven people dead including two judges
Adham Youssef
November 25, 2015
‘State Of Sinai’ claims attack on North Sinai hotel housing election judges
Death toll rose to 7, including four police personnel and two judges, state media reported
Nourhan Fahmy
November 24, 2015
‘Pro-Morsi’ judges’ appeal postponed to 14 December
The judges are accused of signing statement in support of former president Mohamed Morsi
Daily News Egypt
October 19, 2015
Judges in Dokki/Agouza district wary of media attention
An important pillar of the electoral process, members of the judicial sector criticise voters’ lack of knowledge, praise security despite reported threats
Adham Youssef
October 18, 2015
‘Pro-Morsi’ judges’ appeal postponed
The judges were accused of participating in politics and supporting a certain political faction over the state
Nourhan Fahmy
August 17, 2015
Counter measures to threats should respect rights, rule of law: Rights groups
Extensive analysis and reactions by different groups continue amid tense political climate following Barakat’s killing
Nourhan Fahmy
July 1, 2015
‘State of Sinai’ shows live footage of judges’ assassination
Just hours after video’s release, Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat died in bomb explosion
Menna Zaki
June 29, 2015
Rights groups concerned of investigations into anti-torture judges
Judges are interrogated under pretence of their participation in workshop organised by “illegal” organisation to draft anti-torture law
Nourhan Fahmy
June 3, 2015

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