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Egypt’s Armed Forces neutralise 73 militants in North Sinai
Militant football fans are on a roll across Eurasia
Militant groups hold first-ever joint military maneuver in Gaza
Around 12 militant groups, including al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas movement’s armed wing, held on Tuesday first-ever joint military maneuver in Gaza
December 29, 2020
Militants attack Libya’s state-run oil company in Tripoli 
Government forces defeat attackers, no casualties reported 
Daily News Egypt
November 23, 2020
Egypt’s Armed Forces neutralise 73 militants in North Sinai
Three officers, four soldiers were killed, injured during sweeping anti-terrorism operations in North Sinai
Daily News Egypt
August 30, 2020
2 dangerous militants neutralised in North Sinai: Interior Ministry 
Militants had plans to carry out attacks on occasion of 30 June Revolution anniversary, says Interior Ministry  
Daily News Egypt
June 30, 2020
Armed Forces neutralise 19 militants in North Sinai operations
Five military personnel killed or injured during operations 
Daily News Egypt
May 31, 2020
Egypt’s security forces raid terror cell in Al-Amireya, neutralise all militants
One police officer was killed, one other officer, two security personnel injured during raid
Daily News Egypt
April 14, 2020
Security forces kill 17 militants in shootout in North Sinai
Militants were found in possession of arms, ammunition, explosive devices
Daily News Egypt
February 12, 2020
6 militants blow up gas pipeline in North Sinai 
No group immediately claimed responsibility for the incident
Daily News Egypt
February 4, 2020
Al-Shabab militants kill 2 gov’t officials in southern Somalia
According to an officer who declined to be named, the militants launched an attack in Adayga village and there was an exchange of fire between the army and the militants.
November 15, 2019
Security forces kill 13 suspected militants in Al-Arish raid
 Six machine guns, four rifle cartridge, and two suicide vests were confiscated
Fatma Lotfi
October 29, 2019
Security forces kill 15 suspected militants in North Sinai: MoI
Egypt is currently battling several armed groups, concentrated mainly in Sinai 
Daily News Egypt
September 29, 2019
118 militants killed in military operations in North and Central Sinai
Our nation’s goal has to be eliminating terrorism, Al-Sisi said after mourning the military personnel who were killed in action
Daily News Egypt
September 28, 2019
Six militants killed in security raid in 6th of October city
Statement noted that militants are members of outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group
Sarah El-Sheikh
September 25, 2019
Egypt’s police forces kill group of militants in North Sinai
The statement noted that the targeted militant group was preparing to carry out a series of attacks against checkpoints affiliated to police and army forces in North Sinai.
Taha Sakr
September 15, 2019
Eleven suspect militants killed in fire exchange in Al-Arish
Explosive devices, machine guns, explosive belt were confiscated, says Interior Ministry
Fatma Lotfi
August 22, 2019
12 alleged militants killed in two separate raids in Al-Arish
The security forces exchanged fire with the militants, leaving 12 militants dead
Daily News Egypt
May 22, 2019
Twelve alleged militants killed in shootout with police
Raid comes hours after IED explosion near tourist bus in Giza
Daily News Egypt
May 20, 2019
Police kills 11 militants in Arish
The Egyptian police killed 11 militants in a terrorist hideout in Al-Arish, according to the ministry of interior. This came after the ministry had received information from the National Security Agency on the presence of a number of militants in one of the buildings located in Abouita in Arish, who were preparing to implement a …
Daily News Egypt
April 11, 2019
US-backed SDF starts final assault against IS militants
Baghouz is last remnant of ‘caliphate’, says US-backed Syrian forces
Daily News Egypt
March 11, 2019
Seven alleged Hasm militants killed, police officer wounded in gunfight, says MoI
Hasm movement appeared in early 2016, claimed responsibility for several attacks
Daily News Egypt
March 7, 2019
16 militants killed during raids in Sinai: Interior Ministry
Firearms, ammunition, explosives were found at hideout
Daily News Egypt
February 19, 2019
Seven suspected militants killed in fire exchange in Al-Arish
Forces found two automatic Firearms, three explosive devices, shotguns, interior ministry says
Fatma Lotfi
February 5, 2019
Six militants killed in shoot-out with security forces
Supreme State Security Prosecution conducts investigations
Daily News Egypt
January 12, 2019
40 alleged militants killed in Giza, North Sinai: Egypt’s MOI
Raid carried out Saturday targeting terrorists planning to launch hostile attacks during Christmas celebrations
Daily News Egypt
December 29, 2018
14 alleged militants killed in Arish: interior ministry
Fighters were planning to target police, army personnel, says ministry
Daily News Egypt
December 23, 2018
Eight alleged militants killed, 4 arrested in Giza, Cairo: interior ministry
Militants were planning to commit “acts of terror” coinciding with Coptic holidays, says ministry
Daily News Egypt
December 20, 2018
11 alleged militants killed in fire exchange near El-Farafra oasis
‘terrorists hiding in a mountainous area, planning to carry out hostile attacks against state’ says ministry
Fatma Lotfi
October 25, 2018
450 militants killed in Sinai operations: army spokesperson 
El-Rafie said operation maybe extended 
Daily News Egypt
October 17, 2018
Nine alleged militants killed in a fire exchange in Assiut
Automatic firearms, explosive devices, documents were confiscated, says ministry 
Fatma Lotfi
October 15, 2018
Officers-turned-militants: a history of radical changes
Facilitations offered by state for Islamists in Egypt since 1971 helped to shape a more radical trend among Islamists, who thought Brotherhood was more reformist, rather than revolutionary
Adham Youssef
October 14, 2018

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