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Ministry of Endowments bans Roushdy, Abdel Galil from preaching
Cairo hosts 30th Islamic Affairs conference on ‘state building in Islam’
Extremist groups are based only on ruins of states, says Endowment Minister 
Daily News Egypt
September 15, 2019
Ministry of Endowments bans Salafi cleric from preaching
Mohamed Said Raslan one of prominent Salafist preacher in Monufia
Adham Youssef
September 22, 2018
Ministries of Antiquities, Endowments restore Anji Hanem Mosque 
The renovation is funded by a donor who is only responsible for financing the process until the ramshackled building is fully restored 
Daily News Egypt
August 1, 2017
Ministry of Endowments bans Roushdy, Abdel Galil from preaching
The ministry called upon “national media outlets” to not to discuss such sensitive issues
Mohammed El-Said
May 15, 2017
Alexandria’s Endowments Ministry kickstarts missionary caravans for societal peace
19 missionary caravans will be traversing Alexandria to warn against the dangers of shaking society’s peace
Leena ElDeeb
October 31, 2016
Al-Azhar rejects unified written Friday sermon
Ministry of Religious Endowments imposed the decision to allegedly “regulate religious discourse”
Daily News Egypt
July 27, 2016
Top clerics reject Ministry of Endowment’s unified sermon decision
In the second week of the newly adopted directive, Friday’s sermon addressed chastity and purity
Sarah El-Sheikh
July 23, 2016
Ministry of Religious Endowments tightens control over mosques
Latest step includes taking over three mosques proven to be run by “fundamentalist groups”
Adham Youssef
August 9, 2015
Upcoming unified Friday sermon to discuss ‘importance of Suez Canal’
Ministry of Religious Endowments published weekly guidelines for preachers to follow, vowing to punish those who do not conform
Adham Youssef
August 5, 2015
Religious Endowments minister vows to ‘renew religious discourse’
Initiative comes after Al-Sisi’s speech to “revolutionise” Islamic teachings, sparking some critical reactions
Adham Youssef
January 11, 2015
Egyptian court sentences man to 3 years in prison following declaration of atheism
Father of defendant supports court case against son for insulting religion
Emir Nader
January 11, 2015
Endowments ministry vows to discipline North Sinai Imams hiding tunnels
Ministry warns against the use of mosques for incitement
Daily News Egypt
November 2, 2014
Al-Sisi stresses importance of informed religious speech
Ministry of Endowments reviews plan to renovate 732 mosques across Egypt
Daily News Egypt
October 29, 2014
Inciting against armed forces, police is betrayal: Endowment ministry
Ministry will stand up against extremist ideologies, says endowment minister
Menna Zaki
October 20, 2014
ISIS must be ‘uprooted’: Endowments ministry
Egyptian ministry says rise of ISIS is phenomenon worthy of study
Daily News Egypt
September 7, 2014
Government body to implement new strategy to protect women against violence
The new tripartite strategy involves prevention, protection and intervention, and will include raising awareness, and the rehabilitation of those perpetrating violence as well as their victims.
Aya Nader
July 7, 2014
EIPR criticises restricting religious freedom of expression
Government does not protect rights and freedoms, says researcher
Aya Nader
June 15, 2014
Ministry of Endowment to unify Friday prayer speeches in all Egyptian mosques
The Ministry of Endowment is to release weekly topics for Friday prayers to be discussed in all Egyptian mosques
Daily News Egypt
January 27, 2014
Azhar movements demand independence from endowment ministry
Sheikh Mohamed Elewa, a member from the National Front for the Defence of Al-Azhar lamented what he described as unprecedented attacks on Al-Azhar “from people whose hands are stained with blood.”
Daily News Egypt
June 24, 2013
Mazhar Shahin to return to post
Disciplinary Court orders the return of Mazhar Shahin to his position as Imam of Omar Makram Mosque
Basil El-Dabh
April 29, 2013
Pope Tawadros: Copts face civil and religious problems
Coptic pope expresses frustration in the face of growing sectarianism
Basil El-Dabh
April 27, 2013
Evangelical Church conflict with Ministry of Endowments resolved
Reconciliation after Ministry issues disclaimer banning directorates from dealing with Evangelical Church without prior permission
Rana Muhammad Taha
April 16, 2013
Preachers’ Syndicate calls for action against mosque attacks
The Syndicate held a press conference on Monday condemning violence against places of worship and imams
Basil El-Dabh
March 25, 2013
Egypt imams get their own union
By AFP CAIRO: Egypt’s ministry of endowments has approved a request by imams preaching in mosques to form their own union, state media reported on Thursday. Endowments Minister Abdallah Al-Husseini agreed to the measure after weeks of protests by imams who have been demanding job reforms including better pay and more resources, the state-owned daily …
June 16, 2011
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