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Hamas asserts its non-intervention in Egypt’s internal affairs, denies Mubarak’s testimony
In Cartoon: Egypt’s debt burden
Egypt scolds Turkey’s Erdogan over sponsoring terrorism in the region
Erdogan made his remarks while addressing the UN General Assembly, to which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded, “Egypt and its people have only the highest respect for the Turkish people, however, Erdogan’s continuous statements on the circumstances of Morsi’s death are ‘baseless’.”
Taha Sakr
September 26, 2019
Egypt’s SIS lambastes HWR’s comments over Morsi’s death
“Tweets contained nothing but false claims that reaffirm HRW’s tradition of ‘circulating lies,’” says SIS
Fatma Lotfi
June 18, 2019
Former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi dies during trial on Monday
The judge allowed Morsi to speak upon his request, and after the session ended, Morsi fainted and died, the state television clarified. However, the cause of death was not immediately disclosed
Daily News Egypt
June 17, 2019
Hamas asserts its non-intervention in Egypt’s internal affairs, denies Mubarak’s testimony
Past ruler was testifying in ‘Prison Break’ case where onetime President Mohamed Morsi is standing trial
Adham Youssef
December 30, 2018
Mubarak testifies against Morsi in ‘Prison Break’ case
Rare appearance of Mubarak is first since he was acquitted from charges of ordering to kill protesters
Adham Youssef
December 26, 2018
Prosecution refers 28 to court over alleged incitement campaigns
Defendants accused of administering campaigns calling for protests, ‘fall of the regime’
Adham Youssef
June 11, 2018
Appeal to change judge in ‘Hamas espionage’ case postpones trial
Morsi, Brotherhood leaders were previously granted a retrial in the case, with the annulled verdicts ranging from death to prison sentences
Daily News Egypt
October 17, 2017
Verdict of Morsi, 24 others adjourned to 30 December in ‘insulting judiciary’ case
The case includes several media and political figures, including Amr Hamzawy and Alaa Abdel Fattah
Daily News Egypt
September 30, 2017
Morsi’s prison sentence reduced to 25 years in ‘Qatar espionage’ case
The former president was previously sentenced to a total prison sentence of 40 years
Daily News Egypt
September 16, 2017
Egyptian court postpones Morsi trial in “prison break” case to 14 August
Cairo Criminal court postponed on Sunday the re-trial of former president Mohammed Morsi and 27 others, in the case related to mass jail breaks back in 2011, to 14 August, to listen to witnesses, state-media reported. In November 2016, the Cairo Court of Appeals had revoked Morsi’s death sentence in the case, ordering a re-trial. …
Daily News Egypt
July 30, 2017
Court postpones retrial of Morsi, MB leaders to 17 May
A retrial is taking place after the appeals of the defendants were accepted 
Daily News Egypt
May 8, 2017
Morsi’s “insulting judiciary” case verdict to be declared on 30 September 
The former president and 24 others in the case will remain imprisoned until the sentence is issued
Farah Bahgat
May 7, 2017
Former presidential candidate Abu Ismail sentenced to 5 years in prison
Charges include using power and violence against prosecution members, says state-run newspaper 
Adham Youssef
January 29, 2017
Morsi to hear new verdict in Hamas espionage case on 22 November
The former president was previously sentenced to life in prison but appealed the decision
Daily News Egypt
October 26, 2016
TV presenter apologises for referring to former president Morsi as ‘Mr President’
Mona Shokr has been suspended for deviating from the prepared script for the news bulletin
Sarah El-Sheikh
October 24, 2016
Top Brotherhood leaders granted retrial, Morsi’s 20-year sentence upheld
The Appeals Court granted on Saturday the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, along with 13 other high- and low-ranking leaders, a retrial in what is known as the “Istiqamah Mosque” case. The court ordered that the cases be looked at by another bench, citing flaws in the investigations. In June 2013, controversial Judge Nagy …
Adham Youssef
October 22, 2016
Court adjourns Morsi trial in Itihadiya Palace case to 22 October
Morsi was previously sentenced to death in the jailbreak case that occurred during the 25 January Revolution
Toqa Ezzidin
October 9, 2016
Qatari newspapers Al-Sharq, Al-Arab offices close in Cairo
Arab Media Monitor expresses its rejection and censure against the Egyptian authorities’ decision to close both offices
Sarah El-Sheikh
September 21, 2016
Assets of Morsi, 100+ Muslim Brotherhood figures frozen
Al-Ahram published a list of nearly 139 names whose assets were frozen on Monday
Amira El-Fekki
August 15, 2016
Photojournalist Shawkan’s case adjourned to 6 September
Muslim Brotherhood leaders and co-defendants in case demand investigations into torture claims
Amira El-Fekki
August 9, 2016
Former Morsi supporter launches campaign to extend Al-Sisi’s rule
Several political parties and experts consider the campaign “meaningless”, “unconstitutional”    
Taha Sakr
August 8, 2016
Court postpones verdict on Al-Zind’s dismissal to 3 September
The lawsuit filed against the dismissal decision claims that it is unconstitutional
Daily News Egypt
August 1, 2016
Trial of 25 public figures over ‘insulting judiciary’ adjourned to 22 September
The case includes prominent figures, including lawyers, former MPs, journalists, and activists
Daily News Egypt
July 2, 2016
In Cartoon: Egypt’s debt burden
Amr Eissa
July 2, 2016
Current Brotherhood leadership unable, unwilling to make theoretical revisions: El-Sherif
Daily News Egypt met with Ashraf El-Sherif, a professor of political science at the American University in Cairo and an expert on political Islam, to understand the mechanisms of these divisions and how they have been translated in the current actions and rhetoric of different Islamist factions
Adham Youssef
June 30, 2016
30 June and onwards: how Al-Sisi lured in supporters
An emotional population in need of a leader­. But will this be enough for continuity?
Amira El-Fekki
June 30, 2016
Helwan deputy head of student union reportedly resigns amid university threats
Helwan SU turned down a previous invitation for a presidential event, criticised his policies towards students
Daily News Egypt
June 21, 2016
Court sentences Badie to life on charges of violence
Another 20 defendants received 10 years, while eight more were given 15 years, and 20 were given three years.
Adham Youssef
May 30, 2016
After opening ‘Un Certain Regard’ at Cannes, ‘Eshtebak’ receives international standing ovation
Eshtebak [Clash] opened ‘Un Certain Regard’, a section of the festival’s official selection, at this year’s prestigious Cannes Film Festival
Nada Deyaa’
May 14, 2016
Death penalties against journalists ‘unjust, shocking, and outrageous’: CPJ
Journalists at Al-Jazeera and other pro-Islamists media were sentenced in Qatar espionage case
Daily News Egypt
May 12, 2016

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