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Kuwait hands over 3 wanted Muslim Brotherhood members to Interpol
We have nothing to do with Muslim Brotherhood companies: Tatweer Misr
Egyptian drama and political conflicts
Egypt’s Court of Cassation upholds death penalty to 3 Muslim Brotherhood leaders
Court reduced death penalty on 31 others in same case to life imprisonment, rejected appeals made by others
Sarah El-Sheikh
June 14, 2021
Egyptian investigation reveals Muslim Brotherhood plot in Gulf region: Report
According to the investigation, “The Muslim Brotherhood transferred money to Iran recently,” Al Arabiya added, “More Brotherhood members are expected to be arrested after the investigation.”
Daily News Egypt
December 15, 2020
US Senator Ted Cruz to reintroduce bill designating Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organisation
Cruz sponsored legislation in 2017 and in 2019 that would require the White House to decide whether Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned in Egypt, fits criteria for terrorist designation.
Daily News Egypt
December 5, 2020
Kuwait hands over 3 wanted Muslim Brotherhood members to Interpol
A senior Kuwaiti security source told Saudi satellite channel, Al Arabiya, that the three men belong to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group. The three are said to have recently launched an intense social media campaign inciting chaos and demonstration against the Egyptian government.
Bassant Mohammed
October 12, 2020
6 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested over spreading rumors 
Suspects are accused of circulating false information about Egypt’s internal situation, says Interior Ministry
Daily News Egypt
July 23, 2020
Court upholds life imprisonment for Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide
The case dates back to 2013, when the defendants broke into a police station, seized weapons and killed two policemen in the Upper Egypt governorate of Minya, state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported. They also set fire to police cars and documents, alongside helping 31 Islamists break free from prison.
Daily News Egypt
July 14, 2020
Kuwait hands over a member of outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt
Al Rai quoted Kuwaiti security source as saying that the investigations had suggested that the suspect has a first degree relative, who is facing charges of violence, including burning churches in Egypt.
Bassant Mohammed
December 16, 2019
Education Ministry dismisses 1,070 teachers over affiliation to outlawed Muslim Brotherhood
During a press conference held on Monday to discuss the problems of teachers in Egypt, the minister explained that there will be a general framework to choose teachers based on efficiency.
Daily News Egypt
October 9, 2019
Another life sentence for Badie, other top Muslim Brotherhood leaders
Eleven defendants including top figures from the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group received life sentences on Wednesday in the case dubbed as “espionage with Hamas”. Among the defendants are senior Brotherhood members Mohamed El-Beltagy, Essam El-Erian, and Mohamed Badie, who were accused of espionage with the Gaza-based militant group. Ten defendants were handed 10 years imprisonment, …
Daily News Egypt
September 12, 2019
MB leaders charged with ‘storming prisons’ in 2011 Revolution, handed life sentences
Court has decided to drop all charges against former president Morsi who died on 17 July
Adham Youssef
September 7, 2019
Perpetrator of NCI blast identified, security kills 15 collaborators in shootout
The criminal record of Abdel Rahman, 24, was attached to the Interior Ministry’s statement showing that he had been one of the wanted fugitives sought by the Egyptian police in a 2018 terrorist case, dubbed Hasm Vanguard.
Taha Sakr
August 9, 2019
Prosecution orders detention of eight MB members deported from Kuwait
Also on Monday, Sadek referred 11 defendants to an urgent trial on charges of espionage for the Islamic State extremist group
Daily News Egypt
August 6, 2019
Kuwait pledges to continue security cooperation with Egypt
Kuwaiti media reported 300 Egyptians reportedly belong to Muslim Brotherhood fled Gulf state
Daily News Egypt
July 15, 2019
Kuwait extradites 8 terrorism-charged Muslim Brotherhood members to Egypt
This is considered the third handover conducted by the Kuwaiti authorities over wanted Egyptians.
Daily News Egypt
July 14, 2019
Kuwait detains 8 Egyptian nationals over terrorism charges
In March, Malaysian authorities deported 4 Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members
Daily News Egypt
July 13, 2019
Mayor of Istanbul should hand over Muslim Brotherhood members in his city to Egypt, says Egyptian MP
Through a statement from the MP’s office, Zain asked İmamoğlu to face members of the outlawed Brotherhood group, who are based in the city, and suspend all their activities, in addition to blocking all media channels they use to attack Egypt.
Daily News Egypt
July 3, 2019
Egypt commemorates June 30 uprising’s 6th anniversary
Madbouly says that uprising was “course correction”
Daily News Egypt
July 1, 2019
Detention renewed for defendants in ‘Plan of Hope’ case
According to statement of MoI, scheme included allocating 19 economic entities worth EGP 250m to spend on plot
Daily News Egypt
June 27, 2019
Former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi dies during trial on Monday
The judge allowed Morsi to speak upon his request, and after the session ended, Morsi fainted and died, the state television clarified. However, the cause of death was not immediately disclosed
Daily News Egypt
June 17, 2019
Alexandria criminal court sentences five defendants to life in prison
Other 39 defendants were sentenced 15 years in jail on accusation of joining Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group
Daily News Egypt
May 12, 2019
Has Sudanese revolution overthrown Muslim Brotherhood rule?
The 18 December revolution in Sudan promises new realities in the African country, where it overthrew the dictator Omar Al-Bashir and a long period of repression which began with the Muslim Brotherhood coup in 1989. Al-Bashir’s 30-year kleptocracy has been marked by famine, civil war, and the detention of thousands and torture in the so …
Khaled Mahmoud
May 8, 2019
Presidential advisory council unanimously prioritises reforming education: El-Nokrashy
Council’s recommendations have been introduced in developing education
Tamer Farhat
April 16, 2019
Cassation Court reduces prisons sentences of defendants in ‘Beni Suef violence’ case
Total of 93 defendants involved in case including Mohamed Badie
Daily News Egypt
December 24, 2018
Op-ed review: More support to president, more slamming of opposition
In state-owned newspaper Al-Akhbar, Elham Abu El-Fateh seconded Al-Sisi’s rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood, writing that Egyptians won’t forget, and will not let them back in the scene, after they learnt the lesson the hard way, and found out under their rule what treason meant.
Amira El-Fekki
October 15, 2018
No future role for Muslim Brotherhood during my presidency: Al-Sisi
In December 2013, Egypt’s government designated Brotherhood as terrorist group
Mohammed El-Said
October 13, 2018
Criminal Court amends charges of Badie, 12 others in ‘Guidance Bureau’ case
Bench to grant defence to present its arguments again following change in charges
Adham Youssef
September 30, 2018
We have nothing to do with Muslim Brotherhood companies: Tatweer Misr
Tatweer Misr for Touristic Investments and Land Reclamation Company said that it has nothing to do with Tatweer Masr Real Estate Company whose funds are seized by the Inventory, Seizure and Management Committee of Muslim Brotherhood Funds.
Abdel Razek Al-Shuwekhi
September 12, 2018
Op-ed review: Mohamed Salah, his agent, Muslim Brotherhood
Writers defend player’s right to professional dealing, but warn of crisis politicisation
Amira El-Fekki
August 29, 2018
Army did not conspire against Muslim Brotherhood’s regime: Al-Sisi
Second day of conference focused on comprehensive new health insurance system, ‘Ask the President’ initiative
Sarah El-Sheikh
July 29, 2018
Court sentences 190 members of ‘Sohag cell’ to prison
Penalties varied from three years to life sentences
Fatma Lotfi
April 4, 2018

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