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Egyptian Parliament condemns Israeli violence in Jerusalem
MPs call for ex-Parliament Speaker Abdel Aal to face penalties due to absence
Christo’s floating piers closed
1Parliament summons Minister of Education over controversial school curriculum
Parliament summons Minister of Education over controversial school curriculum
New components of 4th Grade curriculum shows Education Ministry’s ignorance of educational situation in Egypt, says MP
Sarah El-Sheikh
November 28, 2021
Parliament agrees to toughen penalty for disclosing state security secrets
New draft law aims to ensure safety, security of people, says MP Ibrahim Al-Hunaidi
Daily News Egypt
November 2, 2021
Egypt’s Al-Sisi, S. Korea parliament speaker discuss bilateral relation, regional affairs
Both sides exchange views on developments in regional, international issues
Daily News Egypt
October 10, 2021
Libya’s parliament withdraws confidence from government
The Libyan parliament announced, on Tuesday, the withdrawal of confidence from the national unity government led by Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba. This comes half a year after it assumed power and three months before the end of its duties and the holding of general elections in the country, in a step that may further complicate the …
Sami Hegazi
September 23, 2021
Women are key pillar to achieve sustainable development in Egypt: Parliament Speaker
El-Gebali asserts Egypt’s keenness to achieve real empowerment of women
Daily News Egypt
September 8, 2021
Egypt’s Parliament discusses abolishing imprisonment for female debtors
During Mother’s Day celebrations, President Al-Sisi calls for women debtors issue to be addressed
Sarah El-Sheikh
May 10, 2021
Egyptian Parliament condemns Israeli violence in Jerusalem
Israeli police attack Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem late on Saturday, dozens injured
Shaimaa Raafat
May 9, 2021
Parliament’s budget committee, food chains to meet for VAT amendment discussions
Finance Ministry suggests higher VAT of 14%, up from 5%, on snacks, sweets, soaps, detergents, raising industry-wide concerns of drop in demand due to sizable hike
Daily News Egypt
March 30, 2021
Egypt’s Parliament preliminarily approves draft law toughening FGM penalties
New law stipulates that medical institution where FGM takes place will be closed for 5 years
Daily News Egypt
March 25, 2021
Parliament rejects UN ‘baseless’ critical comments on Egypt’s human rights record
Egypt’s Foreign Ministry expresses ‘great surprise and disapproval’ of UN statement signed by 31 countries
Daily News Egypt
March 15, 2021
5 ministers to attend Parliament plenary sessions on Sunday
Special committees to discuss number of briefing requests, international agreements and draft laws in presence of ministers
Sarah El-Sheikh
March 13, 2021
MPs call for ex-Parliament Speaker Abdel Aal to face penalties due to absence
MP Mostafa Bakry described Abdel Aal’s absence as psychological issue due to change in parliamentary role
Daily News Egypt
February 16, 2021
Egypt’s Prime Minister, Parliament review construction requirements
Universities to prepare facade designs for new buildings in various governorates
Daily News Egypt
February 15, 2021
EGP 260m allocated to improve social protections: Egyptian Finance Minister
Egypt ranks first in indebtedness reduction index, says Mohamed Maait
Sarah El-Sheikh
February 1, 2021
Parliament continues review of government performance
President Al-Sisi directs for coordination with specialised companies for local production of railway rods
Daily News Egypt
February 1, 2021
Parliament summons 10 ministers to review government performance
During past week, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Water Resources, and Agriculture addressed parliament on their work
Sarah El-Sheikh
January 27, 2021
Parliament initially approves draft law for Umrah portal
Platform will contribute to reducing prices of Umrah trips
Nehal Samir
January 25, 2021
Egypt’s parliament selects its general committee members
General Committee commenced its first meetings on Sunday
Sarah El-Sheikh
January 17, 2021
Parliament initially approves amendments to law honouring terrorism victims
The Egyptian Parliament’s social solidarity and family committee gave its initial approval, on Saturday, of draft amendments to a law honouring victims, missing people, and those wounded in war, terrorist, and security operations. The amendments also cover their families. The committee approved amending Clause 5 of Article 6, which stipulates the provision of free registration …
Daily News Egypt
January 17, 2021
Ahmed Manna appointed Secretary-General of Egyptian parliament
Thursday’s session also see election of heads, deputies of each special committee in parliament
Sarah El-Sheikh
January 14, 2021
UPDATE: Newly elected parliament members swear constitutional oath
New House Speaker Hanafi Jabali asserts need for solidarity, cooperation to achieve public interest
Daily News Egypt
January 12, 2021
Egypt’s new House of Representatives – All you need to know
New parliament to hold opening procedural session on Tuesday to elect speaker, with Ali Abdel-Aal poised for another term
Sarah El-Sheikh
January 11, 2021
Egypt’s newly appointed MPs to receive membership cards on Sunday
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has asked new House of Representatives to start first session on Tuesday
Sarah El-Sheikh
January 9, 2021
President Al-Sisi concludes 6th session of Egyptian parliament
On 16 December, Egyptian Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal concluded the session, which witnessed the discussion of a number of international agreements
Bassant Mohammed
December 28, 2020
Newly elected MPs under individual system to receive membership cards this week
MPs elected under party list system received their membership cards last week
Daily News Egypt
December 26, 2020
Egypt’s 2021 parliament witnesses political diversity, higher women’s representation
Free Egyptians Party fails to have any seats in recent elections, although it was most-represented party in 2015 parliament
Sarah El-Sheikh
December 19, 2020
EU parliament adopts resolution on human rights in Egypt, Egyptian Parliament denounces decision
Egyptian Parliament called on EU parliament “not to appoint itself as the custodian of Egypt, and to refrain from politicising human rights issues.”
Daily News Egypt
December 18, 2020
Parliament approves amendments to law establishing medical emergency fund
House of Representatives gives Prime Minister authority to change fund’s headquarters from Cairo
Daily News Egypt
November 30, 2020
Changing image of Upper Egypt’s women is my top priority: Youngest female MP
Becoming MP was coincidental, as I reached eligible age for candidacy only 10 days before closing door for nomination, says Fatmah Selim
Sarah El-Sheikh
November 25, 2020
Egypt’s parliament run-offs start in 13 governorates
Total of 220 candidates will be competing for 110 seats in House of Representatives
Daily News Egypt
November 23, 2020

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