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Egypt prosecution affirms no intention to charge police with Italy’s Regeni murder
Egypt prosecution affirms no intention to charge police with Italy’s Regeni murder
Tourist hunting Pokemon in army base
Egypt prosecution affirms no intention to charge police with Italy’s Regeni murder
Italian student reportedly researched independent labour unions in Egypt, says prosecution
Adham Youssef
December 30, 2020
Opinion| Biden Supports Police Violence against American Students
Reform of public education and the elimination of systemic racism in the US are among the most important issues that [Democrat President-elect Joe] Biden focused on in his election campaign.
Marwa El- Shinawy
December 29, 2020
2 terrorists killed in shootout with police in Qaliubiya
Information received by National Security indicated that terrorists were from Takfiri cell
Daily News Egypt
September 28, 2020
4 police officers detained over death of young man at police station
Prosecution findings revealed that deceased was assaulted and beaten by police officer
Adham Youssef
September 13, 2020
Ex-Brotherhood leader sent to life imprisonment for inciting against police
The sentence was handed down during the retrial of Badie and 73 other defendants, on charges of inciting violence outside the Al-Arab Police Station in Port Said governorate. The event, which took place in August 2013, was dubbed in the media as the “Arab Police Station Case”.
Daily News Egypt
September 12, 2020
Egypt Interior Ministry denies Munib resident’s murder at hands of police
Scuffle occurred between two parties due to financial disputes, ministry says in statement
Daily News Egypt
September 8, 2020
Al-Amireya residents praise police for neighbourhood’s terrorist hideout raid
Security forces were keen to maintain citizen safety, says resident
Daily News Egypt
April 15, 2020
London police kill a man after several stabbed in ‘terror incident’
London was the scene of a similar terrorist attack in November 2019, when a radicalized man was shot dead by the police after he killed two people near London Bridge.
Daily News Egypt
February 2, 2020
Egypt’s achievements will be starting point for building modern state: Al-Sisi
Al-Sisi added, during his speech on Thursday, in the celebration of the 68th Police Day, “The Police Day is not only for the policemen, but rather it is a holiday for all Egyptians,” adding that the achievements made in Egypt will be a starting point for building the modern state.
Daily News Egypt
January 23, 2020
At protests, police absolutely did not shoot, says head of Tehran police
Hezbollah warns of retaliation against US troops in region 
Daily News Egypt
January 13, 2020
Riyadh apprehends man who stabbed theatre performers  
Suspect attacked two men, a woman on stage 
Fatma Lotfi
November 13, 2019
Eleven suspect militants killed in fire exchange in Al-Arish
Explosive devices, machine guns, explosive belt were confiscated, says Interior Ministry
Fatma Lotfi
August 22, 2019
Russia detains more than 1,000 people in opposition crackdown
The detentions came around a protest to demand that opposition members be allowed to run in a local election. Authorities had declared it illegal and sought to block participation, but thousands of people turned up anyway in one of the longest and most determined protests of recent times.
Daily News Egypt
July 29, 2019
Hong Kong police fired tear gas to disperse protests
The use of force to occupy the legislative council prompted police to fire tear gas to disperse the protesters.
Daily News Egypt
July 4, 2019
Twelve alleged militants killed in shootout with police
Raid comes hours after IED explosion near tourist bus in Giza
Daily News Egypt
May 20, 2019
Egyptian police kill two criminal suspects in Qena shootout
Security forces killed on Tuesday two “extremely dangerous” criminal suspects in a shootout in Qena in Upper Egypt, Egypt’s Interior Ministry said on Tuesday. Police received information that a suspect accused of murder and drug-related charges was hiding along with four others in the Hosaynat village in the governorate of Qena, according to ministry’s statement. …
Daily News Egypt
May 8, 2019
Police forces foil militant attack in South Sinai’s Ayon Moussa
Two militants killed in action; IS Sinai Province claims attack
Adham Youssef
April 13, 2019
Police kills 11 militants in Arish
The Egyptian police killed 11 militants in a terrorist hideout in Al-Arish, according to the ministry of interior. This came after the ministry had received information from the National Security Agency on the presence of a number of militants in one of the buildings located in Abouita in Arish, who were preparing to implement a …
Daily News Egypt
April 11, 2019
Three killed in Netherlands shooting, police identify attacker
Initial investigation reveals possible terrorist motive, police say
Daily News Egypt
March 18, 2019
Five MB militants killed in shootout with police: Interior Ministry
Army says 59 militants killed in recent operations
Daily News Egypt
January 22, 2019
Two people killed in Sudan, police deny using violence
Police did not use live bullets at any location, says Sudanese police spokesperson
Daily News Egypt
January 19, 2019
Police arrests illegal vendors, beggars around Giza Pyramids
Arrests came days after government signed a contract with Orascom to operate facilities around Pyramids
Daily News Egypt
December 17, 2018
Another two involved in Minya attack killed: police
Legal proceedings started, Supreme State Security Prosecution investigating incident
Daily News Egypt
December 9, 2018
Criminal Court renews detention of 13 defendants in ‘Al-Wahat shootout’ case
Defendants caught during campaign in shootout area by security forces late October 2017
Sarah El-Sheikh
September 30, 2018
Police control minor protest calling for reinvestigating of murder case
Sources from forces say over 30 individuals arrested over attempts to block roads
Daily News Egypt
August 29, 2018
Police kill six alleged militants in an exchange of fire
Suspects planned to target Christian worshiping places
Daily News Egypt
August 13, 2018
Police announce killing of 11 alleged militants in Arish
Sinai operation represents commitment to human rights, opposing critical reports about conditions of civilians in peninsula, says State Information Service
Adham Youssef
July 11, 2018
Two officers stand trial over charges of detainee murder
Defence pushes for presence of flaws in forensic report, trial postponed to 11 August
Adham Youssef
July 9, 2018
Prosecution accuses top police officer of torture
Four police officers being detained for four days pending investigations
Adham Youssef
June 27, 2018
Police announces killing of four alleged militants in Al-Arish
Identities, charges, affiliations of deceased men unknown
Adham Youssef
June 11, 2018

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