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Egypt’s Press Syndicate postpones mid-term elections to 2 April amid COVID-19 concerns
Daily News Egypt and Al Borsa denounce continuation of arbitrary measures against them and blocking of their websites
In Pictures: Riot police prevents journalists from entering street leading to Press Syndicate
Egypt Press Syndicate condemns Health Ministry’s alleged media obstruction
Video showed ministry spokesperson Khaled Mogahed snatching phones from reporters in Qena
Daily News Egypt
April 15, 2021
Diaa Rashwan re-elected as Press Syndicate Head for new term
The current Head of Egypt’s Press Syndicate, Diaa Rashwan, has won the seat for a second term after obtaining 1,965 of the votes. Rashwan’s win compares to the 1,506 votes cast for his nearest rival, Refaat Rashad. His win came during midterm elections that were held amid strict precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. …
Daily News Egypt
April 3, 2021
Press Syndicate to hold mid-term election at Teachers Association
Vote counting to take place in front of candidates and delegates, all procedures visible to General Assembly members, says Khaled Mery
Sarah El-Sheikh
March 23, 2021
Egypt’s Press Syndicate postpones mid-term elections to 2 April amid COVID-19 concerns
Government, State Council reject syndicate’s proposal to hold elections outside headquarters
Sarah El-Sheikh
March 17, 2021
Diaa Rashwan rejects ‘pro-state candidate’ label in Press Syndicate elections
‘We all are people of state, but we are not children of government,’ says Rashwan
Sarah El-Sheikh
March 16, 2021
Egypt’s Press Syndicate receives journalist nominations for midterm elections
Committee to receive nomination papers for five days until 22 February
Daily News Egypt
February 20, 2021
DNE’s Doaa A. Moneim shortlisted for Economic Journalism Award
Daily News Egypt journalist was shortlisted for her investigative article, “Suspended progress, Billions of Ounces of Gold Await to Be Officially Tapped”.
Daily News Egypt
December 23, 2020
Female journalists demand stricter anti-harassment stance from Egypt Press Syndicate
Syndicate’s board to decide on memorandum submitted by several female Egyptian journalists during Thursday meeting demanding safe work environment
Sarah El-Sheikh
September 8, 2020
Al Borsa journalist awarded Economic Journalism Award by Press Syndicate
Farag presented with Samir Abdel Qader Award for reporting on energy sector
Daily News Egypt
July 27, 2020
Egypt’s Press Syndicate shuts down for 2 weeks amid coronavirus outbreak
Press Syndicate President Diaa Rashwan said in a Monday statement that the decision aims to protect Egyptian journalists and their families. 
Daily News Egypt
March 25, 2020
Diaa Rashwan discuss upgrading of press institution with Prime Minister, Finance Minister
The development plan of national institution focuses on the digitisation of the news service at press institutions, says Gabr
Daily News Egypt
January 29, 2020
Press Syndicate supports Al-Tahrir’s protesting journalists: Rashwan
Journalists are on hunger strike for two days until their demands are fulfilled
Sarah El-Sheikh
September 30, 2019
Press Syndicate files lawsuit against SMC sanction list
Diaa Rashwan demanded suspension of media list and its cancellation
Daily News Egypt
May 15, 2019
Press Syndicate condemns storming of Sada El-Balad
Film producer Ahmed El-Sobki released on bail of EGP 1,000 after being accused of storming the news website
Daily News Egypt
May 8, 2019
Press Syndicate to give its opinion on SMC’s sanctions list soon: Rashwan
SMC published sanctions list to face media violations, irregularities
Daily News Egypt
March 20, 2019
Op-ed review: Christchurch attacks, Press Syndicate’s election
Four Egyptians killed, 11 injured in New Zealand attacks
Fatma Lotfi
March 17, 2019
Diaa Rashwan elected as head of Egypt’s Press Syndicate
Renowned journalist Diaa Rashwan won the presidency of Egypt’s Press Syndicate in the mid-term election held on Friday, according to a committee supervising the election, headed by Gamal Abdel Rahim. Rashwan received 2,810 votes while his closest competitor Refaat Rashad, board member of Akhbar Al-Youm, had 1,585 votes. Despite the fact that the number of …
Sarah El-Sheikh
March 16, 2019
Who’s who in Egypt’s Press Syndicate mid-term elections
General assembly election will take place on Friday to choose leader, six members
Sarah El-Sheikh
March 14, 2019
Rashwan prioritises journalists’ unity, persevering professional dignity in Press Syndicate election
Renowned journalist repeatedly stresses on necessity of journalists’ participation in upcoming general assembly on Friday
Sarah El-Sheikh
March 10, 2019
Press Syndicate’s midterm election postponed to 15 March
Quorum of 50% + 1 of all general assembly members is required for the elections to go ahead.
Sarah El-Sheikh
March 2, 2019
Egypt’s Press Syndicate gears up for midterm elections on Friday
Quorum of 50% + 1 of all general assembly members is required for elections to go ahead
Sarah El-Sheikh
February 27, 2019
Press Syndicate’s electoral commission receives no candidacy appeals
11 candidates ran for syndicate’s president, 53 for board membership
Daily News Egypt
February 16, 2019
Press Syndicate starts receiving candidacy papers for upcoming election
Hatem Zakaria to run for syndicate’s presidency
Daily News Egypt
February 10, 2019
Egypt’s head of Press Syndicate announces he will not run for upcoming elections
Salama justified decision as to focus on his duties at Al-Ahram
Daily News Egypt
February 9, 2019
Press Syndicate mid-term election to be held on 1 March
Candidates can start submitting their nominations as of 10 February
Daily News Egypt
February 5, 2019
Press Syndicate to decide on Sunday date of receiving nominations for mid-term election
Syndicate signed protocol with ministry of military production on Saturday to establish Journalists’ Hospital
Daily News Egypt
February 2, 2019
Press syndicate denounce insults directed by MP to journalists 
Syndicate council request parliament to open investigation against Agena
Daily News Egypt
September 18, 2018
Press Syndicate rejects proposal to make membership for media graduates only   
Large number of prominent and intelligent journalists in Egypt not originally mass communication graduates
Daily News Egypt
August 7, 2018
Press Syndicate postpones meeting to discuss amendments of new law
Meeting was postponed upon request of Salama, other members until receiving a draft law after new amendments
Sarah El-Sheikh
July 18, 2018
Press Syndicate demands meeting Abdel Aal to discuss new laws
Syndicate holds urgent meeting to discuss remarks over press, media law 
Sarah El-Sheikh
July 10, 2018

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