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Protests in Tunisia commemorating Arab Spring uprising continue
In Pictures: Students protest exam delays at Press Syndicate
Death toll increases to 5 following Sierra Leone protest
Sierra Leone government advised residents to stay calm and exercise restraints as relocation of one of standby generators will not affect their power supply
July 20, 2020
Anti-racism rallies held worldwide
Australian Finance Minister slams “Black Lives Matter” protesters for violating social distancing rules to curb spread of coronavirus
Daily News Egypt
June 7, 2020
Lebanon forms new government, protests continue
UN chief will work with new PM to achieve reform agenda
Bassant Mohammed
January 22, 2020
Sudanese PM renews confidence in army, amid limited protest
The initial reports indicated that some employees of the national intelligence agency protested because of their dissatisfaction with the dues that were paid to them for retirement.
Bassant Mohammed
January 15, 2020
At protests, police absolutely did not shoot, says head of Tehran police
Hezbollah warns of retaliation against US troops in region 
Daily News Egypt
January 13, 2020
Algeria’s protests continue despite Tebboune’s election
Tebboune announced his readiness to conciliate with the protesters saying that he would “extend his hand to the Hirak (the Algerian protests) for a dialogue to build a new Algeria.”
Bassant Mohammed
December 14, 2019
Two days of violence, protests amid heavy gunfire in Beirut 
Two people were killed when their car crashed into a traffic barrier, Hezbollah blames protesters 
Bassant Mohammed
November 27, 2019
Five Iraqi protesters killed, dozens injured in clashes with security forces
Iraq is working to avoid violence, says Abdul-Mahdi during Pence’s visit 
Bassant Mohammed
November 25, 2019
Rouhani, Khamenei accuse “enemies and foreigners” to be behind Iran protests
Iranian government claims situation has settled down, while more casualties and arrests are reported
Sarah El-Sheikh
November 22, 2019
Lebanese parliament postpones its session after protesters block lawmakers’ entry to parliament
During the blockage, protesters clashed with the Lebanese security forces.
Bassant Mohammed
November 20, 2019
Iranian authorities warn protesters of violence, with about 100 arrested
The country’s top three authorities made their decision based on careful studies and therefore must be implemented, says Khamenei
Sarah El-Sheikh
November 18, 2019
A party official killed in Lebanon’s new protest wave
“If people aren’t satisfied with any of these decent leaders let them immigrate,” says Aoun
Bassant Mohammed
November 15, 2019
Lebanese students’ protest inspires FedSLEB to go on strike from Tuesday
The FedSLEB’s calls came amid the 26th day of ongoing anti-government protests which have been pervading the country since 17 October.
Bassant Mohammed
November 12, 2019
At least seven killed and dozens injured in latest Iraqi protests defying the PM’s calls
The medical sources said that four protestors were killed while 34 were wounded, adding that one was killed by live fire, and two by rubber bullets and tear gas, but did not explain the fourth death. 
Bassant Mohammed
November 5, 2019
Iraqi PM calls for halting protests, restoring normalcy
Unrest costs the Iraqi economy billions of dollars, says Abdul Mahdi 
Daily News Egypt
November 4, 2019
Protests continue in Baghdad demanding political, economic reforms
Friday’s protests were the largest since the former regime was toppled in 2003
Daily News Egypt
November 3, 2019
Lebanon’s Hariri adopts new economic reforms package, as protesters call for a general strike 
“Your voice is heard, and if you want early parliamentary election I am with you,” says PM 
Fatma Lotfi
October 21, 2019
100 killed, 4,000 injured in Iraqi anti-government protest, parliament to meet protest leaders
Iraqi public figures call on government to hold an urgent elections
Sarah El-Sheikh
October 6, 2019
Sudan protest leaders call for 1-day of civil disobedience as Ethiopia mediate talks
Alliance says number of its leaders arrested
Fatma Lotfi
July 3, 2019
Sudan protest leaders accused Military Council of trying to disperse their sit-in
One person killed; 10 others wounded according to media reports
Daily News Egypt
June 2, 2019
Angry protests in Tunisia after journalist immolates himself
Zorgi called for revolution over poor living conditions, corruption
Daily News Egypt
December 26, 2018
Palestinians injured in Friday protests hospitalised in Cairo
So far, 140 people killed, more than 13,000 injured during Great March of Return demonstrations in Gaza
Adham Youssef
June 24, 2018
21 members of Ultras White Knights arrested over protest against Mortada Mansour
We reject talks until all jailed members released, UWK says
Fatma Lotfi
April 21, 2018
Parliament speaker warns against organising strikes, protests
Comments came during discussion of National Cement Company where 1,600 workers are on strike
Adham Youssef
March 6, 2018
Protests in Tunisia commemorating Arab Spring uprising continue
Hundreds of protesters gathered in the Tunisian capital Tunis on Sunday to demonstrate against previously announced austerity measures, commemorating, at the same time, the seventh anniversary of the country’s democratic transition of power. State security forces set up blockades in front of entrances to Habib Bourguiba Avenue, where many people in Tunis rallied at the …
Daily News Egypt
January 14, 2018
Hundreds arrested in Tunisia protests
Protests began last week ahead of seven-year Arab Spring anniversary
Daily News Egypt
January 13, 2018
Nubian activists arrested on charges of illegal protesting
Dozens of Nubian activists were arrested Sunday in Aswan after rallying to demand their right to return to their lands. “We were arrested,” was the last update activist Muhammed Azmy posted to his Facebook on Sunday. The rally came amid repeated calls and protests by Nubian activists to demand their historical right to return to …
Daily News Egypt
September 4, 2017
Al-Arish locals stage riot in protest of civilian kidnappings
Residents of the city criticise the performance of security forces, says North Sinai PM
Adham Youssef
April 22, 2017
Police disperse protest in Sohag, arrest 17
Demonstrators protested the formation of a sanitary sewer near their village
Daily News Egypt
March 21, 2017
Administrative Court requires AUC to not receive tuition fees in dollars
In the past two years, the university’s students paid half their fees in Egyptian pounds and the other half in US dollars
Daily News Egypt
March 12, 2017

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