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Main defendant in State Council bribery receives life sentence
State Council reviews draft law to toughen penalty for bullying people with disabilities
MP Mohamed Al-Sallab says many disabled people suffer from bullying in Egypt
Sarah El-Sheikh
October 5, 2021
Egypt’s State Council, Libyan Supreme Judicial Council sign MoU to exchanging expertise
Egypt’s State Council and Libya’s Supreme Judicial Council signed, on Wednesday, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to exchange expertise in jurisprudence, and provide training and qualification programmes. Earlier on Wednesday, Head of the State Council, Mohamed Hossam El-Din, and President of the Supreme Judicial Council in Libya, Mohamed El-Hafi, discussed ways to enhance cooperation between …
Bassant Mohammed
September 22, 2021
Egypt grants women right to hold positions in public prosecution, State Council
State Council approves immediate appointment of several women in Administrative Prosecution, State Lawsuits Authority
Daily News Egypt
March 15, 2021
Parliament approves new banking law, refers for State Council review
Draft law provides for repeal of the Law on the Central Bank and the Banking System issued by Law No. 88 of 2003
Daily News Egypt
May 18, 2020
State Council postpones reviewing challenge to female judge ban
State council is my opponent and judiciary at the same time, says Gadallah
Nehal Samir
November 15, 2017
There is abuse by State Council towards women’s appointments in council: Gadallah
Omnaya Gadallah, who filed a case against the State Council for refusing to enrol women in the State Council, said that there is abuse by the council towards women’s appointments in the council. This came during the conference on the problems of women`s appointment in the judiciary, which was organised by the Nazra Institution for …
Nehal Samir
November 9, 2017
Main defendant in State Council bribery receives life sentence
The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Wednesday State Council purchasing official, Gamal El-Laban, to life in prison in the case known as the “State Council bribery”. The court further sentenced him to pay an EGP 1m fine, and ordered his dismissal from his position and the confiscation of another EGP 1m, state-owned media reported. The police …
Daily News Egypt
September 13, 2017
State Council concludes reviewing Criminal Procedure draft law
The law is scheduled to witness final reviewing and voting in parliament in October
Daily News Egypt
September 11, 2017
Government approves Finance Leasing and Factoring Law, transferring it to State Council
The cabinet headed by Sherif Ismail, the Prime Minister, approved in its meeting on Wednesday the financial leasing and factoring law draft and was sent to the state council, according to Sahar Nasr, the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation. The Minister added that the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) has conducted a comprehensive review …
Nehal Samir
August 23, 2017
Constitutional Court postpones verdict on Red Sea islands agreement conflict to 14 October
The session coincided with the Urgent Matters Court revoke of an appeal to annul the agreement
Daily News Egypt
July 31, 2017
Al-Sisi appoints new State Council head
Appointment comes against general assembly’s wishes, but according to new law
Daily News Egypt
July 20, 2017
Court postpones Khaled Ali trial to 24 July 
The prominent lawyer and rights activist is accused of performing a “blatant act”
Daily News Egypt
July 3, 2017
Latest State Council decision leaves ball in president’s court
The presidency could select one of the seven oldest judges or accept state council selection, says El-Eslamboly
Sarah El-Sheikh
May 14, 2017
State Council defies amendments to Judicial Authority Law
The appointed judge previously ruled in favour of Egyptian sovereignty over Red Sea islands
Daily News Egypt
May 13, 2017
Egypt’s State Council reaffirms rejection of new judicial authority law
”Parliament will discuss council remarks during Wednesday’s general assembly,” says MP
Mohammed El-Said
April 23, 2017
Trial of State Council official accused in “biggest bribery case” postponed to 13 May
The trial was postponed for an additional review of the case documents
Daily News Egypt
April 10, 2017
State Council judges determined to stand up to parliament
Some MPs also voiced rejection of certain amendments to the Judicial Authority Law
Amira El-Fekki
April 4, 2017
Prosecutor General refers former State Council official to criminal trial over bribery charges 
Statement out of the Prosecutor General’s office asserts existence of sexual bribes alongside the financial ones 
Taha Sakr
February 12, 2017
Parliament to have last word over Egyptian-Saudi demarcation deal despite State Council verdict: Abdul Aal
There are disputes among MPs on constitutional articles 151 and 190, which are contradictory of each other 
Sarah El-Sheikh
January 17, 2017
Illicit Gains Authority orders 15-day detention of State Council’s purchasing director in corruption case
Suspect in custody and under investigations of national security
Daily News Egypt
January 10, 2017
Timeline: Detained former State Council official reportedly commits suicide in custody
Daily News Egypt
January 2, 2017
If I can commit suicide, I will: former State Council secretary general told his lawyer
Wael Shalaby, who was found dead on Monday, told his lawyer the night before that he had planned on taking his own life in objection to the way he was arrested
Taha Sakr
January 2, 2017
Detained former State Council secretary general reportedly commits suicide in custody
Wael Shalaby was arrested in December over bribery allegations
Daily News Egypt
January 2, 2017
State Council to review lawsuit filed against cabinet’s approval of demarcation deal on 7 February
It is assumed that the agreement will be sent to the parliament on Sunday
Sarah El-Sheikh
January 1, 2017
State Council accepts secretary general’s resignation amid investigations over bribery charges
The former secretary general was arrested on the back of a recently revealed bribery case in the council, says ACA
Daily News Egypt
January 1, 2017
State Council finalises controversial church construction and Civil Service laws
Council says examination of press and media law will take time as Press Syndicate urges parliament to issue it
Daily News Egypt
August 28, 2016
Worker unions send report to State Council rejecting controversial Civil Service Law
MP Mohamed Fouad denied reports that some MPs have demanded that discussion of the law be reopened
Sarah El-Sheikh
August 1, 2016
State Council rules in favour of setting minimum wage for journalists
The State Council ruled Wednesday in favour of calling on the prime minister and the minister of planning to set a minimum wage for journalists in Egypt. The case was filed three years ago by Mostafa Abido, a journalist at the state-run newspaper Al-Gomhoreyya, and would oblige the government to take administrative action towards setting …
Nadine Awadalla
July 27, 2016
5 companies call for licences to import gas from EGAS
Licensing of two companies to take place over next two months, says El-Mazni
Ahmed Adly
July 21, 2016
State council rules for free treatment of Hepatitis C patients
Public hospitals will no longer be able to refuse treatment to Hepatitis C patients
Nadine Awadalla
July 18, 2016

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