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NCHR members criticise latest Aqrab prison visit
NCHR members criticise latest Aqrab prison visit
Townhouse Gallery closure raises widespread concern
20 NGOs signed a joint statement calling for the reopening of all shutdown cultural places
Daily News Egypt
January 2, 2016
‘Pro-Morsi’ judges’ appeal postponed to 14 December
The judges are accused of signing statement in support of former president Mohamed Morsi
Daily News Egypt
October 19, 2015
Muslim Brotherhood denies statement over policy review
Disputed statement called for separating the outlawed group from its political wing
Daily News Egypt
September 30, 2015
Cabinet details plan to combat terrorism in Sinai
HRW report on violations coincided cabinet’s statement regarding Sinai security operations
Nourhan Fahmy
September 23, 2015
EIPR launches new campaign on social, economic justice in public spending
Absence of budget transparency directly leads to absence of social justice, says NGO
Nourhan Fahmy
September 8, 2015
NCHR members criticise latest Aqrab prison visit
Every member retains the right to voice his/her opinion and stance, and the council respects that, says Hafez Abu Seada
Nourhan Fahmy
September 2, 2015
‘Pro-Morsi’ judges’ appeal postponed
The judges were accused of participating in politics and supporting a certain political faction over the state
Nourhan Fahmy
August 17, 2015
NGOs, NCHR demand revision, participation in drafting anti-terror law
Government promises to take into consideration concerns raised over press freedom
Amira El-Fekki
July 9, 2015
Egypt objects to ‘fallacies, exaggerations’ in US human rights report
We need to take a stand against mass trials, says NCHR member
Mahmoud Mostafa
June 27, 2015
Lawyers strike Saturday, syndicate head seeks escalation against police assaults
Security body only protects itself and bullies lawyers and citizens, says syndicate
Amira El-Fekki
June 6, 2015
Friday protests mark start of ‘revolutionary week’
Anti-coup alliance calls for week of anti-government protests
Daily News Egypt
February 28, 2015
Derna’s Shura Mujahidin Council vows ‘harsh response’
Statement on the airstrikes ensures safety of Egyptian workers
Mahmoud Mostafa
February 16, 2015
Egyptian authorities accused of ‘covering up’ protester deaths: Amnesty
More than two dozen people were killed in protests marking the 2011 uprising, says human rights watchdog
Nourhan Fahmy
February 1, 2015
Ahmed Douma sentenced to 3 years hard labour
Activist and blogger found guilty of being in contempt of the court during “cabinet clashes” trial session
Hend Kortam
December 9, 2014
Brotherhood to remain peaceful, denies statements by unknown individuals
Group asserts commitment to “overthrowing junta”
Daily News Egypt
November 26, 2014
International journalists show solidarity with Egyptian colleagues
Hundreds of Egyptian journalists reject recent pledge by major newspaper editors to support government’s rhetoric
Hend Kortam
November 10, 2014
56 judges suspended over ‘Brotherhood support’
Judges referred to the disciplinary committee for signing pro-Morsi statement
Adham Youssef
November 3, 2014
Gag on media freedom victory for terrorism: Egyptian journalists
Hundreds of Egyptian journalists have signed an online statement released Sunday rejecting a recent agreement between the editors in chief of several major Egyptian newspapers, in which they vowed to support the government’s anti-terrorism rhetoric. The journalists condemned “the repudiation of freedom of opinion and expression” inherent in the agreement between the newspaper editors, calling …
Federico Manfredi
November 2, 2014
Egypt’s Mufti condemns storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque
Foreign ministry issued similar condemnation last week
Daily News Egypt
October 20, 2014
University professors gain government assurances on new law
9 March movement vows to continue working to “defend the independence of universities and academic freedoms”
Hend Kortam
October 19, 2014
On selling out, censorship, and nostalgia: Rappers reflect on society
“Rap was originally founded to confront racism and police brutality. In Egypt we modify it to match our needs to protest oppression and economic turmoil,” says Romel B of 3adam El En7yaz group.
Adham Youssef
August 31, 2014
Egypt does not support the Syrian regime or opposition: Al-Sisi
Egypt is a member of the Friends of Syria group, which is made up of countries that oppose Syrian president Al-Assad
Daily News Egypt
August 24, 2014
Political movements call for opening Rafah border crossing ‘indefinitely’
Movements collect donations for Gazans; plan aid envoy scheduled to take off to the strip next week
Daily News Egypt
July 13, 2014
Minya verdict ‘heinous crime unprecedented in history’: MB
Brotherhood hits back at judiciary over death sentence for 183 alleged Islamists
Ali Omar
June 23, 2014
Human Rights Watch warns of underlying repression marring presidential elections
Rights group says completion of second phase of roadmap fails to signify democratic consolidation
Ali Omar
May 28, 2014
Groups condemn Alexandrian activist’s imprisonment
Sentenced to two years in prison, Mahienour El-Massry is accused of taking part in a protest without prior notice; court to appeal her imprisonment
Rana Muhammad Taha
May 21, 2014
Ministry of Endowment urges Egyptians to limit prayer to formal mosques
“Performing the Friday prayer in public squares mixes between the political and the religious,” says the ministry
AbdelHalim H. AbdAllah
May 17, 2014
Muslim Brotherhood responds to NCHR Rabaa report
Brotherhood calls report “a new crime” full of fallacies, factual errors and lies
Ali Omar
March 8, 2014
Update: Human rights organisations decry alleged ‘savage’ torture and sexual assault of detainees
Prosecutor general releases 55 detainees on hefty bail and stresses there aren’t any “political” detainees in custody
Rana Muhammad Taha
February 12, 2014
ANHRI decries ‘savage’ torture allegations from detainees
Organisation calls on prosecution to investigate defendants’ torture allegations
Rana Muhammad Taha
February 12, 2014

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