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Shoukry says terrorist acts in France are political, bare no relation to Islam
Egypt offers condolences to victims of terrorist attack in DR Congo
DR Congo witnessed terrorist attack by ISIS on village of Kasanze in Beni province
Sami Hegazi
August 30, 2021
Egypt condemns terrorist attack in Afghanistan
The victims were meeting at a home to participate in a Quranic lecture, which is a regular Friday activity for Muslims, in Gilan district, about 120 km away from Ghazni.
Sami Hegazi
December 20, 2020
US Senator Ted Cruz to reintroduce bill designating Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organisation
Cruz sponsored legislation in 2017 and in 2019 that would require the White House to decide whether Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned in Egypt, fits criteria for terrorist designation.
Daily News Egypt
December 5, 2020
Egypt condemns terrorist attack on military patrol in Burkina Faso 
Islamic State terrorist group claims responsibility for Burkina Faso attack
Daily News Egypt
November 16, 2020
Shoukry says terrorist acts in France are political, bare no relation to Islam
Le Drian says battle against terrorism is not being fought by France only, but by international community as well, praising Egypt’s counterterrorism efforts
Sami Hegazi
November 8, 2020
France at knifepoint as IS, Al-Qaeda incite new terrorist wave  
Current wave of Islamist terrorism in France is reminiscent of recent attacks when IS had caliphate in Syria and Iraq, says professor Max Abrahms
Fatma Lotfi
November 2, 2020
Egypt strongly condemns terrorist attack in France’s Nice
Al Azhar also denounced attack which left three people killed, several others wounded
Daily News Egypt
October 29, 2020
Egypt condemns terrorist beheading of French teacher in Paris
An 18-year-old Chechen refugee killed French teacher after the latter showed his students controversial Charlie Hebdo caricatures of Prophet Muhammad
Daily News Egypt
October 18, 2020
Terrorist organisations have wasted no time taking advantage of COVID-19: Shoukry
The minister said that Egypt fully understands the suffering of victims of terrorism, and that they are not forgotten. He also said that Egypt continues to provide support to victims and their families during these hard times.
Daily News Egypt
September 29, 2020
Egypt condemns Tunisia terrorist attack
One Tunisian National Guard officer killed, another injured in terrorist attack
Daily News Egypt
September 8, 2020
One National Guard officer killed, another injured in Tunisia terrorist attack
Police killed three attackers, arrested one
Daily News Egypt
September 6, 2020
Egypt ready to strike anywhere to neutralise national security threats: High-ranking official
President Al-Sisi stresses that Egypt will not tolerate any terrorist groups or their supporters
Taha Sakr
May 19, 2020
Al-Amireya residents praise police for neighbourhood’s terrorist hideout raid
Security forces were keen to maintain citizen safety, says resident
Daily News Egypt
April 15, 2020
‘Terrorist mercenaries’ major threat to region: Interior Minister
37th session of Arab Interior Ministers kicks off in Tunisia
Daily News Egypt
March 1, 2020
Egypt combats terrorist attack in Sinai, kills 10 terrorists
Due to fire exchange with the terrorists, the Egyptian forces managed to kill 10 of them and destroyed a four-wheel-drive vehicle, which was used in the attack.
Daily News Egypt
February 10, 2020
Court sentences high profile militant Ashmawy, 36 others to death
There are 208 defendants in the case accused of 54 charges, including murder and attempted murder of officers and state officials
Bassant Mohammed
February 1, 2020
Egypt parliament includes hostile news portals into terrorist entities law
On Monday’s session, parliament discussed the  new amendments in order to broaden the scope of terrorist entities to include Muslim Brotherhood-linked television channels, radio stations, and social media accounts, which are involved in inciting violence and terrorism, as well as being involved in funding terrorist activities and operations.
Bassant Mohammed
January 28, 2020
Court sentences 36, acquits 7 in terrorist trial
The court also imprisoned four people to seven years, 17 to three years, and a one to 1year imprisonment.
Daily News Egypt
January 28, 2020
Parliament approves amendments to terrorist entities law
During the session, the parliament speaker Ali Abdel Aal said the State Council’s report on the law came in line with what the parliament said. In November, the parliament initially approved new amendments and referred it to the State Council for its advisory opinion.
Daily News Egypt
December 25, 2019
Military court sentences leading terrorist Al-Ashmawi to death over Al-Farafra shootout
In May, Libya extradited the convicted militant to Egypt. Al-Ashmawi was seen escorted by two General Intelligence Services agents as he arrived from Libya on board an Egyptian military aircraft.
Daily News Egypt
November 27, 2019
Libyan terrorist referred to Grand Mufti for death sentence over ‘Al-Wahat shootout’
A final verdict will be issued on 3 November 
Fatma Lotfi
October 14, 2019
Ashmwai, the most-wanted terrorist admits training suicide bomber of St. Peter and St. Paul Church attack
The army officer-turned-terrorist Ashmwai confessed he was recruiting physicians to be part of a militant group he was forming during the Muslim Brotherhood’s Rabaa sit-in in 2013.
Taha Sakr
August 5, 2019
Egypt’s army thwarts terrorist attack in Sinai’s Sheikh Zuweid
An Egyptian soldier was killed in the attack
Daily News Egypt
July 19, 2019
Four Egyptians killed in New Zealand terrorist attack
Egypt condemns attack on two mosques, expresses sincere condolences to victims’ families
Sarah El-Sheikh
March 16, 2019
Court upholds adding 241 defendants to terrorist list
They were accused of forming group in violation to law
Daily News Egypt
February 19, 2019
Op-ed review: Arish terrorist attack, Al-Sisi at MSC
Egyptian writers followed several topics in Sunday newspaper issues, including the Saturday terrorist attack in Al-Arish which killed and injured 15 military personnel, according to the military. Seven militants were also killed in the clash, the military added. President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s participation in the Munich Security Conference (MSC) has also been tackled. Al-Ahram editorial …
Fatma Lotfi
February 17, 2019
Egypt continues fighting terrorist threats in 2019, as militants alter tactics, targets
Best-case scenario to defeat terrorism is mitigating threat, providing services to people that might support terrorists, says analyst
Fatma Lotfi
January 27, 2019
Egypt, Arab League condemn Tunisia terrorist attack
Bombing took place in Habib Bourguiba Avenue, key meeting point for protesters during Arab Spring
Daily News Egypt
October 30, 2018
Op-ed review: arrest of Egypt’s most wanted terrorist, New Valley fire, Luxor temple party 
Praise given to military operation that arrested Al-Ashmawy
Amira El-Fekki
October 10, 2018
Final court verdict acquits Mohamed Al-Zawahiri of terrorist charges
Cassation court reduces sentences for defendants accused in “terror cell”
Daily News Egypt
August 1, 2017

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