GLOS 3500 Culture and Change in Africa
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GLOS 3500 Culture and Change in Africa
Africa is large continent, with diverse regions, societies, histories, and cultures. This course introduces the ethnography of Africa, explores the historical and cultural conditions underpinning current predicaments facing African societies, and highlights change and resistance to change since European colonization. In this course, we will come to understand that tragedy is only one facet of African lives and experiences.
Teams of 5-6 students will work together to research and write a Wikipedia article related to the content of this course. Students will be making significant additions to Wikipedia related to African culture, history, and politics. Teams will work together for the entire semester. Your final articles will be posted to Wikipedia.
The Wikipedia Project consists of a series of individual and team assignments. Individual assignments will count towards your participation and homework grade for the course. Team assignments will be graded collectively, but each team member will receive a customized, individual Wikipedia Team Based Learning Grade.
There is nothing on the schedule for this week.
Instructors: Drbgsu (Prof. Jennie Burnet — Instructor)
Wiki Ed Staff: Helaine (Wiki Ed), Shalor (Wiki Ed) (Shalor Toncray /
School: Georgia State University
Term: Fall 2019
Expected Students: 60
Start: 2019-08-25
End: 2019-12-11
Assignment Start: 2019-08-26
Assignment End: 2019-12-11
Campaigns: Communicating Science, American Anthropological Association, Fall 2019
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Week 2 - Complete
This week, everyone should have a Wikipedia account.
Week 8 - Complete
Everyone has begun writing their article drafts.
Week 9 - Complete
This assignment is canceled. Every student has finished reviewing their assigned articles, making sure that every article has been reviewed.
Week 14 - Complete
Everyone should have finished all of the work they'll do on Wikipedia, and be ready for grading.
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