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This set of modules helps students get started with Wikipedia. This page lists every module, including specialized modules for particular classes. Check your course timeline to see which modules you should take, and when!
These modules cover the basic rules of Wikipedia.
Wikipedia policies
An overview of Wikipedia's main rules
Sandboxes, talk pages, and watchlists
A guide to the different types of pages on Wikipedia
How to edit: Wikicode vs Visual Editor
An introduction to editing Wikipedia
Evaluating articles and sources
Advice for thinking critically about Wikipedia article quality
Finding your article
How to find a good article to work on
Special topics
These modules are for special class projects.
Editing health and psychology topics
Special rules and advice for working on content related to medicine or human health (including psychology topics)
Contributing images and media files
How to contribute images, video, diagrams, sound files, and other multimedia
Translating articles
How to translate an article from Wikipedia in another language into English
How-to refreshers
These modules cover specific topics, in-depth, with how-to instructions.
Keeping track of your work on the Dashboard
How to use My Articles and other assignment-tracking features
Adding citations
What makes a good source, and how to create citations
Drafting in the sandbox
How to use sandboxes effectly to draft articles
Drafting in the sandbox (as a group)
How to use sandboxes effectly to draft articles as a group
Moving work out of the sandbox
How to move a draft into Wikipedia proper
Moving work out of the sandbox (as a group)
How to move a draft into Wikipedia proper as a group
Plagiarism and copyright violation
A detailed review of plagiarism and how to avoid it
Individual exercises that comprise a Wikipedia writing assignment
Exercise: Evaluate Wikipedia
Get to know Wikipedia's standards by evaluating a Wikipedia article.
Exercise: Choose your article
Find possibile topics to work on by exploring Wikipedia.
Exercise: Finalizing your topic and finding sources
Decide which topic to work on, and begin finding sources.
Exercise: Choose your article (from a list)
Select an article to work on from your class's list, and begin finding sources.
Exercise: Add to an article
Practice editing by adding a missing citation to an article.
Exercise: Copyedit an article
Practice editing by improving an existing article through small copyedits.
Exercise: Peer review
Review articles drafted by classmates and suggest improvements.
Exercise: Did You Know
Nominate your article for the "Did You Know" section of Wikipedia's main page.
Exercise: Continue improving your article
Polish your article by adding links and images.
Exercise: In-class presentation
Present about your Wikipedia editing experience.
Exercise: Reflective essay
Write a reflective essay about your Wikipedia contributions.
Exercise: Keep an assignment blog
Keep a weekly blog to reflect on the Wikipedia assignment.
Prompts for in-class discussions
Discussion: Thinking about sources and plagiarism
Discussion: What's a content gap?
Discussion: Thinking about Wikipedia
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