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Established within the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts in 1993, the University of Michigan International Institute (II) stimulates research and teaching on critical areas of the world and on international issues that cut across world regions and disciplines. The institute fosters cooperation among the university’s departments, schools, and colleges.
Recent Deposits
Shamisen performance by Sato Michiyoshi, with an introduction by Joshua Solomon
Sato, Michiyoshi; Hoffman, Joshua; Hammond, Brad (2016-02-20)
Theoretical Ecology Meets Agroecology: Towards an Ecological Approach to Agroecosystems
Vandermeer, John (Ecological Society of AmericaWiley Periodicals, Inc., 2000-06)
Do rising temperatures matter
Pascual, Mercedes; Bouma, Menno J. (Ecological Society of AmericaWiley Periodicals, Inc., 2009-04)
Conservation through an Agroecological Lens
Perfecto, Ivette (Ecological Society of AmericaWiley Periodicals, Inc., 2003-11)
Basin Boundary Collision As A Model Of Discontinuous Change In Ecosystems
Vandermeer, John; Yodzis, Peter (Ecological Society of AmericaWiley Periodicals, Inc., 1999-09)
Multiple Basins Of Attraction In A Tropical Forest: Evidence For Nonequilibrium Community Structure
Vandermeer, John; Granzow De La Cerda, Iñigo; Perfecto, Ivette, et. al. (Ecological Society of AmericaWiley Periodicals, Inc., 2004-02)
Spatial Pattern And Ecological Process In The Coffee Agroforestry System
Perfecto, Ivette; Vandermeer, John (Wiley Periodicals, Inc.Ecological Society of America, 2008-04)
Bathing the Goddess (CTH 714)
Beckman, Gary (Eisenbrauns, 2015)
Tropical Conservation and Grassroots Social Movements: Ecological Theory and Social Justice
Vandermeer, John; Perfecto, Ivette (The Ecological Society of AmericaWiley Periodicals, Inc., 2007-04)
Images of an Immigrant Nation: Portrayals of an Immigrant in the Mass Media
Brader, Ted; Jardina, Asley; Yadon, Nicole, et. al. (2015-08-01)
A case series study on the effect of Ebola on facility-based deliveries in rural Liberia
Lori, Jody R; Rominski, Sarah D; Perosky, Joseph E, et. al. (2015-10-12)
Nihon no kigyo to josei 日本の企業と女性
Yokota-Carter, Keiko (Asahi shinbunsha 朝日新聞社, 1983-03-25)
Futatabi sabetsu hatsugen wo umanai tameni 再び差別発言を生まないために
Yokota-Carter, Keiko (Asahi shinbunsha 朝日新聞社, 1986-10-24)
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