The Design System team provides support for designers, developers, project managers, or anyone who is using the system. See below for various ways to reach us.
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Design System team
The cross-functional team is responsible for making sure that contributions to the system are of a high quality and meet our needs to build U-M Library websites.
Contribution criteria
The Design System team considers the following when evaluating contributions.
Useful - There is evidence that it would be useful for many (at least 3) websites, web teams, or services.
Unique - It has value and doesn’t replicate something that already exists in the Design System. If it’s intended to replace an existing contribution, then there is evidence to show that it’s better.
Design System principles
A set of principles underpins all our design decisions and guides us when we need to make hard choices. This criteria is what makes good design at U-M Library and all design patterns are evaluated against it.
1. Backed by research
Understanding user needs is central. Our design, development, and content efforts must be based on what real users need — what they need to do, what they need to know, and what challenges they may need to overcome. Decisions will be informed by research and by best practices and standards.
2. Simple
Less is more. Our visual style is clean and understated. We help users stay focused by using subtle, unobtrusive graphics, standard controls, and predictable behaviors. We offer users a well thought-out path, rather than overwhelming them with choices.
3. Robust
Anyone should be able to understand and use our interfaces. Our sites are intuitive, flexible, and resilient. And when we say ‘anyone’, we mean it. Our products and visual language should be welcoming and accessible for all users, regardless of their age, gender, or device.
Anyone should be able to understand how our websites work without instruction. The products and services we create should be accessible for all people, regardless of their mental or physical abilities.
Every component aims to be compliant with WCAG 2.1 (Level A and AA).
Browser support
We guarantee browser support for the latest two versions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera. Critical bug fixes in earlier versions will be addressed based on their severity and impact.
If you found a mistake on this page, would you kindly submit a fix?
Get started
You can start using the Web Components and design tokens immediately by adding this stylesheet and these script tags to the <head>:
<link href​=​"​https://unpkg.com/@umich-lib/css@v1/dist/umich-lib.css​" rel="stylesheet"/>
<script type="module" src​=​"​https://unpkg.com/@umich-lib/components@v1/dist/umich-lib/umich-lib.esm.js​"​>​</​script​>
<script nomodule src​=​"​https://unpkg.com/@umich-lib/components@v1/dist/umich-lib/umich-lib.js​"​>​</​script​>

Use this design system across any framework or no framework at all. We accomplish this by using standardized web platform APIs. We love HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
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