GeoIP and GeoLite
Databases and Web Services
MaxMind’s GeoIP2 and GeoLite2 IP intelligence products and services are used to discover information about a specific IP address. We provide free and paid web services, subscription-based downloadable databases, and free downloadable databases.
Geolocate an IP
Use MaxMind GeoIP databases, web services, or JavaScript client to geolocate an IP address.
Updating Databases
Automatically keep your MaxMind GeoIP database up to date using the GeoIP Update program.
Product Documentation
Find detailed API documentation for our binary databases, data specifications, and information about client APIs and our REST API for our web services.
GeoIP2 Products and Services
GeoIP2 IP intelligence products and services can provide data on geolocation, network information, anonymizer status, and more. Learn about the different kinds of data in GeoIP2 products and services
on our Support Center
Binary DatabaseCSV DatabasePrecision Web Service*
City and CountryDocsDocsDocs
ISPDocsDocsIncluded in GeoIP2 Precision City and Insights web services.
DomainDocsDocsIncluded in GeoIP2 Precision City and Insights web services.
Connection TypeDocsDocsComparable data included in the GeoIP2 Precision Insights web service.
EnterpriseDocsDocsComparable data included in the GeoIP2 Precision Insights web service.
AnonymousDocsDocsIncluded in the GeoIP2 Precision Insights web service.
* GeoIP2 Precision web services provide more accurate geolocation than our equivalent databases. Learn more about the differences between GeoIP2 web services and databases on our Support Center.
** The GeoIP2 Precision Insights web service contains comparable data to all of the databases and web services listed above.
GeoLite Databases and Services
GeoLite2 databases and web services provide free geolocation and limited network data for IP addresses. This data is less accurate than the data in our paid, GeoIP2 products and services. You must
sign up for a free GeoLite2 account
in order to download GeoLite2 databases or query the GeoLite2 web services. GeoLite2 uses the same integration methods and documentation as GeoIP2 (linked below), with a few minor modifications. It is recommended that you get started by reading about GeoLite2.
Binary DatabaseCSV DatabaseWeb Service
City and CountryDocsDocsDocs
ASNDocsDocsIncluded in the GeoLite2 City Web Service.
Web Service Documentation
Detailed documentation of GeoIP2 and GeoLite2 web service usage.
Database Documentation
Detailed documentation of GeoIP2 and GeoLite2 database usage.
Release Notes
Review GeoIP2 release notes to understand changes to the GeoIP2 API.
Frequently Asked Questions
Consult our Support Center for answers to frequently asked questions about using GeoIP.
Legacy Documentation
Get geolocation and other information associated with an IP address through easy-to-use APIs.
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