minFraud Web Services
Transaction Risk API
minFraud is our transaction risk API, consisting of the minFraud Score, Insights and Factors services.
If you are a minFraud Legacy customer, please refer to our minFraud Legacy documentation.
If you are Proxy Detection Legacy customer, please refer to our Proxy Detection Legacy documentation.
Evaluate a Transaction
Start evaluating your transactions by installing, configuring, and using a minFraud API client.
Report Transactions
Use the Report Transaction API to report chargebacks, false positives, suspected fraud, or spam/abuse.
Integrate Device Tracking
Capture more data and catch more fraud using our JavaScript device tracking library.
API Documentation
Learn about each minFraud service's request and response objects.
Release Notes
Review minFraud release notes to understand changes to the minFraud API.
Consult our Support Center for answers to frequently asked questions about using minFraud.
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