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readthedocs.org is the largest open source documentation hosting service. Today we:
Read the Docs is provided as a free service to the open source community, and we hope to maintain a reliable and stable hosting platform for years to come.
The members of the Staff work full time on the service, and we are also honored to have several external contributors.
We mainly fund our operations through advertising and corporate-hosted documentation with Read the Docs for Business, and we are supported by a number of generous sponsors.
Eric Holscher
Anthony Johnson
All teamsAll teams
Manuel Kaufmann
Santos Gallegos
Backend, Operations, SupportBackend, Operations, Support
Juan Luis Cano
Ana Costa
Advocacy, SupportFrontend
Please don’t email us personally for support on Read the Docs. You can use our support form for any issues you may have.
Major Contributors
The code that powers the Read the Docs platform, as well as many other related projects in our GitHub organization, are open source, and therefore anybody can contribute.
Our platform code has over a hundred contributors, which makes us extremely proud and thankful. In addition, several contributors have performed ongoing maintenance on several subprojects over the years:
We know that we’re missing a large number of people who have contributed in major ways to our various projects. Please let us know if you feel that you should be on this list, and aren’t!
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