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Neural Networks
Volume 2, Issue 5, 1989, Pages 359-366
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Multilayer feedforward networks are universal approximators
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This paper rigorously establishes that standard multilayer feedforward networks with as few as one hidden layer using arbitrary squashing functions are capable of approximating any Borel measurable function from one finite dimensional space to another to any desired degree of accuracy, provided sufficiently many hidden units are available. In this sense, multilayer feedforward networks are a class of universal approximators.
Feedforward networksUniversal approximation​Mapping networksNetwork representation capability​Stone-Weierstrass Theorem​Squashing functionsSigma-Pi networks​Back-propagation networks
White's participation was supported by a grant from the Guggenheim Foundation and by National Science Foundation Grant SES-8806990. The authors are grateful for helpful suggestions by the referees.
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